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Welcome to the project to redesign the Revivification Point page. The current page gives an idea of revive points that are either active or inactive in your local area and also allows people to see what group maintains these points. This has been the standard for a long time now but it seems as though it is time for a change.

Please also see the discussion page for more details, particularly regarding implementation of the design.

Why Change?

Today I changed about 10-20 revive points from Active to Unknown as they had not been updated within the past 2 weeks. In some cases they were just outside the 2 week marker and in other cases they were almost 2 months out of date. It seems either people don't bother with the page anymore or people forget to update the status of their revive point.

Current Rules

These are the current rules for maintaining the revive point list. Most of these are pointers or notes but the others point out how often the page should be updated and when a point should be removed.

  • RP's that have not been timestamped, either by someone maintaining it or in a comment from someone confirming it is still functional, for a period of time over two weeks, will be marked as status Unknown. Maintainers can simply replace their old signature with a new one or keep a simple timestamp (~~~~~) in the comments that they replace once every week or two.
  • RP's that have been marked Inoperative or Unknown for a period of two weeks will be removed from the list! This in no way precludes an RP from returning to the list as soon as it's functional again.
  • Status should be one of Active, Slow, Dangerous, Inoperative, or Unknown.
  • Make sure the coordinates are in single square brackets (not a wiki link).
  • Don't try to fit several points into one table entry.
  • Do not change table or cell formatting.
  • Use the most specific location name wherever possible (i.e. "The Showers Building" instead of "A NecroTech Building" or "A building").
  • The DEM Revivification Request tool will not include any RP's listed as being located at a mall, hospital, NecroTech building , police department, fire station, school or auto repair shop.

New Rules

These are the rules I'll propose for the redesign, These are just preliminary and can be discussed and changed as the community sees fit. These are broken down into 3 sections which are Status, Location and Other.


  • The status of the RP should be updated at least one every two weeks and signed with a timestamp (~~~~~).
  • Any RP that has not been updated for a period of 2 weeks will be marked as Unknown.
  • Any RP that remains Unknown for a period of 2 weeks will then be removed from the list
  • Status should be one of the following: Active, Slow, Dangerous, Inactive or Unknown.
  • Any RP that remains Inactive will be removed after 2 weeks from the timestamp unless exceptional circumstances force it to be inactive longer.



  • Update - With the new table it is not needed to have these comments. The new list forces each RP to be individual and the cell formatting cannot be changed on the list itself. The other rules will be removed.

As you can see these are basically the same rules just re-worded but I feel they give a clearer indication of what needs to be done. The rules are not the only thing that I feel needs changing though.


Well, since I'm redesigning this page I am basically saying I'm going to monitor the revive points and make sure they are all up to date I need a system in place so I can notify the maintainers that the status is about to 'expire'. In the event that more that one group maintains the revive point then a notification would be placed on both pages.

Active/slow/dangerous to Unknown - A notification roughly 48 hours before it is due to be changed. If not updated it would then be changed to unknown.

Unknown to being removed - Again a notification would be added 48 hours before it is removed from the list. Due to this taking a little bit of effort to remove I may just add a new status or use the inactive.

Revive Request

Revive.gif Revivification Requests
Undead? Want to breathe again?
Make a Revivification Request!

Well the handy little revive request tool from DEM will have its own section again. Fairly handy unless you're a PKer on the RG list. I don't believe there is any other information to add, I would just lift the current section off the old page.

SGP/Random Revives

Sacred Groud Policy

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user supports the Sacred Ground Policy.

The Sacred Ground Policy has been around for a long time and of course would still form part of the page. This would no longer include a list of people who have violated the SGP (as suggested), it would be better if this was placed on the SGP page although a link would be included so people could access this easily.

Random Revive Policy

Syringe.jpg Planned Revivification
This user or group supports
organized revivification.

This would also form a section, this template recently surfaced and would be added, along with that old favourite from Reggie. I don't think there is much else that needs to be there.

Page Layout

I also propose a change to the layout of the page, or more specifically the table the revive points are in. I was thinking something like the Mobile Phone Mast page as that table is nice and tidy and easy to understand. This wouldn't take much effort to transfer the information between tables.

Obviously the layout could be modified but also using the same sort of colour scheme could help so people can know at a glance if an RP is active. As mention nothing is set in stone as of yet. Checking that it is a template that they use to update so something could possibly be created to work for the revive points or it may be best if it was kept as table, who knows? That's why this is here.

Setting up an RP

I would probably keep this the same, maybe some re-wording where needed. It seems to give a good account of how to setup an RP so I see reason to exclude any information .


The map, well I'm not a huge fan of the map, its alot of code for such a small map that doesn't give you any idea of where the revive point is in the suburb. The redesign would see it removed from the main revive point page. Obviously I wouldnt just bomb it into oblivion, my intentions are to move the revive point to a page so people know what the old one looked like.

The List


I am in the process of redesigning the list already so people can get a good idea of what I'm flapping my gums about. The follow templates & pages have been created in the process: -

These have been inspired by the MalTel counter-parts so if you change RevivePoint to MalTel you will see how similar they are although they still took a lot of time and effort to configure to suit the revive points.

The new list will comprise of 6 different columns. Here I will break down what they are and what I feel should go in there...

  • Suburb - The suburb of the revive point.
  • Location - The location of the revive point in that suburb.
  • Coords - The co-ordinates of that revive point which will also serve as a link to the DEM revive tool.
  • Maintainers - The group or groups that maintain and operate the revive point.
  • Comments - A link to any other revive request tool except the DEM tool and a brief overview of if you need to request a revive or just turn up.
  • Timestamp - Just the timestamp ~~~~.

The List

If you wish to see the list the you must go to List of Revivification Points. That is where the list will be housed from now on.

Closing Statement

Well, if you get this far then thanks for reading. If you have any input the please use the discussion page. I would like to get the communities views on my plan before I start doing anything.

Credit Where Due

Ablesentinel who stated he he was going to make some changes like updating the revive points and that is what inspired me to create this page to suggest some changes. Also for correcting my sometimes terrible spelling.

ERNesbitt of MalTel for originally creating the style of templates that I based the new update system on. Originally I copied the idea and although now not using, some of the ideas still remain.

Gilant of the DEM for some fantastic suggestions. He also created List of Revivification Points which was an original attempt to redesign the page and where the list will remain while in development and be remain once finished.

Daranz - For suggesting that the co-ords are the link to the DEM revive tool which is a fantastic idea. Also created the new template idea so it is easier to add and remove revive points.

Max Grivas - For helping with the re-design of the re-design and giving good ideas and also helping to write up the how to's.

Thanks again. Pillsy FT 13:48, 16 October 2006 (BST)