Zombie Dementia

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Zombie Dementia


Zombie dementia, or ZD, is a genetically predetermined trait among some survivors. Survivors with this genetic makeup are susceptible to zombie dementia once succumbing to the plague. ZD is caused by a chromosomal translocation t(9;23)(q35;q12). ZD is inherited according to Mendelian Statistics


Zombie Dementia was first discovered in April of 2007 by the Necrotech scientist Liam Degen


While there is no physical danger to the survivor with Zombie dementia, once reanimated as a zombie the survivor will be especially dangerous, even to members of its own group. This makes a dementia-prone survivor a liability in battle. If they were to die while still possessing the strength to stand, they would surely rise up against their comrades. Once reanimated, the zombie plague will take special hold of the brain of survivor who is predisposed to dementia. Rather than acting in his/her own best interest, this person will immediately become devoid of all thought processes and unable to deviate from the simple rules of being a zombie, which are as follows

  1. The zombie needs to feed, and will attack relentlessly any human it can see
  2. When no targets are available the zombie will become enraged (more so than usual) and attack the nearest destructible object as long as there is a possible food source. This means barricades of powered buildings are prime targets.
  3. When no food source is readily visible, the zombie will wander aimlessly until either
    1. It finds one of the above, or
    2. finds a cemetery, where it may rest

See the following logistic flowchart for a demonstration



There are only three possible treatments for Zombie dementia:

  1. Kill the zombie. This won't help in the long run, but it will delay the effects- and it feels so right!
  2. Revive the zombie. Please remember to only do this at designated revive points. In the demented zombie's case this will almost always be a cemetery, as for some reason the demented zombie's brain seeks respite there.
  3. Brain Rot. If the zombie's demented brain becomes rotted, it will awaken to the world of zombieness and be able to communicate with other zombies, effectively coordinate attacks, groan, scent, hold bananas and other zombie things. Only through rotting the demented brain can this zombie achieve Barhah. This step is seen by many Malton physicians as being a last resort, as it is generally permanent.

The most important step in disease management is giving proper warning to your fellow survivors by

  1. posting the appropriate banner in your user page
Brainrot.gif Zombie Dementia
This user is genetically predisposed to Zombie Dementia
  1. warning others in your safehouse that you have 'ZD'
  2. informing others by linking to this page- it is estimated that up to 20% of Malton is predisposed to ZD, and many may not know it.


Although there is no cure for the underlying genetic cause, a zombie who is revivified will show no lasting effects of the dementia. There is also a theory that Zombie dementia is a risk factor for survivor suicide- although this has been entirely unproven.

Support for Individuals with ZD

A community effort has been made to reach out to those with ZD. If you or a loved one has ZD, please refer to the Zombie Dementia Support Network page for information on how to join

Community Responsibility

Survivors have a duty to protect each other and give aid whenever possible. In the case of ZD, it is important to know how the disease may affect your community. Although there are risks associated with housing a ZD survivor, everyone should do their best not to discriminate. A survivor with ZD may attack his friends as soon as he dies in battle, but that does not make him a zombie spy! Victims of ZD should be treated with compassion and give revives as soon as possible. BE KIND! THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO! Also, please keep in mind that ZD is a genetic disease, and is therefore not communicable. Casual contact such as kissing or sharing water fountains will not pass ZD, neither will intimate contact. ZD survivors wishing to procreate should consult a Necrotech geneticist to better understand the risks of passing ZD on to your little survivors. Check with the ZDSN about specific community outreach programs and activities.