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Character Profile: Malgahara's Profile
Character Class: Military
Group: LADAL
Goals: Run Club Hesse
Service (Status): On the run
Location: Classified
Vitals: Healthy
Favorite Equipment: Pistols!!!

Endar Malgahara (before)

I needed to get out of the office, were I worked eight strait months, studying the best soils for Canabis growth, and practical applications of the plants and effects, so it could be applied in a new range of non lethal or harmful smoke/pepper bombs. I was supposed to be a Major, class of engineering (Geology and Plant Biology), but a bad mission on a Cannabis field against a drug cartel, made me get boxed in a scientific building... You see, things ended pretty nasty on that mission. At least that was my superiors point of view, cause, although we caught every cartel member, unharmed and without any resistance or causality for both sides, we were caught rolling splifs with "the bad guys" before the apprehension. Stupid me?!? Well, you should have smelled those heavenly fields... There was nothing anyone could do about it, cause that was a special breeding field and we were right in the middle of "Green Love", without masks...

So, I was in Malton taking some well deserved vacations from work, wondering around a plaza, just taking some photos, eating and drinking and talking to friendly girls, when the groans made me alert. I was just enjoying my vacation and now zombies were swarming the plaza and killing everyone on their path. I run as fast as I could to the police building, and helped them barricaded it. Then it was like shooting ducks from the roof top. I was still in adrenaline shock when things got a little better... It was then I realized what truly happened... I was trapped in Malton... I just hoped Guimas didn't got in...

Life in Malton

Hell... The first weeks was true, pure hell. I watched through the up floor windows, groups of people trying to escape to the evacuation transport site. I helped a few, shooting from the roof the zombies that got near, but soon I realized it was a waste of ammo... none got out. I was packing my bags with everything I could find, jumping buildings and trying to see a way out of that nightmare horror movie.

That's when I received a call from Guimas telling me he was on his way to where I was, where ever that was. He had assembled a team and discovered a weapon against the zombies that no one knew about. He just said "You will love this bro... AHAH you will truly love this stuff!" and hung up. I was wondering what weapon could that be, my mind dizzy with knowing my friends were alive... Trying to relax my excitement and fears, I pull of my last spilf and smoked it. I was sure I wasn't going to smoke one ever again... I was wrong!

The amazing discovery

Guimas arrived with his party some weeks later. He had wondered for a while in Santlerville and found a gang house, empty of people and zombies, but full of weed. Not any weed... Fate had made my eyes open. It was an altered "Green Love". It was Destiny making a joke on me. The stuff was so damn powerful! And above that, zombies had some reaction to it. After a few accidental tests in living-dead subjects of the LADALian group, we realized that zombie aggression could be controlled if they smoked it before transformation, that zombies would be somewhat repelled by the smell of it, and that it was top quality material. I had the feeling that someone had stolen my Marijuana research and sold it to a drug cartel, that made it stronger...

Now we were ready for true action. So we looked for a good place for a HQ and found the perfect spot. Club Hesse.


I'm part of the group Life After Death After Life


July 14th, 2009 - Felling very bored and quite high from the Green Dragon fire-water and new marijuana harvest, I dared Guimas to another bunny hunt. In the middle of the trip, we saw an horde of 39 zeds in the Dewes Building, and Guimas just run like hell right to the center of the beasts. With manic bloodshot eyes, he shot anything that slightly moved and made quite a good impression on the zombies, bullet impressions I mean! Seeing that he was having all the fun I also jumped in and fired like my life depended on in (it actually did!!!). Just for an instant, while Guimas was reloading his guns, the most ugly, rotten smelling, dried and maggot filled excuse for a zombie jumped and bit me. I instantly felt the damned virus running inside. Thank the Gods for that powerful green THC leaves, that retarded the infection. We went back to the Club, and Guimas gave me another Green Dragon filled glass and a splif while I attended my wound. Everything went well, but it was a close one. (Malgahara 16:36, 14 July 2009 (BST))

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