The Liberation of Herbert

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The Liberation of Herbert
Date August 3rd, 2007, 17:00 GMT
Place Roftwood, specifically the Herbert Building
Result Survivor Victory
RCC, Acid War Templars, Malton Medical Staff, Hellfire club, Derek Hansom. Feral Undead, VX9
See "The Heroes" Unknown

Organization, X:00 Tactics, Guns.

Coordination, Infectious Bite.

None. Every zombie that stood inside.

The Liberation of Herbert: An event otherwise accounted for as Operation Pwn, To Kill a Zed, How To Kick Ass in the Most Beautiful Way, How VX9 Sounds like a Yeast Infection Cream, and the August 3rd 2007 Battle of Herbert.

The Background Information

The suburb of Roftwood had been a reasonably active suburb loaded with cheerful and friendly survivors who enjoyed such events as shopping at the Hildebrand Mall or listening to Hazard Genocide Radio. Group leaders chatted together and participated in the Roftwood Coordination Center. All was grand.

One day the LUE zed horde decided to have it's fiendish way with Roftwood. They brought it all to ruin. However, survivors quickly rebuilt the suburb, primarily using the RCC. The LUE came back for sloppy seconds and rocked the burb yet again. The RCC and it's participants decided that something new needed to be done.

The Plan

A week of hardcore communication went into designing the plan for the recapture of the SSZ capital. Universally, everyone agreed the best way to bring the burb back online would be to take hold of the Herbert Building. It would happen at 17:00 GMT on the 3rd of August, 2007.

Patiently everyone waited and desperately tried to prepare for the event. The Malton Medical Staff found themselves locked in battle with the zeds outside the Marks Building while the Acid War Templars, Shining Crest Mercenary Co., and Zone Defenders fought the RRF outside Woodroffe Mall.

The Battle

The IRC was full with participants. The Acid War Templars began the assault by charging in full force. Thirteen zeds were awaiting their arrival inside the ransacked NT building. A quick thread was posted listing profile links of known zed foes. The bulk were a familiar horde known as VX9. Acid War had history with battling them. Once the marks were set, the Templars began opening fire. The Malton Medical Staff and the Hellfire club joined shortly after. The undead ranks dwindled down as dead body after dead body was tossed out the window.

Eventually a stalemate occurred. The gun smoke cleared and the RCC found themselves out of ammo and low on AP with a couple zeds still accompanying them. All they could do was wait for more participants to take up arms and finish the job.

The Hero

Victory was blockaded by only a couple more zeds. The RCC continued to wait for more participants to answer the clean up call. That someone finally came. They were unaffiliated with the RCC, making their arrival entirely unexpected. His bullets were delivered into the skulls of the remaining zeds. His hands repaired and barricaded the building. His name was Derek Hansom[1] and he is the most handsome survivor you'll ever see!


There were many other heroes that day. They go as followed:

Acid War Templars
n dG[2] L
Scott Segal[4]

Malton Medical Staff & Fans
Greenwing[6] L
Richard Cord[8]
Professor Piiroinen[[10]]

Hellfire club
Bambi Killer[11]