Lavington Crescent Police Department

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Lavington Crescent Police Department
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Lavington Crescent Police Department

Wykewood [10,79]

the Lettey Building
Lawford Lane Chilcott Auto Repair
the Delay Building
Lavington Crescent Police Department the Fursman Building
Vincent Square Police Department
(Foulkes Village)
the Bozon Monument
the Hansell Hotel

Basic Info:

  • Police Stations can be barricaded normally.
Malton Police Department

Lavington Crescent P.D. is a police department located in the south west corner of Wykewood. The once-heralded, now-derelict precinct is bordered by a number of strategic buildings, including the Vincent Square Police Department to the south-west, and the Delay Building (a NT facility) to the west. The Hansell Hotel to the south east, while not necessarily a strategic resource point, does in fact have a few comfy beds as yet unsoiled by reeking zombie-flesh. The Lavington Crescent P.D. marks the intersection of four Malton suburbs: Wykewood, Nixbank, Foulkes Village, and Ruddlebank, and as such is a crux for inter-suburb free running lanes.

Photo taken by Sergeant Patch on the third night of the outbreak, depicting the L.C.P.D. precinct illuminated by emergency generators. In the foreground is Patch's cruiser, later involved in the infamous "Patch Incident" (see below).


Prior to the outbreak, the L.C.P.D. precinct was a jewel in the Malton Police Department's crown. Serving the strategic intersection of four south-west suburbs, the precinct routinely garnered accolades from on high (of the eight Mayoral Malton Medals of Honor awarded in the previous year, three went to officers of the L.C.P.D.) as well as from below (the precinct routinely culled the lowest number of brutality complaints per capita). The L.C.P.D. slow-pitch softball team routinely embarrassed the neighboring Vincent Square team in the annual charity tournament.

On the first night of the outbreak, while most in the south-western suburbs went about their lives content that the "incident" occurring at Pitman Mansion in Quarlesbank was under control, the L.C.P.D. reportedly barricaded its windows with plywood; positioned sharpshooters atop the roof; and drove its heavy rescue truck up on the sidewalk, barricading the precinct's front doors.

By the second night of the outbreak, zombies were reportedly using the shredded plywood as toothpicks; the sharpshooters had been turned out as a rooftop buffet; and the heavy rescue truck was last seen speeding up Lawford Lane with a screeching zombie mob at the wheel. Said mob, incinerated moments later in a fiery accident at Josephine General Hospital, was apparently dressed in L.C.P.D. uniforms. Whether this, then, marked the fate of the L.C.P.D. flatfoots or whether the attacking zombies had merely come across the quartermaster's locker remains unknown to this day. What is known is that by the third night of quarantine, the Lavington Crescent P.D. was a hollowed-out shell with no apparent survivors.

Taylor Lane P.D. fridge prior to zombie outbreak...
...fridge following attack by Sergeant Patch (Evidence Case File #235)


It was in this condition that Sergeant Patch of the Tayler Lane Police Department arrived, having fled Darvall Heights with only his cruiser, a generator, and the entire contents of the Taylor Lane P.D.'s fridge (see images).

Much to Sergeant Patch's chagrin, other survivors were quickly attracted to the illuminated precinct windows, and after a shameful tussle, Patch's foodstuffs were forcibly removed from his white-knuckled clutches and shared by the gathering survivors. This, quite likely, precipitated what would later become known as "The Patch Incident"

The Patch Incident

By the third night of the outbreak, the L.C.P.D. had become a haven for near forty survivors, including Sergeant Patch. Amongst those gathered, Patch's M.P.D. cruiser and the question of how best it might be used had grown into something of a fulcrum, about which the survivors constantly (but peaceably) debated. Unlike most all other vehicles in the immediate area, the cruiser had remained remarkably untouched by attacking hordes, and so remained drive-able. One faction argued that the car should be loaded with the seven resident survivor children and driven in a mad-dash for the quarantine border. Another faction, though, argued that the car's best use was as a barricade for the precinct's door, and that its remaining fuel should be siphoned for generator use. These two points predominated, and for the first few weeks of the outbreak the critical matter was considered at length.

Meanwhile, the ever-hungry Patch was developing secret plans of his own. Clutched in his paws like the map to Solomon's Mines was a crumpled up piece of paper (see picture below), on the face of which was a children's maze, on the back of which was an advertisement: Hungry!? Eat at McZeds™! Now Open at The Henslow Arms, Darvall Heights!

McZeds maze solution1.jpg

Witness Jenny McCready tells how it went down that fateful night: "I woke up because I heard this horrible noise, you know like a zombie right over me, but then I saw it was that cheese-smelling cop passing by. PU! You know, the one who's always whining about us taking his food? The "zombie moans" were his stomach growling, which I don't understand because it was still pretty chubby. Anyway so he tiptoes over everyone else sleeping. I kind of drift out of it, but then suddenly it's all about the shotgun blasts everywhere, and he's screaming something about 'delicious zombie burgers'...I don't know...and he's blowing holes in skulls all around. I hid, ya know? I peek around and see him grabbing the keys to the cruiser, singing some song about two all zed patties...what's up with that? He hopped our barricades and went outside. I go over to the window, right, and peek down. See him starting up the cruiser and peeling out north up Lawford, cackling out the window and blasting shotgun shells everywhere. Last I saw of him he was turning the corner past the Thomson Drive Railway Station. I never saw him again. He killed five survivors that night. He also took all the food rations we'd stored in the evidence locker. What a pig."