St. Lorenzo's Church (Crowbank)

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St. Lorenzo's Church

Crowbank [74,62]

Willington Plaza Hepplethwaite Place School Dane Street Police Dept
the Nott Museum St. Lorenzo's Church Stickling Park
Wootton Square Club Dowdall Nickols Drive

Basic Info:

  • Churches have no internal descriptions.
  • Church doors do not close but can be barricaded shut.

There are three locations named St. Lorenzo's Church in the city of Malton. This article is about the one in Crowbank.


St. Lorenzo's Church
Zashiya (talk) 17:53, 25 May 2023 (UTC)

St. Lorenzo's Church [74,62] is located in the suburb of Crowbank, in the southeast district of the city of Malton.



You are inside St Lorenzo's Church.


You are standing outside St Lorenzo's Church, a small concrete building, its windows missing and broken.


No zombies, not overbarricaded --GoLookAndKill 15:49, 17 August 2008 (BST)

Barricading Policy

The suburb of Crowbank has no known published barricade plan. Under the UBP, this building would likely be classified as EH because it is a non-essential building.
However, as most of the tactical points are EHB in Crowbank, this building might stay at only VSB++ so beginners won't sleep (and die) in the streets --GoLookAndKill 15:49, 17 August 2008 (BST)

Tactical Resource Points

The nearest of each type of tactical resource point to St. Lorenzo's Church:

History and Significance

St. Lorenzo's Church, like many churches in Malton was a Mecca for civilian refugees escaping the initial onslaught during the first outbreak in Malton. This proved to be a futile effort as zombies poured in through the enormous stained-glass windows, ultimately killing all inhabitants inside.

The last priest who lived and worked here (Father Manny McMahon) was savagely ripped limb from limb in his private chambers sometime following the initial zombie outbreak. He never got back up, as he was completely dismembered and partially devoured.

St. Lorenzo's Church was a primary point of operations in the Crowbank zombie raids of late 2005 and has been a staging point for many operations since. With plenty of resources and excellent logistics, St. Lorenzo's Church is still occupied by survivors to this day.

St. Lorenzo


St. Lorenzo, or St. Lawrence (? - 258), was one of the seven archdeacons of the Church in Rome in the mid-Third Century. Lorenzo was charged with keeping the Church’s written records and archives, and is therefore considered the patron saint of libraries and librarians.

At that time in Rome, it was a capital offense to belong to the Church. The Emperor Valerian ordered Pope St. Sixtus and the other archdeacons arrested and beheaded. Lorenzo wept as the Pope was led past him to his death, but the Pope comforted Lorenzo by saying, "I do not leave you behind, for we shall be reunited in two days."

Lorenzo was spared execution because the greedy Emperor believed that as the Church's record-keeper, he would know the exact whereabouts of all of the Church’s material wealth. Valerian commanded Lorenzo to bring him all the treasures of the Church within two days, as well as its written records, likely so that he could identify Roman nobles who had converted to Christianity and either confiscate their estates or hold the nobles for ransom. But Lorenzo, the ranking member of the Church in Rome, spent the two days giving all of the Church's possessions to the poor, then liquidating his own goods and giving those away as well. When the appointed time came, Lorenzo gathered all of the Church’s lame, blind, diseased, and orphaned converts and brought them all before the Emperor, announcing, "These are the treasures of the Church!"

According to legend, an enraged Valerian ordered Lorenzo executed by roasting upon an iron grill over a slow fire, and Lorenzo won the onlookers' great respect when he asked his executioners to turn him because he was fully cooked on one side. The bravery with which Lorenzo and the other archdeacons met their deaths is said to have inspired many to convert to Christianity. In actuality, Lorenzo was almost certainly beheaded, but so persistent is the legend that Lorenzo is usually pictured holding the gridiron upon which he was ostensibly martyred, and is also considered a patron saint of cooks.

His feast day is celebrated on August 10, the anniversary of his martyrdom in 258 C.E. The Perseid metoer shower, which is visible around that date each summer, is sometimes referred to in Italy as "the tears of San Lorenzo."

(St. Lorenzo should not be confused with St. Lorenzo Ruiz, a 17th-century martyr of the Philippines.)