The Hateley Arms

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The Hateley Arms
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the Hateley Arms

Molebank [11,47]

Harrison Park Jouxson Cinema Stallworthy Square
the Vaughan Arms the Hateley Arms St. Jude's Cathedral
Stockley Walk Police Department Maishman Bank St. Jude's Cathedral

Basic Info:

  • Pubs have no internal descriptions, apart from " abandoned pub."
  • Arms can be barricaded normally.

The Hateley Arms is a safehouse and free running entry point. As such the barricades are to be left at Very Strong.


From The Malton Good Beer Guide

"Upon entering the Hately Arms a visitor is greeted with an establishment more fitting Berlin in 1945. Part of the bar is missing, bullet holes riddle the walls, most of the furniture is nailed to the window and door frames, and the felt on the pool table is ripped. Look past the rugged decor though and you can find some excellent guest ales that have probably only survived due to the drinkers not doing. Indeed, while reviewing this pub four of our number have been killed. The local drinkers are a tough, jittery crowd, which is hardly surprising considering most of their time is spent sipping their pints at the barricades. If, then, you'd like an excellent pint of some rare ales and don't mind risking getting eaten the Hately is a must - survivors of the Caiger Mall sieges will feel right at home. Otherwise I'd recommend you stay away, which is exactly what the author will be doing shortly as he's used up all his twenty two shotgun shells and three clips of 9mm. - Rating 2/5"