Predator's Cup

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Predator's Cup
Predator's Cup
Abbreviation: PC
Group Numbers: 16 competitors, 2 referees
Leadership: Created and Hosted by Section 13
Goals: PK'er tournament
Recruitment Policy:

Predator's Cup

This is an organized and voluntary PK show down, where only the contenders are targets. designed by Section 13. 16 players, devided into 4 divisions vie for bragging rights as the "Apex Predator", over the course of 3 heats, conisting of three rounds each, and a play-off. A record is to be kept of matchs won(W) and loss(L) in the order W-L

The Rules

  • Each round is a single 1 on 1 showdown with another competitor, which ends when one player finds and kills his opponent.
  • non-participants are not to be attacked
  • it is the winners responsibility to revive his opponent(this is to accelerate the game), he should stay in the building he killed his opponent and wait for the loser of the match to stand-up.
  • Opponents for the first round of each heat are picked from within their group, or by challenge.
  • The second round of each heat sees Winner vs. Winner (a) and Loser vs. Loser (b).
  • The third round of each heat is a tie breaker between the Loser of (a) and Winner of (b)

Ready, Fight!

Between matches, both competitors are given 24 hours to heal themselves and re-supply inside Buckley mall. After both competitors are given 24 hours they are to report to the referee on their side of the field.

Referees will be located at 50,91 The Howlett Hotel , and at 59,99 The William Arms in Wyke Hills, or the nearest possible safehouse.

After reporting to their respective referee, neither opponent is to re-enter Buckley mall, until the round is over. Entering the mall or leaving the field of play will result in a loss. Failing to report will also result in a loss.

Being killed by a person or zombie from outside the competition will be counted as a loss.

Good luck, and good hunting!

Avoiding a Bounty

To avoid your victory being reported as a PK on the rouges gallery, make sure you tell any witnesses about the Predators Cup before you land your finishing blow. Here's some suggestions so you can simply copy/paste.

  1. This was a matter of pride,
  2. It's all fun and games little kiddies,
  3. Victory!
  4. Before you report me to the DEM, check this out
  5. Predator and Prey, learn the game!
  6. This person was a competitor, follow the link

feel free to put it how ever suits your character, these are mearly suggestions.

Staging period

Blesley Mall in Gulsonside.

The field of play will be the suburb of WyGulsonside for each match or showdown between opponents. Competitors are not to leave the suburb designated as the feild for the match, untill a win is secured by one of the opponents.

All TRP's, church's, and dark buildings are consididered out of bounds.

Double Heat Elimination

Two heats will be played through before any competitors are elimiated. The divisions are re-ordered according to record after the first heat in the following format.
Champions Division. (A): all competitors with the record 2-0
Contenders Division. (B): all competitors with the record 2-1
1st Wild Card Division. (C): all competitors with the record 1-2
2nd Wild Card Division. (D): all competitors with the record 0-2
At the end of this second heat the following records will be produced, with the Third and Fourth place competitor from both wildcard divisions (Div. C and Div. D) being eliminated.
Champions Division: 4-0, 4-1, 3-2, 2-2
Contenders Division: 4-1, 4-2, 3-3, 2-4
1st Wild Card: 3-2, 3-3, 2-4 eliminated, 1-4 eliminated
2nd Wild Card: 2-2, 2-3, 1-4 eliminated, 0-4 eliminated
for the third heat, the divisions will again be reorderd acording to record, as follows.

3rd Heat

After the divisions are reordered, the third heat will begin with competitors playing within their division.
Champions Division: 4-0, 4-1, 4-1, 4-2
Contenders Division: 3-2, 3-2, 3-3, 3-3
Wild Card Division: 2-2, 2-2, 2-3, 2-3
After the full third heat the third and fourth place players from the Contenders Division (B) and Wild Card Division (C) will be eliminated.
Champions Division: 6 wins(a-1), 6 wins(a-2), 5 wins(a-3), 4 wins(a-4)
Contenders Division: 5 wins(b-1), 5 wins(b-2), 4 wins (eliminated), 3 wins (eliminated)
Wild Card Division: 4 wins(c-1), 4 wins(c-2), 3 wins (eliminated), 2 wins (eliminated)
The remaining 8 players will be reorderd as below into 2 divisions, and enter final play offs.

Play Offs

The play-off format for each division varies. The two divisions will be ordered as follows.

Champions Division: (a-1), (a-2), (a-3), (b-1)
Contenders Division: (b-2), (a-4), (c-1), (c-2)

Contenders Division Play-off

In the Contenders Division opponents will face off in single elimination matches. The last man remaining earns the title of “#1 Contender” and chance to enter play in the Champions division. The Format is as follows.

Round 1

Match 1:
(b-2) versus (a-4)
Match 2:
(c-1) versus (c-2)

Round 2

Winner of Match 1 versus Winner of Match 2

The winner of this match is declared the #1 Contender(or 1C), and will be givine a chance a the cup as follows in the Champions Division Play-off rules.

Champions Division Play-off

Competitors in the Champions Division have proven their skill and instinct, achieving the best records through the opening three heats. This has earned them one final full round of play. This play-off round is played as outlined here, with the following exceptions.

  • The Fourth place competitor will be immidiatly eliminated from play.
  • The tie-breaker match (for this round known as Saving Grace match) determines the elimination of third place and the winner(2nd place) who will face the #1 Contender, for the right to enter the Championship Match.
  • The First place competitor of this round receives a bye, and proceeds directly to the Championship Match.

Before the final Championship match is played and the Apex Predator is named, the #1 Contender will face the winner of the Saving Grace match in single elimination. The winner of this Match continues on to the Cup final, the loser is placed 3rd in overall standings.

Final Standings

The top three competitors will be recorded and displayed on a wall of fame, only the Apex Predator will have their name engraved on the cup. Below are the titles that the final three will earn the right to bare.

The Title of #1 contender can be taken along with the Cup Title, and can be used with First Mention and Third Overall positions.

  1. Apex Predator
  2. First Mention
  3. Third Overall