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Joined: 28th February 2011
Class: Military Medic
Level: 12
UD Profile: Nekonova
Brainstock Profile: Neko
Group: Malton Emergency Medical Service
Rank: Paramedic (Graduated Academy Lieutenant)
DEM Badge No: 729
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You see a small blue-haired teenager wearing a blue urban combat suit, with a blue bandana and a small blue cat collor with a small bell that charms as he runs towards you, holding a medic kit in each hands and carrying a heavy rucksack on his back. The sight of two cat ears and a tail causes you to heist in surprise. There's a loaded shotgun strapped to the side of the rucksack and he seems to be wearing numerus pieces of equipment on his a heavy combat belt - you spy a small combat mechanic pouch, a DSS satellite phone, a civilian radio and a DEM advance radio attached to the belt as well as a fire axe cliped safely in it's holster. The fire axe though has been modified by the welding of an extra bit of a short metal pole to the main metal pole - you can only presume that it's to allow the fire axe to be wielded as a tonfa to allow for greater attack, defence and speed. The axe tonfa isn't the only weapon the teenager has: there are two pistols in holsters strapped to his thighs, with ammo clips in special holders at the side for rapid reloading. A radio earpiece plugged into the DEM radio can be seen in the boy's left ear.

The expression on his face is one of determination but also one of worry.

As he passes you in a hurry, catch a glimpse of the MEMS logo on his uniform, his medic kits and his rucksack.


Early Life

"I'll...I'll try and do my best!"

All Nekomimis (catboys and catgirls) were created by a series experiments by varies goverments or organisations - Neko is no different. He has no idea if he has parents out there somewhere or whether he was made in a lab - either way he early years we're spent within a lab being tested and used for experiments. Neko was described as shy, nervours but with a soul of light that was forever putting others first before himself - he often did his best to help the other nekomimis or even the scientist at the lab. The scientist often took pity on Neko and would be as kind and gentle as they can whenever they had to use him as a test subject or experiment. Even as a small nekomimi, Neko was fastinated with the readings, lifesigns and biology data that came up on the workstations of the scientists; who would now and again take the time to explain and teach the young cat. Over time, they realize that it might be worthwhile training Neko to become a medic. The scientist taught Neko as much as they knew about basic medicine, which Neko soon mastered in a short space of time. The scientists, having taught him as much as they could about basic medicine; decided to refer Neko onto the UN so that he could get further training and become a combat medic one day. Neko, now a teenager, who loved helping others, was more then happy being offered such a chance and leaped at it.

Crash Landing

"Mayday Mayday: Uniform November Heli One Five Recon: Declaring An Emergency: We Are Going Down!"

On the 28th February 2011, Neko was serving with the UN as an airborne combat medic cadet as part of his training when the reconnaissance helicopter he was onboard suffered an engine failure - crashing in the suburb of Wykewood. Neko was the only surviving crew member of the crash. As he stood up from the burning wreak, he surveyed his surrounds and, deep down, began to panic. Stranded in Malton, with no way of making it past the quarantine, nor any way for outside help to reach him - Neko became a new survivor in the zombie infected city.

A nearby hospital provided the shelter Neko needed to treat his wounds and began planning for the next step. The survivors there we're friendly enough; the sight of the cat features had unnerved some who Neko met - but others, especially the more experienced ones, had seen nekomimis before so we're unphased - as long as you were still alive and breathing and not a zombie they we're happy to see you it seems. Neko spent the next few days working between caring any newcomers to the hospital (the surviving hospital staff and survivors we're grateful for the extra pair of hands) and modifying his now semi-useless radio to estiblish contant with the Department of Emergency Management - one of the city's departments that had survived the infection that Neko remembered reading about in previous recon reports. His handheld radio was of little use at the moment - only the radio onboard the helicopter could transmitte to the outside world; the small radio handset had no chance breaking though the radio jamming the UN had over the city.

The sight of survivors coming in with major injuries and horrific tales unsettled Neko at first - but it soon became part of routine. He had trained for this and prepared for the sight of dead a long time ago, although his medicial training wasn't completed as he was still a cadet. Neko was happy enough helping the other survivors as best as he could, sometimes even heading outside the hospital for a little while to assist those nearby. However, now and again his reflexs would react to something causing Neko to draw his pistol and aim it in the direction of the disturbance - which thankfully most days turned out to be nothing. Neko had expreance of zombies: they attacked the hospital every once in a while and Neko, along with every other able person in the hospital, would rally a defence of the barricades.

Joining the DEM / MEMS & the Academy

Eventally, on the 5th March 2011, Neko managed to find the correct frequency for Malton Emergency Medical Service (MEMS) on the small handheld radio handset of his. They we're surprised at the unexpected caller on their frequency but soon arranged to meet the young Nekomimi at the DEM Academy Campus the next day. After passing the entry requirements, Neko was officially accepted into the DEM as part of the MEMS and began his training at the Academy. There he learned basic DEM operating procedures as well as complete his medic training. On the 27th March 2011, Neko was promoted to the rank of Academy Lieutenant give him a lead role within the academy, which let the little cat to try leadership for the first time. Neko graduated the academy with Honors on the 12th April 2011 a week later - but stayed on at the academy to help out until another cadet was avliable to take over the position.

Operation: ....

Shortly after graduating, Neko was asked by academy staff to plan an operation: of which information remains classified due to it's ongoing nature. Neko was promoted to the rank of Paramedic on 20th April 2011 by MEMS command in recognition of his work.

Malton Emergency Medical Service

Neko is a paramedic in the Malton Emergency Medical Service (MEMS) and is also the graduated Academy Lieutenant at the Academy. He is currently the overall operation co-ordinator for a classified active operation.

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MEMS - Rank 2 Field Medicine
Engineer Mallrat

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