Wasteland 84,53

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Pegton [84, 53]

the Pargiter Monument the Whicher Building the Rowcliffe Building
Club Randell wasteland Cowing Way Police Department
the Bratt Museum the Biddescombe Monument the Bennett Building

Basic Info:

  • A wasteland is an empty city block, not even containing streets.
  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.

Wasteland 84,53


A bounty hunter keeps watch for PKers.

A dismal, blasted heath, littered with wrecked cars and craters full of dirty water: one of Malton's many similar bombsites.


At first glance this is just another brownfield site, with pylons stretching across its dreary expanse, the power lines now dead among the old advertising hoardings and a peculiar old water tower shaped like a rocket ship.

However, this waste ground was the site where the Carver Street Conspirators were hanged. Having been found guilty in an impromptu courtroom in Cowing Way PD, the murderous would-be terrorists were dragged in handcuffs to the neighbouring wasteland, where they were hooded and hanged from any suitable point: old trees, a telegraph pole and the pylons themselves were all used.

A crowd rapidly gathered, alerted by the commotion, and aware of the astonishing news of the conspiracy which had rocked both halves of Pegton's divided community. Asked if they had any last words, one conspirator - probably Walter Ferguson - yelled "We Are The People!", which was met with howls of execration from the onlookers.

Hanging by meathooks can be a drawn-out process, and few stayed till the bitter end, when the bodies were cut down and buried in unmarked graves. As local humorist and raconteur Alasdair McWhitty remarked, the hangings were "worth seeing, but not worth hanging around for".