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What is death?


Death is one big culinary adventure.

With death, an entirely new palette suddenly opens itself to you. You're no longer bound by such concepts as 'Don't eat me' or 'That's unhealthy'. Suddenly, you can eat all you can grab of a new dimension of food.

But how does one cook this new world of food?

Most are left with such rudimentary recipes as 'Eat the heart before they die'. This is unacceptable. We all deserve the most exquisite of cuisine. But we need new recipes. This culinary opportunity has been available for less than six years, and a food culture is yet in it's infancy. We need experimental chefs. We need new recipes.

Hence, we're holding a holiday cook-off. Everyone is welcome to write a new, experimental recipe for cooking harmanz. Zombies may find this somewhat easier, but harmanz are encouraged, as always, to try to see things from an undead perspective and try their hand at cooking their friends.


All entries must be submitted in 2010; late entries will not be accepted. Entries will be judged in early 2011, followed by the announcement of the results. Entries will be ranked in order of quality. The author of the best entry will receive a custom template to commemorate their victory. High-quality recipes may be sporadically broadcast on the radio.

Be sure to include:

  • Ingredients - Who and what goes in, and what conditions they should be in.
  • Preparation - How to prepare and serve mankind.

Submissions will be ranked based on:

  • Taste - Make the judge hungry.
  • Clarity - Make it obvious how each step is to be performed.



Place Recipe Notes
1st Lechon Harman Good for parties/feeding frenzies. Juicy.
2nd PequilieatSurprise Schadenfreude in every bite.
3rd Haggaz Non-harman ingredients are minimal and easy to acquire.
4th Harmantaschen Efficient use of bra!nz. Large amount of gra!nz. Does not reqire flame.
Zombie chef.jpg Thanatologist is the
Zombie Chef
Thanatologist won the Holiday Cook-Off with their recipe for Lechon Harman.

TripleU is considered omnipotent within the context of this contest, and may do whatever he wants, including, but not limited to, the murder of contestants. Submissions deemed to be blasphemous will be disqualified. Thinly-veiled zombie propaganda will be given an unfair advantage. Pants are to be frowned upon.

Holiday Cook-Off