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This user is female.
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This user supports the Sacred Ground Policy.
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This user supports the
Uniform Barricading Policy.
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This User or Group supports the elimination of PH in the Southern Suburbs of Malton.
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This user or group knows how to lay the smack down.
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This user or group assisted in defending Caiger Mall on one or more occasions.
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This user or group supports the vendetta against the undead of Ridleybank.
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This group or person is dedicated to making the 3rd of July the most kick-ass night Malton has ever seen.
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My Name is Inigo Montoya
You killed my father. Prepare to die.
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Don't let them get away with murder! Register them on the Rogues Gallery.
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This user recognizes the difference between a horde and a hoard.
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Just say no to RP rape.
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In his house at R'lyeh, this dead user waits dreaming.
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Ohaeri Jules does not drink.
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This user thinks killer whales are better than dolphins, and would totally be a killer whale, but with wings and missiles and shit.
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Ohaeri Jules thinks that Malton is in England.
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Main Character

STARSLogo111.jpg Special Tactics And Rescue Squad
This user is part of the Special Tactics and Rescue Squad and takes up arms against the zombie invasion, the PH, and anything in between.

As Ohaeri Jules, I'm a Special Tactics and Rescue Squad member; specifically, I am a Board of Leaders member, the S.T.A.R.S. wiki maintainer, and the S.T.A.R.S. Malton UN representative. Ohaeri is the name I use on everything in this wiki, so you're likely to have gotten to this link from there. If you saw me edit something somewhere, it means one of three things: A) I have gone crazy, B) That was really bugging the crap out of me, or C) It's on the S.T.A.R.S. main page or talk page.

Warning: Girl

I'm a woman. A married woman, at that. (My husband also plays the game and is in the same group--his name on there is Weasel Williams. I guess that would make me Ohaeri Williams, but really, I'm too lazy to level a new character. :D)

Anyway. If you call me sir, I will correct you. If you say him/his/that guy's in reference to me, I will kill you. Just so we're clear. :D

Warning: Dyslexia

Fair warning: I'm dyslexic, and I like to correct my mistakes. Sorry if that bugs you, but if I find I mixed up words/letters and/or left words/letters out, I feel the compulsive need to fix it. So feel free to gripe me out if you don't like the fact that I edit a lot, but keep in mind that I catch mistakes differently than you--usually after the fact.

That, and I have a very rambling style, so this page is likely going to look like verbal diarrhea. Sorry!

. . . But back to what I was saying.

. . . Anyhow. Alternately, you got here by searching for me, in which case, Congratulations! You found me! Have some caffeine-free coke.

I made a sig like the ones I've seen around here: ~Ohaerisig.pngu t STARS

And woohoo! I made my layout not suck as much.


I play two alts: Adriana Dimitriov and Zomba Jomba. Both are at least technically unaligned and are in fact inactive as of this moment; I simply don't have the time needed to maintain them right now. Adriana is scout, and Zomba Jomba is a zed.


Because of my dyslexia, I have a lot of trouble figuring out how to convert between time zones, because they are right-left dependent. Therefore, I came up with the suggestion Malton Time--that is, that Urban Dead should have a clock running on either the main page or a subsidiary page, that has the date and time to a reasonable precision. This was shot down as a dupe of Clock (which I didn't know about at the time), and that made me kind of sad, because it defeats the whole role-playing purpose that I was advocating, i.e. the time and date in Malton isn't necessarily the same as the time and date in any other part of the world. :( Ah, well. :P

EDIT: Aha! Finally found the text for it. :D

Malton Time

How many times have groups in-game (such as the Special Tactics and Rescue Squad, the Malton Fire Department, etc.) had to plan a mission or strike that began at a set time? Trying to figure out your time zone in relation to everyone else's so you can be on time for the beginning of such missions is confusing for a lot of people, and sometimes it doesn't happen at all. Solution: Put a clock on the front page or (better yet) a subsidiary "time page" that is always ticking, that has the time and date currently in Malton. This is so that things can be planned in "Malton Time," rather than trying to synch everyone's individual time zones up. All you would need to do is look at the front page/"time page" once to figure out what time you need to be ready to rock.

This would also be an improvement on aspects such as, say, knowing what time important things like the Caiger Mall siege start and end, in a very simple format. That would also help players keeping survivor diaries, too, if you're the type of person to pay attention to that sort of thing. And I see no way that it would unbalance anything whatsoever, and it would definitely add to the game.

  • Unfortunately, like I said, it sounded too much like clock. Well, maybe I can use the clock if it's ever implemented. ^_^

Template! ^_^

Penguin-slap.gif WARNING!
This user or group knows how to lay the smack down.

The story behind why I made this one is pretty weird. XD At my old school some people got kicked out for excessive rule-breaking, and this really weird, mean person decided to post a Xanga about it. So s/he decided to make it lame and stupid instead of intelligent, and this went on for about two or three weeks, give or take a few. I decided towards the end of the kicking-out proceedings to go read this Xanga, and the stupidity of it upset me so much that I posted this really rhetoric-y comment about it, basically laying out why the whole thing was total BS. Now, bear in mind, this person had been going on and on about how this Xanga would be a historical record of the truth for all to see, yada yada yada, yak yak yak. I posted the comment . . . and the next day the Xanga had been deleted.

I know it was probably a really hardcore coincidence, but I still have to wonder. :P

However, during the recent controversy between G4361 and various alts, Mayor Fitting, blackzilla1 and the DHPD (specifically, it was DHPD vs. the others :D), I apparently distinguished myself as someone who knows what she's talking about, because they made me the Malton UN rep shortly thereafter. XD


I love dA. I have a gallery there that I keep pretty well up-to-date.

ESPECIALLY SINCE I GOT A DD TODAY! (November 28, 2006) XD So I guess I can't say my stuff is crap anymore, huh? :D Wow . . . I have to go wet my pants now. XD

ZOMG. The irony. IT BURNS. XD

Now, I have nothing whatsoever against Xoid or RedRum and I happen to think PKers are interesting/spice the game up, so please don't flame. XD

Anyway, so I saw Xoid sitting in the mall I was hanging out in, and I say to myself, "WOAH, trouble waiting to happen." I had about ten AP left at this point and needed to resupply anyway, so I announced his presence and his status on the Rogue's Gallery and went on about my business, thinking, "Well, I'll just keep some AP to move with."

So somebody says he's a zerg killer so he shouldn't be killed, and I'm thinking, person who's either stupid or newbie-ish, so I tell him he's in RedRum and slow down my searching in case he responds.

I get this back:

  • subupelle said "Well, I don´t know for sure, but maybe it´s like an insurance when you hunt zergs, having such a team behind you? I don´t know. But I think we shouldn´t kill any because shacknews is coming, save your ap:s for that, and we need every survivor for that" (18 seconds ago)

ZOMG. He's part of a PKing group that's like, Hey, you have to be a PKer if you want to join! This club is for murderers! Now, that's fine by me, but we do indeed need every survivor for this, and if you think letting a PKer hang out with you is more beneficial than killing said PKer, you're dead wrong. I mean, it's logic, plain and simple. So I post the Red Rum wiki page and tell him to read it, then my connection craps out (as it is wont to do) and I sit there waiting for it to come back on. Then when I log on I see this:

  • Tyler Durden attacked you for 8 damage. (15 minutes ago)
  • Tyler Durden attacked you for 4 damage. (15 minutes ago) ...and again. ...and again. ...and again. ...and again. ...and again. ...and again. ...and again. ...and again. (14 minutes ago) ...and again. (14 minutes ago) ...and again. (14 minutes ago) ...and again. (14 minutes ago) ...and again. (14 minutes ago)
  • You heard a loud and distant groaning 5 blocks to the west and 5 blocks to the north. (11 minutes ago)
  • You heard a loud and distant groaning 2 blocks to the east. (5 minutes ago) ...and again. (4 minutes ago) ...and again. (2 minutes ago) ...and again. (2 minutes ago)

The irony . . . it burns! XD

Hmm. I need to put more on this page.

Yeah, this is the end. I have too many templates.