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Peter Macgahara
Peter Macgahara
Character Profile: Peter Macgahara's Profile
Character Class: Military
Group: Malton Civil Defense Unit
Rank: Private
Service (Status): Lost and OTM
Location: Classified
Health: Mentally Unstable
Favourite Equipment: Guns!!!

Peter Macgahara (before)

I was a simple man. Still am I think, but not in the same way.

Lived my life in the most boring way anyone could, afraid of anything that could make me feel the slightest pain, moving between home and an office job dealing with retarded rich people that wanted to drown themselves in the money they robed... And the worst part, I liked it. I loved the routine, the comfort, the little life of small pleasures... Little did I know...

The company was bought by a rival, and like many others I was left in the street to survive. I tried to find a job but I was only one among many... I started failing interviews, stopped getting out of the house at all, made my girlfriend leave me... I had nothing else to stay for in that rotten town, in that rotten life...

Gathered some food, packed a backpack, and torched my house down. As I saw it burn, my soul sparked, briefly. I didn't felt human anymore...

Wandered for some time from town to town, with no path in mind. It was then I got to Malton. Danversbank was a peaceful clean suburb, just like any other I passed by on my trips. But this time it would be different. I would stay, even against my will.


Life in Malton

Out of nowhere they came... one, and after a while another, then four, ten more, then hundreds swarming the streets, eating people, smashing windows and doors. I run as fast as I could, with my trained legs from all the travelling I'd done.

Hidden for two days, without anyone around, in a small water-tower I saw horrible things, heard hellish screams that made my blood freeze, cries and moans... For two days I was in shock... And then there it was, that little spark in my soul like when I had burned my house down. But this time it grew, inflaming me! I could feel again. And I felt angry, with fate, with the world, with people and finally with myself for giving up. I wouldn't give up no more.

After preparing myself, just after dawn, I run to the nearest PD. It was completely empty of human life, but had some dead inside. Got myself some guns and ammo and drunk some coffee that was left.Even found a bottle of whiskey on someone's crippled desk. Gathered some woods from the destroyed desks and started barricading the building as good as I could. What in hell was I in?!? Why were people behaving like that?!?


While barricading lost in my thoughts I felt someone behind me. With slow moves I turned and saw it for the first time up close... It seamed alive, slowly getting closer, but the shotgun hole in it's chest and the creepy moans said otherwise... It was definitely dead and up to no good... One by one the dead inside the building got up and I was trapped inside by my own hands. This was it, to live or to die and be like them. I would make shore that they wouldn't leave.

Start shooting them, blowing heads and limbs, making holes in beings that didn't felt a thing. I was cornered but I was making them fall. At the last shotgun bullet, with a zombie at three feet, I didn't had to think much. It run against me fast as lightening, bit my shoulder and I shot it in the throat blasting it's head in bits all over the room. I had won. I had conquered my fear. But not quite conquered myself as I felt dizzy and feverish right after the beast bit me. I knew something wasn't right... I was a zombie movie fan and I knew what was happening now.

With all the strength I had left, I dumped the bodies outside and barricaded the place even more. And die...

A sudden burst of sound awake me from my infected slumber. I crawled to the roof to look outside. To south I could see the Walls, built around the town and the survivors trying to climb it just to be pulled down by the zombies. But the sounds came from north. At far I could see a well organized crowd. "Not again..." I thought but then I realized they couldn't be zeds. As they got nearer I saw that they seemed like a strike team, with some civil survivors on their trail. I got the PD flag on fire so they could see the safe house but they didn't and got inside another building killing every zombie on their way. I was getting really tired... I needed to sleep... just for a while... Just...for...a....



I fell into a limbo state. Sometimes I was sober, others felt like a dream while I smashed things against the walls and cades with an uncontrollable rage. A figure came near but I couldn't react or see it clearly. He said something I couldn't understand and then I felt a needle and I went to deep sleep.

I didn't knew how many days it had passed since I was bitten but I felt great. A little hungry but great. Near me was a note:

You were very lucky. We cured your infection at the last minute. Nice idea with the burning flag. You seem like a good soldier. Good cades, well armed, 15 dead zed bodies at the PD doors?!? Hell, if you are alone, I would like to have you on our side. Come to the KodT training camp at Wray Heights. DEM

Now that was surreal. I had been saved by some rogue zombie killing team, and they were!?

I had nothing to loose, no place to go. Why not? So I packed again, restocked my ammo and whiskey and burst through he cades running like crazy!

After a while I got used to living in caded buildings for a day and moving, helping who needed help, healing, cading, something. I was useful after all and made some friends along the way.

After arriving to the camp I got a brief but complete training that would help me more then I would image at the time. A horde of zeds filled the streets and the camp was sure to be destroyed. We fought back as well as we could but it was a lost cause. In the middle of the battle I lost good friends and I wanted vengeance It was then that I received a note from MCDU, to join them. It was a privilege to be a part of a team like the one that saved me way back in Danversbank.

I felt to be in the right place. I still do. Now it's time to make a real difference. More then a survivor, I'm now an enforcer.


Die Zombie!!.gif ?action=view&current=4e688dbeb0831d3cc3bac2ef14d3b9b4 32.jpg

MCDUlogo.png Malton Civil Defense Unit
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November 17th, 2009 - Alone... Been alone for months... I have been forsaken... Haven't seen any one of my team. I think they're dead... I'm alone... But... But the mission has to go on. I... I have orders... I will do the mission. The mission is the only thing that keeps me alive... The rogue operation as turned me into a rogue soul... Zeds, beware... OR NOT AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... I tHiNk i'M GoInG cRaZy AHAHAHAHAHAH WHY AM I ALONE?!? AHAHAHAHAHAHAH

September 25th, 2009 - I'm in a rogue operation. Solitude is my companion now. Sometimes I see a MCDU member, now and then, but this mission is a difficult one. I've been killing so many zeds and cading so many buildings that I lost track of the days that I'm wet in zed blood... But I love every minute of it! My bloodlust is insatiable! MUAHAHAHAHAHAH I WILL KILL YOU ALL! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH (Peter Macgahara 12:32, 25 September 2009 (BST))

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