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Battle of Krinks

Date: February 26th - March 21st, 2010
Place: Krinks Power Station
Result: Coalition temporary driven off Krinks Power Station, Krinks Power Station temporary ruined.

WWSIS, CPM, FUACK, UG, ENVY, SB, TBF vs NSU vs Philosophe Knights
- Coalition : Zyckde, Carlo Chaimo, Chairman Prachanda, Murderess, Burning The Fire
- NSU : Cornholioo
- Philosophe Knights : Council of Philosophes

- Coalition : ~45
- NSU : Unknown
- Philosophe Knights : Unknown

- Coalition : WWSIS: 2 dead, 2 wounded. CPM: 1 dead, 2 wounded. FUACK: none. UG: 1 wounded. ENVY: none. SB: 1 dead. TBF: 1 dead, 1 wounded. (total: 5 dead, 6 wounded.) Philosophe Knights killed 8 or 9.
- NSU : 1 dead, 3 wounded
- Philosophe Knights : At least 2 dead.

The Battle of Krinks went through two stages. First it was a conflict between the WWSIS, CPM, FUACK, UG, ENVY, SB and TBF against the National Socialist Union. Later the Philosophe Knights decided to join the fray as a third party against the others. The main hostilities took place between February 26, 2010 and March 21, 2010, even though some violence occurred after that date. The result was that all survivors were drive out of Krinks Power Station, and the structure ravaged.

Casus Belli

The National Socialist Union was founded on February 2, 2010 by Cornholioo, who is also the current leader of the National Socialist Union. The first goals of the Union were keeping both Power Stations (Krinks and Tolman), free from any zombie, PK and GK. The National Socialist Union said they were hostile against none pro-survivor group.

On February 26, 2010 war was declared by the WWSIS, who have the leadership over LURCS radio. On their radio they have send this message:

The War Declaration.

After this they have send serveral radio messages in which they say 'they denounce false claims by the NSU'. In reaction the National Socialist Union have said that they are a young group, that has been defending Tolman Power Station and was preparing to move out to Krinks Power Station as well, but couldn't before WWSIS declared war. The WWSIS have also said 'that our present animosity is purely ideological', and that 'it can not be solved in any way'.

On March 2, 2010, the CPM and the FUACK have said they would help to 'remove any national socialists from the plant'.

On March 12, 2010, the UG and the ENVY have also declared war on the Nationalists.

On March 13, 2010, the Suburban Brigades and The Black Flag also joined the leftist side. The Suburban Brigades also call themselves 'The Brigades'.

The Squatter's Union have declared war on the NSU (03/15/2010), but, being stationed in Gibsonton, not sent operatives. This means they are not included in this battle.

The Conflict

In the conflict, the NSU directed a bloody guerilla war against the WWSIS, CPM, FUACK, UG, ENVY, SB and TBF. The Union had the great advange of being constantly on the move, while the leftists were staying on the same place (inside the Krinks). This has lead to five dead and six wounded at their side, while the NSU has got only three wounded. The leftists have not been able to kill a member of the NSU. The Philosophe Knights killed 8 or 9 leftists and 1 member of the NSU.

After the leader of the Union made the first kill in this conflict (a member of the CPM) this message was send by LURCS radio:

27.18 MHz: "Cornholioo: PKer, Kill on Sight."

The National Socialist Union has called this 'a cowardly way by LURCS to win the sympathy of feral survivors against the National Socialist Union. Since it were the WWSIS, the Communist Party of Malton and the FUACK who had declared war themselves'.

Later on another kill was called "Murder" on LURCS radio.

On March 21 2010 the leftists got driven off Krinks by attacks of the National Socialist Union, zombies and the Philosophe Knights. LURCS Radio has send this message:

27.18 MHz: "Today Krinks fell. It is also the UN day against racism." (2 hours and 33 minutes ago)
27.18 MHz: "It's sad that this day became a day of victory for the NSU." (2 hours and 32 minutes ago)

That evening, the leader of the National Socialist Union has placed this message on their forums:

"Today, March 21, 2010, the Battle of Krinks has ended. The leftists of the WWSIS, the CPM, the FUACK, the UG, the ENVY, the SB and TBF have been driven off the Krinks by strikes of proud national socialists. (...) Our goals were to defend the Krinks, keep it free from any zombie, PK and GK, and still we would love to rebuild this power station from the ashes of war. That is not as easy as it will go, I'm afraid to say, the Philosophe Knights and the leftists will come back to attack us inside the power station, which means the fighting will continue. So, to avoid a second Battle of Krinks, the NSU has decided to regroup and find a place to defend somewhere else."

Peace offer

On March 8, 2010 the National Socialist Union has offered peace to the WWSIS, CPM and the FUACK. They demanded any hositilies towards the National Socialist Union to be ceased. In return the Union would cease hostilies towards the WWSIS, the CPM and the FUACK. If wanted, the National Socialist Union would also add to their wiki page that other survivor groups help them in achieving their goals (keeping Krinks and Tolman safe from any zombie, PK and GK). The WWSIS has turned this offer down, saying that the conflict is ideological.