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feel free to add templates to my page


(Cait was here! :D)

Skull1 small.gif Death Cultist
If you strike me down, I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.
Mwmicon.gif Mistakes Were Made
This User reads Mistakes Were Made
Banana.gif B-A-N-A-N-A-Z!
This user knows exactly what to do with a banana.
Gore Corps Template.jpg Ridleybank Resistance Front
Gore Corps
This user is a member of the
RRF Gore Corps
Killer.jpg Player Killer
"One kills a man, one is an assassin; one kills millions, one is a conqueror; one kills everybody, one is a god."

This user is a PKer and supports the act of Player Killing.

Pimphat.jpg Pimp Hat Or No Revive!
Zoutroi refuses to inject you with the blue stuff unless you're wearing a magnificent pimp hat.


my characters

Zoutroi - Ridleybank Resistance Front - Gore Corps

Gimili - The Caiger Resistance Front

Deleterious - Minions of the Apocalypse

Carter Dane - The Randoms