The Caiger Resistance Front

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Clock.png Historical Group
This historical group is no longer active. However, its wiki page is preserved to reflect the group's significance in Urban Dead history.

The Caiger Resistance Front
Abbreviation: CRF
Group Numbers: All zombies at Caiger Mall
Leadership: FidelCastro
Goals: Keeping BARHAH Mall in Zombie claws.
Recruitment Policy: Sign up on the talk page and put "Caiger Resistance Front" in your profile
Contact: FidelCastro on the wiki, Rezzens forums, Brainstock, or RRF forums

Caiger Mall Survivors We have your BARHAH right here!

The Birth of a Horde

In early November 2006, a zombie known as Toxy from Shacknews, was dismayed to find Caiger Mall being used as a survivor stronghold, and put out a call for fellow zombies to join in the sacking of the Mall. Zombie groups including the RRF, Feral Undead, Eastonwood Ferals and others descended on the area to assist Shacknews.

After a bitter struggle, the zombies took The Latrobe Building, crushing the spirit of the harman resistance. Shortly after, the Mall fell, and the partying zambahz obliterated harman resistance in the surrounding 4 suburbs.

After the fall of the Mall zombies were not sure of what they should do with their newly acquired territory. A zombie by the name of FidelCastro stood up and shouted "Caiger Mall...FOR ZOMBIES!", and the Caiger Resistance Front was founded. After a somewhat muddled start, the CRF managed to hold the area and the Mall for about two months.

At Christmas time, the New Malton Colossus spearheaded a co-ordinated survivor strike to reclaim Caiger Mall. A short, bloody struggle ensued, with several dozen zombies fighting to keep the Mall ransacked in the face of overwhelming survivor numbers and preparation. Soon, Caiger Mall was brimming with Harmanz again.

A prolonged seige ensued throughout January, with hundreds of feral zombies hammering on the barricades of the Mall and the Latrobe building. Just when it seemed the spirit of the CRF had been crushed and victory declared, there was a change in the air. The zombies seemed more active and alert, and cracks appeared in the harmanz defence. In early February, the massed horde destroyed the Latrobe building, before swarming to the North Western corner and ransacking it.

This is where we pick up the tale; the Fourth Seige won, zombies chasing harmanz down around Caiger, and hundreds of zombies looking for a purpose for their unlife. This time, the CRF won't make the mistakes of the past. This time, the CRF intends to keep BARHAH Mall in zambah hands permanently. And we need YOU.

A Call to the Family

We want to KEEP our new home! Hundreds of zambahz unified to re-take the Mall throughout January. We proved that the landmark achievement of Shacknews was not a once-off.

We don't want Harmanz coming back into the area and messing it up again, we've only just cleaned up the filthy mess they left behind! We don't EVER want them back around here en masse, EVER AGAIN. We think it's time for the Zambah family to show the Harmanz of Malton that this area is now ours, and that if they're going to come anywhere near Caiger and start making another filthy mess again, we're going to tear them into bits.

If you agree with what we're saying here, and if you like the idea of many wailing Harmanz getting thrown back out of the Caiger area in little Harman bits without brain parts there any longer, then join us! Come and visit the new Zambah gathering in Malton and help us turn it into the biggest and craziest Zambah area in the city. Let's have riots and parties in the streets, let's eat the brains of whatever Harman enters OUR territory, let's make the Harmanz be filled with panic and fear at even the thought of entering our new land. Let's make sure that this place stays our home.

If you want to be a part of this, then you know exactly where we are. The time for celebrating Harmanz leaving Caiger is now over. It's now time for us to get bigger, more organized, and utterly deadly.

How do I join then?

First, add Caiger Resistance Front to your profile, then sign up at the CRF forum subsection hosted at the Barhah dot com forums.

If you'd like to do more to keep our homes safe from harmanz, sign up for a strike force! Please post your available times and we will try and match you up with compatible brothers in arms to resist any harmanz who dare to try and invade our glorious lands! If you're regularly avaiable, we need you.

Zerging, Spying and The CRF

The Caiger Resistance Front is well known for banning the use of both "grey" tactics, such as spying, and outright illegal tactics, such as alt-abuse.

However the CRF does encourage revived players to play as humans, as either a survivor or a PKer.

Current activities

With the Mall and surrounding key buildings ransacked, the Horde is diffusing out around the Caiger area. While this is good in the short term, it means the ongoing strength of the CRF is likely to slowly bleed away as individual zambahz seek 'greener' pastures.

So what do we want to do? Spread the red. Zombies work best as a concentrated ball of death, not as a diffuse wave. The CRF isn't asking for zombies to march and salute; we're going to lead the way in crushing the survivors wherever they try to get established around OUR Mall.

Currently, the CRF is focusing on securing every resource building in the suburbs around Caiger, especially NecroTech facilities. CRF zombies should always end their day sleeping in a ransacked resource building to deny harmanz a foothold. In the coming days, we will make co-ordinated efforts to expand the Red Footprint that currently envelops BARHAH Mall. Stay tuned!

Group History and Past Organisation

Command Structure

The Caiger Resistance Front is a multi faceted organisation, with similarly diverse objectives.

The organisational structure is (paradoxically) anarchically loose, while remaining tightly organised, meaning every member can choose to be as heavily involved as they wish. Currently the groups operations are planned by a group of elder members known as The War Council, with FidelCastro as the head.

Originally the CRF was designed to be almost totally anarchic, however within weeks it was clear that some minor organisation would be required. First, the two groups were formed, the intention being that while one group attacked a target outside Caiger Mall, the other group would remain behind, defending Caiger Mall from invaders.

War Council

Just below FidelCastro is his War Council. It is made up of the War Master, Consigliere, and the Elders. The War Master is second in command. He answers to no one except the Papa himself. The Consigliere has no real position. He does not lead, he does not dictate. He is there as an advisor to the Papa, helping him when he needs it. The Elders are wise, old zombies who have seen the Rise of Ridleybank and the Fall of Caiger. They scheme and plot against harmanz.


After the War Council comes the Groups. Since a main horde is too hard to control it is necessary to break it up into small groups. Each group is lead by their own Group Leader, and a Cappo to assist said leader. All groups come from a different part of Malton, all answering the call to defend Caiger.

Group Ridley

This group is made of zombies native to Ridleybank that answered the call to Caiger. They are led by Spooge_McDuck.

La Revolucion

La Revolucion is a crack strike group drawn from dedicated CRF zombies from each of the largers groups. They are lead by the Papa himself.

Caiger Feral Resistance

The Caiger Feral Resistance movement encompasses every zombie in the area of BARHAH Mall dedicated to keeping the area a barricade and harman-free zombie utopia!


The Caiger Resistance Front won its first battle at The Third Siege of Caiger Mall.

What's in a Name?

We chose the name Caiger Resistance Front despite the Mall being renamed BARHAH Mall because we could not translate BARHAH into the words of harmanz. So instead we used their word for the Mall, making it much easier for both harmanz and zombies to identify us.

Our Magnificent Federation

With our allies to the east, the Eastonwood Ferals, we are the Zombiefied Republic of !zanbah

!zanbah Barhah.png Zombiefied Republic of !zanbah
This user or group is part of the Zombiefied Republic of !zanbah.

Help spread our boarders and create a land for zombies to live in peace without the fear of revivification needles or the hassle of barricades.