St. Emelia's Church (Santlerville)

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St. Emelia's Church
--VVV RPMBG 03:09, 5 May 2024 (UTC)
St. Emelia's Church

Santlerville [77,26]

Novell Walk Heckworthy Towers (MPM) Waddon Towers
The Sweatman Motel St. Emelia's Church
Chivers Avenue The Anthony Building
The Pace Monument

Basic Info:

  • Churches have no internal descriptions.
  • Church doors do not close but can be barricaded shut.

There are four locations named St. Emelia's Church in the city of Malton. This article is about St. Emelia's Church [77,26] in the suburb of Santlerville, which is one of three places of worship in the suburb.

ChurchRevivification PointEntry Point


St. Emelia's Church is now a fire-damaged, empty concrete shell of a building. It plastered with posters that you can just about make out through the dried gore. They used to advertise all manner of church events such as the Church Fayre, Choral Evening, Saturday Morning Mums etc. These community events happen no longer.

Barricading Policy

The Santlerville Barricade Policy designed by the Dribbling Beavers of Santlerville provides that this building should NOT be barricaded. The Uniform Barricade Policy makes no specific provision for barricading of churches in general as they are not important Tactical Resource Points.

Note: Churches have no doors, making then generally very dangerous places to sleep in should a zombie manage to break through the barricades. However, this church will be extremely dangerous to sleep in because we intend to leave it totally open to the undead public. The only reason to enter this building if you are breathing is to help revive others or to tear down the barricades if some get put up.

Ubpicon1.gif UBP-Compliant Barricade Plan
This location is designated to have no barricades under the Santlerville Barricade Plan.

The Local Area

Tactical Resource Points

The nearest of each type of tactical resource point to St. Emelia's Church:

Church Status

From July 2007 on, expect to find the miracle of revivification at St. Emelia's Church.

The fact that churches have no doors and that you cannot find anything useful inside (arguably apart from wine) means that churches are very low priority when it comes to maintaining buildings in post apocalyptic, zombie infested Malton to the point that they are simply not worth maintaining.

We will be taking this a step further and actively trashing the place to prevent enthusiastic survivors from being able to raise barricades. We don't want to keep out the part of the parish that has perished.

Requesting Revivification

It is recommended that upon shambling to St. Emelia's Church, you request a revive. There are several places you can place a request, please only choose one of them, duplicate requests are an administrative annoyance.

  • Post a revive request on the revive request thread on the Dribbling Beavers message board on Beerhah. You do not need a message board account to post a request.
  • Use this tool from the Department of Emergency Management to post a revive request.
  • Leave a request on the St. Emelia's Church wiki talk page. A registered account to the wiki is required for this.
  • Leave a request on the Dribbling Beavers wiki talk Page. A registered account to the wiki is required for this.

From all these methods, the first (posting in the revive request thread) should be sufficient. Please don't forget to include your name and a link to your profile.

Information for Revivers

All players are welcomed to revive awaiting zombies at this location. The Dribbling Beavers ask that you please review and follow these helpful guidelines:

  1. DNA Scan each zombie BEFORE you revive. This will prevent you from wasting a needle on a zombie with Brain Rot. If a zombie with Brain Rot is preventing you from reviving others, please report this (along with the Rotter's Profile ID) to the Dribbling Beaver's Revive Request thread.
  2. Once scanned, search for the zombie's name or profile ID in the Dribbling Beavers' Do Not Revive list. This will indicate whether you are reviving any listed Player Killers, Generator Killers, Revive Point Killers or other persons who work against the survivor cause. To search, use your web browser's Find in This Page option.
  3. For additional safety, search this wiki to see if the player is a member of a PK Group or Zombie Group. Again, this is to ensure your revive is used for a player who will benefit the area, not help destroy it.

Upon Being Revived

After being revived, don't stand up immediately. Coming back from the dead does take it's toll on the body so it is advisable to remain dead until you have enough action points (more than 30) to get to a local safe-house. Stand up immediately and you risk not having enough AP to move to a safe-house and so you end up stranded outside, which means you may be making your way back to St. Emelia's Church shortly after.

Suggested Safe-house


The nearest Entry Point is The Anthony Building just 1 block South of here at [77,27]. This is a designated entry point according to the Santlerville Barricade Plan and is maintained at VSB+2.

As you are likely to be injured or even infected, St. Boniface's Hospital is the nearest and best place to head for after returning to life as the Hospital staff there are trained in First Aid, Diagnosis and Surgery and will ensure you are patched up in no time.

St. Boniface's Hospital is the principal Hospital of South-East Santlerville and is a 5-star facility. It is actively maintained and fully staffed. Please see the wiki page for the Hospital for more information.

Etiquette at the Revive Point

This is an official and active revive point, this means that sacred ground rules apply at St. Emelia's Church and zombies and survivors should not attack each other. It is not clever for zombies to attack the very people who they are asking to revive them.

Zombies with Brain Rot and members of the Do Not Revive list, however, are not welcome at this revive point. Such hostile zombies may warned to move away, be ignored revivification, or knocked down repeatedly.

Survivors who do attack non-rotted and non-DNR-listed zombies standing in St. Emelia's Church to gain easy experience points should be reported in The Dribbling Beaver's Hall of Lame thread. These players will be monitored and told of their mistakes, with further transgressions leading them to be added to the Do Not Revive list.

Please do not move (or lurch) from this location if you are waiting for a revive. If you do move away from here, revivers will not go looking for you. Zombies outside the revive points are seen as a threat to the residents of Santlerville and will be dealt with accordingly.

Please be patient, sometimes revive queues can become long in times of heavy zombie activity or siege.

About Reviving Brain Rotters

Only in exceptionally rare circumstances can a zombie with Brain Rot be revived (using The Hall Building NT Facility). Should you wish to come back to the living, please make your case on the Dribbling Beavers forum - you had better have a very good reason as reviving a zombie with brain rot is very expensive in terms of time, co-ordination and AP.

About Saint Emelia


There is no saint called Emelia. It appears that upon this church's dedication and consecration, it was simply misnamed for St. Amelia, a seventh-century nun.

St. Amalberga I, also called Amelia, was likely either a sister or niece of the Blessed Pepin I of Landen. She married a count called Witger and became the mother of three saints, Gudila, Reinelda, and Emembertus. She and her husband ultimately withdrew from the world, he becoming a Benedictine monk, and she an ascetic nun. She died in 690 CE; since 1073, her relics have been kept at the St. Peter's Abbey in Ghent, Belgium, for which city she is a patron saint.

She is often confused with a second St. Amalberga a century later, whom Charlemagne was unable to carry off by force when she threw herself onto an altar while resisting his amorous advances. A third St. Amalberga, also a virgin, appeared in the twelfth century.

We hope you have a pleasant and comfortable journey back to life at St. Emelia's Church. --The Dribbling Beavers

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