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Pages and projects in need of work.

Permanent Queue

Yearly Tasks

Tasks: Copy all news from the previous year to an archive. On the third month of the current year, remove these old news from the page.
Since 2010, news has been archived immediately onto the UDWiki:News page.
  • Administration Pages Archival
Tasks: Move all attended requests made in administration pages in the previous month year to an archive.
  1. Deletions
  2. Speedy Deletions
  3. Undeletions
  4. Move Requests
  5. Vandal Banning (and discussion)
  6. Protections

Occasional Tasks

Tasks: Remove from the list of current arbitrators any user which hasn't made an edit in the past two few months.
Tasks: Archive all news reports on each individual suburb page.

Monthly Tasks

Tasks: Move the record of the second previous month of dangermap screenshots to an archive page, update the Suburb History Navigation.
This task is no longer active.
Tasks: Update the date of the last edit made by all sysops, ask for the demotion of any sysop who is considered inactive as defined in the policy guidelines

Bi-Weekly Tasks

Tasks: Cycle suggestions as defined in its guidelines (formerly daily)

Daily Tasks

Tasks: Take a screenshot of the dangermap, upload to the wiki and add it to the current archive record
This task is no longer active.

Other Tasks

Tasks: Archive any Misconducts cases three days after it gets ruled and/or dismissed.
Tasks: Move the arbitration case report to the List of Arbitration Cases page three days after all involved parties have been notified of the arbitration ruling and/or the case got dismissed by the involved parties.
Tasks: De-escalate warnings from reformed users, according to the Administration Guidelines.
Tasks: Move any policy discussion which wasn't moved to voting within 10 days and doesn't have any discussion on its talk page.
Tasks: Change to unknown status any report which haven't been updated in the last fourteen days few weeks.

Current Queue