The Paul Building

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The Paul Building
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the Paul Building

Spicer Hills [24, 90]

Lewitt Alley
Revel Plaza
a cemetery
Tuson Plaza the Paul Building the Brockliss Building
a warehouse Rollings Road the Headington Building

Basic Info:

The Paul Building



The Paul Building was widely known for it's association with an occult corporation which took up inside the building in 1986, until a mysterious fire during a storm killed a large amount of the members, which ended a months long string of unexplained apparitions, weather patterns and murders. The building has accounted for much of downtown Spicer Hill's tourism income since the first supposed supernatural apparitions were reported in 1991. Since the building was built in 1962 it's also been the site of numerous alleged UFO appearances. During the early 80's the Snowhead Monster was seen sneaking around the building.

Barricade Policy

Current Status

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