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Floyde Stadium
All corners ruined, nobody in sight.
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Floyde Stadium

Barrville [47,43] – [48,44]

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Basic Info:

  • A 2x2 square building. Home to Malton's various professional sporting teams.

Floyde Stadium is a four-block stadium in the suburb of Barrville. Prior to the "Malton Incident", it was home of the Malton Rovers football team, and also hosted concerts.

History and Significance

Built in 1981 as part of a gift to the city by an anonymous philanthropist, Floyde Stadium was named for Andrew Delano Floyde, the city official who lobbied the city for its construction. The stadium has been home to two successful semi-pro football clubs, the latest of which served as a farm team for the Premiere League.

The Battle of Floyde Stadium

Members of Axes High arrived at Floyde Stadium some time before October 10, 2005 and successfully defended the stadium until their departure on October 23, enduring near constant attacks by large groups of zombies on the south-east and north-east quadrants of the stadium. Human casualties during this time were reported to be minimal.

One zombie group involved in this siege was tentatively identified by members of Axes High, (basing their conclusions on scattered scouting reports of the area north of the stadium), as the Church of the Resurrection who were believed to be in the suburb of Ketchelbank until October 16, 2005. Later evidence however firmly places the Church in Eastonwood after this time, and after other hordes denying their presence there at the time, the most logical conclusion is that the horde was basically made of feral zombies, probably grouped to find safety in numbers and strength for an attack.

On October 23rd, 2005, the stadium was overrun by the Ridleybank Resistance Front and the Undying Scourge zombie hordes. The number of casualties is unknown.

Axes High was able to orchestrate an orderly evacuation of the stadium in the final hours before the two hordes joined in the attack as part of a larger attack on Ackland Mall in Havercroft. Because of this, a significant number of non-aligned survivors who would have otherwise been eaten were instead relocated to other areas. The final hours of the occupation of the Stadium by a skeleton force of Axes High volunteers, before their orderly withdrawal, was almost certainly a significant part of the siege.

The weekend of November 5-6, 2005, saw Floyde Stadium suffer another mass incursion from the Ridleybank Resistance Front, who used the stadium as a staging area for another attack. The location of this attack is currently unknown but is believed to be a suburb bordering Havercroft.

Operation Zombie Downfall

On March 20, 2006, the 501st Armed Division declared that they has made a clean sweep of the Stadium during the initial stages of Operation Zombie Downfall. However, zombie activity was reported in the stadium again less than a month later.

Current Events

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