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Medics of Malton
The Medics of Malton
Abbreviation: MM
Group Numbers: 15-ish
Leadership: Pedentic
Goals: To provide survivors with proper medical attention.
Recruitment Policy: See below.
Contact: Reach us here:

Mission Statement

We are the Medics of Malton, a small but growing group of trained medical professionals. At our founding we were based in Treweeke Mall, but now our members travel to wherever they are needed most. Because malls are our primary source of First Aid Kits, we see it fit to help maintain the Mall Information Center. We do not ordinarily concern ourselves with revivification, but only because there are many other groups that do an exceptional job in that regard. Should those groups falter or collapse for any reason, we are prepared to adjust our routine to fill the gap wherever we are.

History and Hopes

In the dawn of the outbreak, two men with a desire to help others got an idea. Neither of them were particularly well-trained but that did not stop them from trying. Such was the birth of the Medics of Malton. We are originally based in Dulston, but we do branch out occasioanally, and we hope to recruit members from all over the city. "It is not out of reach," says co-founder Pedentic, "for the entire city to be in good health, if we could only get a small contingent of workers in each area."


Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.
  • We do not accept the killing of survivors, with the sole exception that the survivor in question is a PKer, GKer, or RKer, or that the killer in question is a zombie.
  • Those types of survivors mentioned above are not tolerated by this group, and such people will be hunted and killed if one of the aforementioned crimes is perpetrated in our immediate vicinity.
  • We strive to heal primarily, fight as the need arises, but only retreat if all hope of survivor victory is lost.

To Join

All survivors with a desire to help their compatriots, no record of PKing, and an interest in the medical profession are welcome to join. We recruit players from all survivor classes, and only ask that you submit an application on our forums.

Member Roster

For a description of each rank, click here.

NOTE: This table is no longer entirely (or very much at all) accurate. It wil remain, however, until we find something better.

Member Rank Location
Pedentic Commander Shearbank
Chesh Smalin Actual Surgeon Shearbank
Chester KickingHorse Surgeon Unknown
Craven Delphre Surgeon Unknown
Darethen Doctor Unknown
Elliot Morris Surgeon Unknown
flames73 Nurse Unknown
Greenhx Surgeon Chancelwood
Jack Thibodeaux Surgeon Unknown
Madbubba Nurse Unknown
Shadowmarshal Surgeon Shearbank
Mike Dean Surgeon Unknown
Mister Moai Surgeon Shearbank
Mr Blahman Nurse Gone Rogue. Very Dangerous
Private Barlow Surgeon Unknown
Ryan Whitelain Nurse Shearbank
Saber50 Scrub Unknown
Sofia Corvinus Doctor Unknown
Timothy S. Caine Surgeon Roachtown
DR sydny mckinstry Surgeon Unknown


This section contains a list of groups we are allied with. To propose an alliance, post on our talk page.

Redcrosssmall.jpg Malton Hospitals Group
This user or group supports MHG in their attempt to restore health care in Malton.

Group Template

Simply put {{MedicsofMalton}} on a page to get the following:

Redcross.jpg Medics of Malton
This user is a member of, or otherwise supports the efforts of the
Medics of Malton.