The Meadley Building

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The Meadley Building
Findabear (talk) 11:23, 24 September 2023 (UTC)
The Meadley Building

Hollomstown [63,98]

Pitman Library the Hedley Arms Carpinter Boulevard
Eeles Way The Meadley Building Huggins Avenue Fire Station
the Bickell Building the Western Building Tilke Park

Basic Info:

Building Barricade Policy

Buildings are come and go when it comes to barricade policy. They are not resource buildings, so they can usually remain at Extremely Heavily Barricaded levels, but, because of their low profile, they are also commonly used as entry points for the buildings around them.

It is a good idea to check out the Hollomstown Barricade Plan before making travel arrangements.

Disclaimer: The listed barricade policy of each building is only the mandated level at which the Hollomstown Barricade Plan dictates. Actual barricade levels may vary.


The Meadley Building was once the home and private factory of Sir Addison Meadley of Whittlewestonburcockneychesterlytown, England. Sir Meadley lived in a small suburb of Whittlewestonburcockneychesterlytown where he ran one of the oldest honey farms in Europe along with his two brothers, Lark and Killian, and his father, Robert. Robert's brother Arthur owned the adjoining plot of land and ran the family inherited mead brewery, which had been passed down generation after generation and is in fact thought to be the origin of the honey wine itself; while controversy still exists to this day over invented the recipe, one thing that is certain is that the Meadleys were the first to mass produce and popularize the drink, and with it they coined the name Mead.

Addison Meadley decided to bring the drink to the Americas, picking a small plot in Hollomstown to begin his work. Along with his brother Lark, the two came to the New World armed only with their recipe and a crate of vicious vicious bees. They were stung many times. After realizing that the plot they purchased for their honey farm was a mere 50 yards x 50 yards (stupid conversions! They had thought it 50 acres. Months later the realtor who sold them the plot was mysteriously stung to death 3,492 times; the culprits behind the crime were never discovered) they realized the only direction they could go was up, creating the very first indoor bee farm in the Americas. The brothers began building the structures to house and ferment their mead when suddenly, only weeks before opening shop, they received the news that their father and brother back in Whittlewestonburcockneychesterlytown had been killed when they accidentally killed one of the queen bees of the hive while passing her a fresh jug of mead. Typically the queen could hold her own when drinking with the Meadleys, but that day she had been recovering from having her wisdom teeth pulled and the mix of vicoden and mead did her in. The bees rebelled, leaving Robert and Killian as nothing but bloody swollen stumps.

Lark returned to Whittlewestonburcockneychesterlytown to defend his mother and sister from the rebelling bees, in what is now known as the battle of honey hill. Addison stayed behind, finishing up preparations for the brewery. When the time had come to open shop however, Addison was torn by depression over what has happened to his family, and turned the whole operation over to the bees themselves, giving them full control. Addison returned to Whittlewestonburcockneychesterlytown, and the bees have since run the brewery, hiring humans only for the sake of selling to the public.

Since the outbreak the bees have moved elsewhere, struggling with plummeting sales and frequent lootings. Since they are bees, however, they could not carry with them all of their supplies, leaving behind all the casks full of mead and enough honey to continue years worth of production. If you look behind the jars of honey and posters of Jerry Seinfeld, you can still see the bodies of the few bee protectors who remained to protect the stores. It is rumored that one day, the bees will return to punish all those who took from the factory in their absence and punish them without remorse. Until then though, drink up!

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