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jellofun... Because Jello is Fun!

Character Name: Jellofun

Profile link:

Contact details: AIM dainty bison


Jellofun was a firefighter in the next town over. A sudden increase of sprinkler system sales in that town has left jellofun fat, lazy, and lethargic. His love for junkfood has no bounds and you can often hear him whistling the Oscar Myer Weinner song to himself. Upon a visit to his doctor, the doctor exclaimed "Jesus Fing Christ! Your cholesterol count looks like a lottery jackpot winnings!" And with that, jello decided that he needed a workout. He grabbed his axe and came straight to Galbraith Hills in Malton to fight the undead and shed some pounds. He started working with the Galbraith Hills Defence Union and has since been working with the GHDU chapter of the Black Berets.

This player is a strong supporter of Revenge.
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