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The Blackboard Chronicles

Work is back in full swing, and magically the school's filtering system has yet to block UD. Until that fateful day, I will continue to obsessively check my characters and wiki while my pupils are off eating lunch. Or changing classes. Or reading quietly. Or tearing the classroom apart while I click "search the area" over and over and over because my browser isn't responding quickly enough. Unfortunately, a rotating class schedule and a haphazard scattering of evening events precludes me from establishing any sort of daily time, so I do what I can when I can.

I really can't justify writing much more right now.

Also, I made the following:

Being awesome.jpg There's nothing quite like Being Awesome!
This user or group totally supports things that are awesome.

Good grooming.jpg Good Grooming
This user or group practices good grooming habits, and recommends that other Malton survivors do too.

CircleA.jpg Anarchy
This user supports anarchy, as defined as "a way in which people deal with one another in a peaceful, cooperative manner; respectful of the inviolability of each other’s lives and property interests; resorting to contract and voluntary transactions rather than coercion and expropriation as a way of functioning in society." Link

Firefox.png Firefox User
This user uses Firefox, and so should you, because Microsoft sucks.

Other notable contributions and collaborations

With the good folks over at ALiM

Diaper Auto Repair
Crabbe Bank
The Seaman Museum
Dix Row
The Mycock Building
The Malton Girl on Girl Parade
ALiM contrib.jpg Amusing Locations Contributor
This user or group helps compile the list of Amusing Locations in Malton


And a special message for those of you who are worried too much about surviving...