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Raven; spirit of vengence, agent of death.jpg

"Don't look don't look" the shadows breathe

Whispering me away from you

"Don't wake at night to watch her sleep

You know that you will always lose

This trembling


Tousled bird mad girl... "

"Just paint your face" the shadows smile

Slipping me away from you

"Oh it doesn't matter how you hide

Find you if we're wanting to

So slide back down and close your eyes

Sleep a while You must be tired... "

But every night I burn

Every night I call your name

Every night I burn

Every night I fall again

Every night I burn

Scream the animal scream

Every night I burn

Dream the crow black dream

Dream the crow black dream

Bounty Hunter.gif Bounty Hunter
This User or Group hunts and kills

Bounty Claims.gif Bounty Claims
Raven Corvus has claimed 572 bounties.

She smiles in pain and glory and sex and sin

teeth as white as seagulls

the guts of her victims strung from the balcony

trophies of the hunter

Rolled in the deafening silence of her blissful agony

Full of fear and wonder

The hunter and the hunted

far, far away in the dark places

in the haunted ghostly spaces

J. O'Barr


1st confirmed bounty claim Dec.9th 2009 Leo Castillo

150th confirmed bounty claim Jan 18th 2011 Stuart Rene Lajoie.

On March 11, 2011 Raven claims her 167th kill and moves into the Top Ten Bounty Hunters of all time list.

200th confirmed bounty claim July 19th 2011 Willie Clinton

250th confirmed bounty claim December 7th 2011 Gideon Nisbet

275th confirmed bounty claim February 11th 2012 Duke D'oeuvre (It's special because it's freaking Duke D'oeuvre!)

300th confirmed bounty claim April 13th 2012 Jennifer Thrush

350th confirmed bounty claim August 31st 2012 Gus the Gasman

375th confirmed bounty claim November 9th 2012 Mr. Bleak

400th confirmed bounty claim December 27th 2012 Sally A Summers (For a 400th bounty I would have had difficulty finding a more deserving PKer, the fact that she killed me twice in return proves that point)

425th confirmed bounty claim March 5th 2013 BlackReaper

450th confirmed bounty claim May 15th 2013 Berlin Incident

475th confirmed bounty claim August 1st 2013 Mein Sohn

500th confirmed bounty claim October 18th 2013 Knightmonger

525th confirmed bounty claim January 23rd 2014 DocOps

550th bounty claim August 24th 2014 Thee Jerk

572nd bounty claim February 26th 2015 Duke D'oeuvre (It's still special because it's freaking Duke D'oeuvre!)

And now I am an unstoppable machine of death, spreading a hideous fury across the heavens like some medieval plague.

I will not stop until they are all in Hell.

I will kill them all and everyone who shares breath with them.

I have no mercy and ask none.

I am the Monster who kills monsters

James O'Barr


Mpd.png Report PKers!
Don't let them get away with murder! Register them on the Rogues Gallery. (Dead Link)

Mpd.png Report PKers!
Raven Corvus supports PK Reporting.
Don't let Player Killers get away with murder. Report them on the Rogues Gallery.

Weapons.JPG Weapon of Choice
This user's weapon of choice is her, H&K USP Compact 9X19MM.

Psychos.jpg Cutey!!
Raven Corvus wants a pair of
Hello Kitty pistols, just like
Cutey Snugglekins.

Well not really, I still prefer my H&K USP Compact 9x19mm with rail adapter, but Cutey is just so umm... dammed cute, I thought I would show her some love.

Zambahandshake.JPG Civility
This user or group believes that while zambahz and humans must kill each other, they can still be civil about it.

CutePKer.jpg PKers are people too!
This user or group acknowledges the fact that PKers play a legitimate role in a zombie apocalypse and that they are people too.

NoSafeHaven.jpg No Safe Haven
This user is a No Safe Haven supporter.

ZHU.gif Zerg Hunters Unlimited
Raven Corvus supports the Zerg Hunters Unlimited in their fair and quick extermination of multi-character abusers!

Awards Won

Raven was nominated along with Josh Clark and Erica Rackham by the PKing industry as Best Bounty Hunter for 2011 at the 11th annual Malton Murder Awards. Thanks to those who nominated me, being in the company of Josh and Erica is a true honour.

MMA11.png Maltie's Eleven Malton Murder Award Nominee
The contributions of Raven Corvus to the PKing industry earned them a nomination at the Maltie's Eleven Malton Murder Awards.

Raven was voted Best Bounty Hunter in 2011 by the PKing Industry at the 11th annual Malton Murder Awards. Thanks to all! I look forward to killing and being killed by you in the future.

MMA11.png Maltie's Eleven Malton Murder Award Winner
The contributions of Raven Corvus to the PKing industry earned them an award at the Maltie's Eleven Malton Murder Awards.

This award is from a friend.

DJ Teeth.jpg I was killed by DJ Talent and all I got was this
lousy template.

My friend and I have danced together, danced around each other, shared giggles and shot each other. I have damned good friends!

My latest award

Secondprize.gif Second Prize
Raven is not as cute as Kirsty Cotton!

Even with my makeover by Sally A. Summers [1]; apparently I am not quite as cute as I thought I was.

While this is not really an award but I am going to take it as such, mostly because I am just not sure where else to put this:

On January 23rd I killed [2] this guy [3]. Other then it being bounty #525 nothing special there right? Well it seems someone ->[4]<- got butt hurt and created a mini me [5] only hours after I killed him. Now I know they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I'm just not quite sure Malton needs (or wants) two of me. So in light of his classless actions I naturally did what any self respecting huntress would do; I tracked him down and I killed him again [6], and again [7].