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The first subject of the government inquiries is what, precisely, happened in the first few days, and why it was so important to lock down the city at the time. This is the primary page of the Outbreak Lexicon.


Use Template:Lexicon in the format required, and reference your entries!
And furthermore, if you're not listed here, don't make entries!
-Wyn (talk!) 00:25, 4 May 2006 (BST)

Also, We appear to be missing an article in the JKL section. juicebarjoseph 00:49, 8 June 2006 (BST)


Now that the end of Round 1 has passed, the players for this lexicon are as follows:

  • 'STER-Talk-Mod - Playing Mortimer Albright, Maltonite bookstore owner and amateur historian
  • Agent Heroic - Playing Michael Sandor, journalist and reserve firefighter for the MFD.
  • Jedaz - Playing Mr. James Tull of the United Nations Intelligence Agency
  • Juicebarjoseph - Playing Juicebarjoseph, survivor.
  • Darth Sensitive - Playing Blake Arnold, a reporter who was embedded with a military unit during the initial quarantine
  • Nicks - Not playing a single character. Events and entries reported in multiple formats depending on what comes along.
  • X1M43 - Playing as Dr. Liam Preston of the Royal College of Surgeons.
  • ShadowScope, Not playing a single character as well.
  • William Raker Playing as William Raker, a foreign anti-war and anti-capitalism activist, trapped in the city after being unable to leave the town (hiding from the police after a protest gone wrong)
  • ThunderJoe - Playing as Joseph Reynolds, a Police Officer who moved into Malton a few months before the outbreak.
  • Mr Yawn - Playing as Gary Makins, a civilian driven to the edge of insanity by the apocalypse. (waiting for next game to start)

Dropped out players:


Round Begins Deadline Notes
ABC Monday 17th April, 00:00 (GMT) Friday 21st April, 23:59 (GMT) New Players must be registered by the end of this round.
DEF Monday 24th April, 00:00 (GMT) Friday 28th April, 23:59 (GMT) 11 completed articles
GHI Monday 1st May, 00:00 (GMT) Friday 5th May, 23:59 (GMT) 11 completed articles
JKL Monday 8th May, 00:00 (GMT) Friday 12th May, 23:59 (GMT) 11 completed articles
MNO Monday 15th May, 00:00 (GMT) Friday 19th May, 23:59 (GMT) 10 completed articles, 1 In Progress
PQRS Monday 22nd May, 00:00 (GMT) Friday 26th May, 23:59 (GMT) 11 completed articles
TUV Monday 29th May, 00:00 (GMT) Friday 2nd June, 23:59 (GMT) 11 completed articles
WXYZ Monday 5th June, 00:00 (GMT) Friday 9th June, 23:59 (GMT) CURRENT ROUND - 10 completed articles, 1 phantom