The Collinns Building

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The Collinns Building
--VVV RPMBG 03:17, 27 May 2024 (UTC)
the Collinns Building

Edgecombe [79, 55]

Stanbridge Park Vine Grove School Winscombe Crescent
a junkyard the Collinns Building Webber Boulevard
Cape Avenue Police Department Bunt Place School a warehouse

Basic Info:

The Collinns Building


The Collinns Building Is An Old law Firm Office Building In Edgecombe. It was abandoned in a hurry after the zombie out break and the Law Firm fell apart. It was named after the law Firms head Lawyer Mr.Collinns. It was used by Alpha Squad as a Temp. HQ for operations In The Area. It fell in the fall of Edgecombe and many survivors who ran to the building for safety fell in the chaos that followed... All Alpha team is reported to be KIA or MIA. We advise the building not looked as a shelter anymore.


Barricade Policy

Current Status

16th April 2020 = VSB

June 3rd 2007

A portable generator was set up by Inpassingonce in the building. We might need some fuel soon. Also we had a zombie attack on the building and need some med kits.

June 12th 2007

A lot has happened... Zombie attacked broke down the barricades and killed a lot of survivors over the past few days and a lot of PKers presence.. HI IM PAUL IS A PKER BE WARNED. Out of our 5 or so members we lost contact with at least 3. The number of survivors increased since the PD in the south have fallen so refugees fled to us. We stopped the Zed Advance But I am stuck north of the HQ (This is me Private Duger) I need assistance.


Edgecombe has fallen to hordes of Zombies.... The collinns Building fell into chaos. PKers slaughtered many survivors and killed many members of Alpha Squad who abandoned the building. The area around the Collinns Building Fell and survivors became zombies and the area was over run.

Priavte Duger (Myself) Left the building only to be assaulted and killed nearby while seeking refuge.

This is Alpha Squads last words on the buildings situation.... Anything more in unknown.

Inpassingonce and many others perished and have been lost.