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Anonymous Aristocrat
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Anonymous Aristocrat
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General Stuff

Anonymous Aristocrat

Anonymous Aristocrat is an aristocrat. However, nobody has ever heard of him.

Cashier Number 1

Cashier Number 1 used to work in the Post Office. He was selected to go to Malton and start up a new branch in order to try and make the business more profitable. However days after his arrival the zombie outbreak occurred and the city was quarantined.

Cashier Number 1 was trapped!

Cashier Number 1 has had to use all of his skills learnt from sitting behind a sheet of glass and stamping parcels in order to survive to this day.


Vasey Cheles

Vasey Cheles used to be Havercroft's local butcher and when the outbreak happened he gathered up his collection of knives and meat cleavers and set out into the wide open world, or at least wide open Malton.

Player killer. No 'random' kills, I only kill people who: have stupid profiles (terrible spelling and grammar included), are in a group I don't like (DEM), or they have killed me.


Used to work in the construction industry. Dramatically fell off some scaffolding, his co-workers looked on, dumbfounded, as he stood up and tried to eat another builder's brain. That builder was lucky he was wearing a hard hat.

Proud member of The Ridleybank Resistance Front.

Dr Lerwill

Dr Lerwill was a junior doctor at Adalbert General Hospital in East Grayside. For a few months after the outbreak began everything was OK, then a group of zombies broke into the hospital. He saw his mentor mauled to death by three zombies and in terror he ran away and hid under a surgical table. Eventually the hospital was cleared by a group of survivors and Dr Lerwill came out of hiding.

Now Dr Lerwill stays in Adalbert General Hospital and heals anyone who comes passes through, and if he isn't too tired he may even venture outside to help anyone in the area.