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After learning of the first events of the Outbreak, the government initiated several high-level investigations of Necrotech, Rateger Inc. and DNR. Now they want to know how a few escaped zombies turned into a horde that outnumbered humans within the city walls. This is the primary page of the Infection Lexicon.

When You Write an Article:

  • Put Template:Lexicon at the top of the page.
  • Reference your entries.
  • Put your title in the format "Lexicon:Title."
  • Add a link in the Round page with [[Lexicon:Title|]], so the wiki will automatically leave the "Lexicon:" part out of the visible link.
  • Add links in the same format for your references in the appropriate future Round pages.
  • Edit the "X complete/Y blanks" in the schedule for this round, as well as the "X cited" in future rounds.


After the first round players were locked down at 12. Dropped out players can move themselves to the alternates list at any time, but not back into the game directly unless there are free slots. (Sorry.) Anyone on the alternates list will be notified via Talk page when there are open slots.

  1. Daranz. talk . mod . - Playing Darren Answell, a military helicopter pilot, crash-landed in Malton during the early days of the quarantine.
  2. X1M43 will be reprising his role as Liam Preston of England's Royal College of Surgeons.
  3. Labine50 playing Cole Westfall, former freelance photographer.
  4. Che -T GC X playing sociology Professor Thomas Chambers
  5. Burning The Fire as Zach Black, a young Priest
  6. gobbleykins playing as Julien Partridge, a former musician/philosopher.
  7. Kouchpotato as Liam Oswald, a young enterprising graphic designer
  8. Novascotia as Daniel Mayers, a young surgeon in malton's hospitals.
  9. Slowwber playing Alexander Trosky, hired bodygaurd for NecroTech employees in Malton.
  10. Boris playing Benjamin Finnegan, an intern in the British Archives currently attached to the military tribunal looking into the Malton Incident.
  11. Rosslessness As Dwight Thompson - Retired Firefighter.
  12. Empty as of 03:56, 10 June 2007 (BST)


  1. Cat_Fuzz playing Prof. Jonathan Langsley, an educational psychologist in Malton.
  2. Andromai playing Jacob Rafe, a tourist caught in Malton from the quarrantine.
  3. Darth Sensitive playing Blake Arnold, a reporter who was embedded with the first wave of troops into the city and became separated. (Will hopefully move back up after my trip)
  4. Agent Heroic playing Michael Sandor, reserve MFD firefighter and journalist.
  5. custy playing Lance Cpl. O'Malley, a Recon scout in HM Royal Army awaiting unit assignment in Malton at the time of the outbreak. Originally quartered in Fort Creedy BOQ.
  6. Mordred playing Mordred Geralis, a harried MalTel energy research lab technician.
  7. Nicks - Not playing a single character. Events and entries reported in multiple formats depending on what information comes along.
  8. Pariah01 playing a Necrotech mercenary sent to destroy evidence.
  9. 'STER-Talk-Mod - Playing Mortimer Albright, Maltonite bookstore owner and amateur historian
  10. Lord Evans - Playing A neurotic Millionaire, and an idealistic Soldier

Dropped out players:


Note that this schedule is still tentative and may be changed.

Round Begins Deadline Notes
ABC Monday 15th January, 00:00 (GMT) Friday 26th January, 23:59 (GMT) 12 completed
DEF Monday 29nd January, 00:00 (GMT) Friday 9th February, 23:59 (GMT) 12 completed
GHI Monday 12th February, 00:00 (GMT) Friday 2nd March, 23:59 (GMT) 12 completed
JKL Monday 5th March, 00:00 (GMT) Friday 16th March, 23:59 (GMT) 10 completed, 1 phantom, 1 needed
MNO Monday 19th March, 00:00 (GMT) Friday 30th March, 23:59 (GMT) 7 completed, 5 phantoms (full)
PQRS Monday 2nd March, 00:00 (GMT) Friday 13th April, 23:59 (GMT) 2 completed, 10 phantoms (full)
TUV Monday 16th April, 00:00 (GMT) Friday 27th April, 23:59 (GMT) 4 completed, 7 phantoms, 1 needed
WXYZ Monday 30th April, 00:00 (GMT) Friday 11th May, 23:59 (GMT) 12 phantoms (full)

Color Meaning
Red All Articles and Topics Created and Written
Yellow All Topics Created
Green Topics Remaining