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  • Pain Harvest (Covert) After unwillingly undergoing an injury, the mage may intensify its severity, gaining a quantity of magical power that may be later used to relinquish control over a finishing spell. TotM 131
  • Ectoplasmic Shaping (Vulgar) Alter an Ectoplasmic manifestation M:tAw 133
  • Eye of Destruction (Covert) Discern the hidden flaws in any object made of lifeless matter. Requires Matter 1 TotM 19
  • Forensic Gaze (Covert) Determine cause & time of death; detect a Vampire M:tAw 134
  • Grim Sight (Covert) Reveal connection to death; sense vampire powers M:tAw 134
  • Instill Mortality (Covert) The will worker gives the Enchanted Item the capacity for decay and eventual demise in order to relinquish the finishing spell TotM 130
  • Otherworldly Instrument (Covert) Shape existing ectoplasm and/or ephemera into simple forms that are identical to both ghosts and spirits and can be interacted with by either. Requires Spirit 1 TotM 18
  • Shadow Sculpting (Covert) Shape or strengthen shadows M:tAw 135
  • Soul Marks (Covert) Detect soul alterations: derangements, soulstone, etc M:tAw 135
  • Speak with the Dead (Covert) Detect and converse with Ghosts M:tAw 135


  • Animate Shadows (Vulgar) Compel shadows to move, even to an unnatural place M:tAw 136
  • Corpse Unmasking (Covert) Detect if corpse mask has been used to cover up the cause of death GotV 186
  • Final Sight (Vulgar) Creates ectoplasm image of the last thing the corpse saw GotV 186
  • Corpse Mask (Covert) Disguise the cause of death by altering a corpse M:tAw 136
  • Decay (Vulgar) Cause an object to corrode M:tAw 136
  • Dislodge the Soul (Covert) Regain willpower by damaging the soul L:tA 124
  • Ectoplasm (Vulgar) Create a physical manifestation of a nonphysical phenomena M:tAw 136
  • Entropic Guard (Covert) Leech the vitality of an oncoming assault M:tAw 136
  • Forensic Invisibility (Vulgar) Destroys fibers, dead skin, saliva, oils and hair. Ban 54
  • Ghost Summons (Covert) Request the presence of a Ghost M:tAw 137
  • Grant the Grim Sight (Covert) As Grim Sight but cast on Other M:tAw 137
  • Lighten Anchor (Covert) Increase a ghost's ability to stray from its anchor TotM 60
  • Soul Jar (Covert) Create a physical receptacle for a disembodied soul M:tAw 137
  • Suppress Aura (Covert) Dampen an aura (the whole thing, not specific features) M:tAw 137
  • Touch of the Grave (Vulgar) Physically interact with objects in Twilight M:tAw 138



  • Alter Conductivity (Covert) Alter how well an object conducts electricity. M:tAw 194
  • Breach Point (Covert) Use successes to breach cover. Death 1, Space 1. AA 181
  • Crafter's Eye (Covert) Gain insight to make repairs. FC 110
  • Craftsman’s Eye (Covert) Understand the workings of any object with moving parts. M:tAw 194
  • Dark Matter (Covert) Gain mage sight, with an knack for interpreting "heavy" or "dense" resonances. M:tAw 194
  • Detect Substance (Covert) Know the location of any nearby objects of a specific substance (iron, plastic, gunpower, etc), or even a specific object you're familiar with (eg, car keys) M:tAw 195
  • Discern Composition (Covert) Know the elemental makeup of an object. M:tAw 195
  • Eye of Destruction (Covert) Discern the hidden flaws in any object made of lifeless matter. Requires Death 1 TotM 19
  • Find the Hidden Hoard (Covert) Find hidden compartments, doors, etc. M:tAw 195
  • Sense Poisons and Drugs (Covert) Detect and understand effects of substance. Ban 58


  • Alter Accuracy (Covert) Improve the balance of an item, granting 9-again to rolls made with it. M:tAw 196
  • Control Object (Covert) With Spirit 1, the mage can talk to a device (like a car or a lock) to get it to work. TSL 198
  • Deceptive Appearance (Vulgar) Makes a non-living object appear (visual) to be made of something else, without changing object itself. Matter 4 allows sensory changes (weight, touch, etc) and prolongation.TM 197-198
  • Evidence Shroud (Covert) Erase all forensic evidence of any activities already undertaken during the current scene. Requires Life 2 TotM 65
  • Eyes of the Earth (Covert) Cast "Dark Matter" upon another person. M:tAw 196
  • Find the Cornerstone (Covert) Locate weak point in structure. Space 1 L:tA 161
  • Inconspicuous Object (Covert) Renders an object unnoticed, even if it rests in plain view. Requires Mind 2 TotM 22
  • Loosen the Threads (Vulgar) Open knots, locks, loosen doors. GoG 131
  • Shape Liquid (Covert) Shape a liquid or mist into a form you choose and control it thereafter. M:tAw 196
  • Transmute Water (Vulgar) Turn one common liquid into another. M:tAw 197
  • Temporary Repair (Vulgar) Cause a broken machine to work. FC 111
  • Steel Windows (Vulgar) Alter the transparency of an object. M:tAw 197
  • Unseen Aegis (Covert) Gain armor from nearby matter helping to shield you from attacks. M:tAw 197
  • Weaponize Object (Covert) Make improvised weapons formidable. AA 181


  • Acidic Splatter (Vulgar) Cause acid damage upon injury. Life 2. AA 182
  • Alter Integrity (Covert) Raise or lower an objects Durability. M:tAw 198
  • Alter Raiment (Vulgar) Alter garments mage is currently wearing. GotV 190
  • Animate Object (Vulgar) Awaken the spirit of an object to make it move and act on its own. Spirit 3 TSL 199
  • Animate Object (Vulgar) Grant objects locomotion. S&S 145
  • Armor Piercing (Covert) Make an object armor-piercing. M:tAw 198
  • Backbite/Backlash (Covert) Weapon attacks target its own user GotV 190
  • Book of Metal (Vulgar) Create a metallic Grimoire. Prime 1 L:tA 78
  • Bundle Enhancements (Covert) After casting more than one of the Matter-based finishing spells on a single item, the will worker bundles them together, so they are treated as a single omnibus spell. TotM 128
  • Enhance Toxin (Covert) Increase the toxicity of a poison by 1/success. SotT 192
  • Eyes of the Mater (Covert) View within a familiar structure. Space 2 GotV 193
  • Jury Rig (Covert) Give one machine aspects of another so that it can do the job of both. M:tAw 198
  • Manufacture Salve (Covert) Creates gross material for alchemy in the form of a salve. Requires Life 2 TotM 147
  • Manufacture Oil or Jelly (Covert) Creates gross material for alchemy in the form of a sticky, viscous substance. TotM 147
  • Manufacture Spray (Covert) Creates gross material for alchemy in the form of a low-density liquid that can be easily dispersed into a mist via a sprayer or aerosol can. TotM 147
  • Manufacture Powder (Covert) Creates Gross material for alchemy in the form of an explosive powder. Requires Forces 2 TotM 147
  • Manufacture Medication (Covert) Creates Gross Material for alchemy in the form of a pill or intravenous liquid. Requires Life 2 TotM 147
  • Manufacture Drop (Covert) Create Gross Material for alchemy in the form of a liquid to be dropped into the eye or ear canal. Requires Life 2 TotM 148
  • Perfect Lock (Covert) Bind a sealed door to adjoining wall. GotV 191
  • Plasticity (Vulgar) Make a solid object malleable. M:tAw 199
  • Reassembly (Vulgar) Recreate object, even if all pieces are not present (at least half must exist if some pieces destroyed). Requires Space 3. TM 198
  • Repair Object (Covert) Repair an object, restoring any lost Structure points. M:tAw 199
  • Transmute Earth (Vulgar) Turn one common solid substance into another. M:tAw 200
  • Verminous Metamorphosis (Vulgar) Turn small objects into vermin. Requires Life 3. M:tAw 200


  • Alter Efficiency (Covert) Make a mechanical object function better or worse, altering its equipment bonus. M:tAw 201
  • Annihilate Matter (Vulgar) Destroy mundane matter. M:tAw 201
  • Chemerical Manifestation (Vulgar) Apport a regular/magic item from Astral Space. Mind 4, optional Prime 3 Myst 198
  • Duplication (Vulgar) Creates a precise duplicate of mundane object. Use same raw material for lasting duplicate. Use Prime 3 for artifacts, enhanced and imbued items (up to 24hrs). TM 198-199
  • Fold Object (Vulgar) Convert object to a two-dimensional image. Space 3 AA 182
  • Improve Quality (Vulgar) Change appearance of object, but not quality. SotT 192
  • Lesser Transmogrification (Vulgar) Turn a liquid substance into a different solid substance, or vice-versa. M:tAw 201
  • Reconfigure Object (Vulgar) Change the form of an object while keeping its composition intact. M:tAw 201
  • Secret Compartment (Vulgar) Create a hidden hollow area in solid matter. Ban 58
  • Shape Air (Covert) Control the flow and density of gases. M:tAw 201
  • Stone Servitor (Vulgar) Creates a self-aware servant of animate stone from out of nearby substances, even the air itself. Requires Mind 5 TotM 32
  • The Golem (Vulgar) Animate statue servitor. Fate 2 MT 41
  • Transmute Air (Vulgar) Transform one gaseous substance into another. M:tAw 202
  • Transmute Gold (Vulgar) Turn a rare substance (eg, gold) into a common one (eg, wood). M:tAw 202
  • Transubstantiation of Content (Vulgar) Mix and convert data across any storage medium, provided the object stores data is some fashion. Requires Mind 3 TM 199



  • Angle Vision (Covert) Mage can see around objects, corners, or other obstructions GotV 197
  • Correspondence (Covert) Determine the sympathetic connection between people or objects. M:tAw 232
  • Finder (Covert) Know exactly where a small, nearby object is no matter how it is moved. M:tAw 233
  • Omnivision (Covert) The mage can see in all directions as if he had eyes on the back and sides of his head M:tAw 233
  • Spatial Awareness (Covert) Gain Mage Sight, with a keen ability to see distortions in space. M:tAw 233
  • Spatial Map (Covert) Gain a mental map of your surroundings, eliminating penalties in combat. M:tAw 233


  • Animate Object (S&S 145) + Plasticity (M:tA 199) for instant helpers
  • Create pits with Annihilate Matter
  • Lesser Tranmorgrification for... anything
  • Transmute Air for anything from nerve gas to clean air to propane


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