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Did That Hurt?

It was an age of pain and Lycra abuse into which Amber Waves was born. An Army brat from Fort Polk, Louisiana, Amber moved to Malton early in her childhood with her parents who had been called to duty in Fort Perryn. She grew up in the area, and, like many of the other locals, lost her family to the initial outbreak.

During her teen years, she kept to herself. She never really spoke to any other kids at school or in the neighbourhood, but when she did she was always polite. At the age of 15 that she died under suspicious circumstances and her corpse was sent to the fort and used to to test Malton's first revivification technology. Later, she served in a foreign war with US forces only to return to Malton for a final mission.

But WHY?

If you came to this page expecting to find an answer to why you were killed, you're going to be disappointed. There are only more questions raised, most of which you should ask yourself whilst reading.

Many reasons supervene the initial shock and rage that her victims feel in death. Some say she flipped when her parents died. Others say she took a long detour around the edge of sanity whilst subject to repeated headshots during the initial military outbreak control process and subsequent experiments with Mark 1 Revivification Technology. Some believe she's a sadist and delights in other people's misery, pain and suffering. Still others claim she does it because she's a bitch. These are all pretty accurate in themselves, but when asked, she'll tell you that she kills because "murder is fun."

Her feelings towards those that she's murdered seem to fit that of a sociopath, with only two exceptions thus far, Duke D'oeuvre and Dirk Triggerfinger who have been sucessfully restored to full health after an unfortunate meeting with her shotgun. If she's killed you, you're dead to her, she has no reason to seek you out again. Those seeking vengeance, however, will amuse her to no end.

She is not without a heart, as it's been said that she takes pity on the victims of brute and uncivilised behaviour. This might just be because she was deprived of a kill, however she's been known to murder Mrh Cow tippers, trenchcoaters, zergers and idiots in general. Although she keeps a "naughty list," the vast majority of her kills are random or merely the result of kismet.

The Socialite

Amber has many friends in Malton. She'll take kindly on those who revive or heal her. There are even a few who have avenged her though she does nothing to encourage this. She likes the night-life, and can often be found dancing in one of Malton's many clubs and engaging in recreational drug use.

She is currently Club Whip of Lord Curton's Gentlemen's Hunting Club and frequently enjoys tea and scones and even a spot of Red Rum with it's members.


While zombies don't scare her, she will object to any lewd advances or uncivilised behaviour from the living dead. Death is no excuse for being rude. Apart from that, she's known to have a number of friends amongst the zombie community and expresses only superficial objections to being eaten.

Fun Stuff

  • Amber is a Taurus.
  • It's been rumoured that she was once in the adult film industry.
  • One of her goals in life is to have as many shoes as Imelda Marcos.
  • Her favorite food is pancakes.
  • Amber enjoys recieving death threats in IM.

Wiki Fits

This person apparently got hurt. Poor baby.

These guys didn't know how to revive Amber, so they shot her at a revive point. They didn't expect her to come back and shoot up their little base.

This guy wants to see me win a boxing match with Adolf Hitler. Weird fetish, huh?

More Later If I Can Be Arsed

I'm naturally lazy. I'd write more if I could be bothered. Instead, for more a comprehensive documentation of Amber Waves of Pain's history, murders, adventures and life read her journal. For now, templates:

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