Dumping Bodies

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Any survivor may dump a dead body outside a building at the cost of 1 Action Point (AP). This in-game action is available when inside a building (excluding unlit, dark buildings) when dead bodies are present. A button labeled Dump Body will appear, and clicking it will dump one of the bodies outside the building regardless of the current level of barricades. It will earn the survivor 1 Experience Point (XP). Body dumping is a safe way for low level or poorly supplied survivors to earn XP and contribute to the defense of a building.

In forts, dumping a body costs 5 AP and moves the survivor character into the gatehouse (if they were not already there).

During real time combat, zombies that have broken into a building that come under attack generally try to avoid being dumped. If they die, they usually stand up as fast as possible. This allows them to contribute to the interference, preventing barricades from being rebuilt. They can then also continue attacking. Some zombies make use of the ?rise command to ensure they stand up as fast as possible, and this is generally effective. Survivors can make use of the equivalent ?dump command, but this is only effective when other active survivors are getting kills.

Prior to late 2006, multiple bodies were able to be dumped for a single AP.