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Be Kind, They Know Not What They Do!

Zombie Dementia Support Network
Zombie Dementia Support Network
Abbreviation: ZSDN
Group Numbers: all of those who suffer with ZD
Leadership: Liam Degen
Goals: Offer support for those with ZD, or those affected by the ZD of their friends and family through access to information, discussion forums, and personal stories
Recruitment Policy: any survivor or zombie who has been identified as having ZD, or freinds and family members of ZD sufferers
Contact: [| edit my talk page]

What is Zombie Dementia?

Zombie Dementia, or ZD, is a genetically inherited disease that affects the actions of survivors once they die. This disease causes survivors to disregard all previous relationships and apparently forget any purpose or affiliation and immdediatly behave as though they were "Hollywood" zombies. The likeness of a ZD victim to the zombies seen in hollywood are unmistakable, although no explaination has been offered by the medical community for this likeness, and it is regarded by most health professionals as an anomaly.

It has been estimated that up to 20% of Malton may be afflicted with Zombie Dementia!

Behavior of ZD individuals defers to a set of simple rules from which the ZD indivdual will never deviate. These rules are expressed on the Zombie dementia information page, but can be expressed simply as a hierarchy of activities designed to bring the zombie brains. If an activity is impossible, the zombie simply moves down the list. The discovery and elucidation of these hierarhal rules of behavior has been extensively helpful in the tracking and prediction of ZD individuals' behavior.

  1. Eat any visible humans. Humans with the least health are the most appetizing
  2. Follow scent trail of recent human contact
  3. Enter buildings where recently contacted humans reside
  4. Attack barricades of buildings where recently contacted humans reside
  5. Enter buildings with powered generators
  6. Attack barricades of powered buildings
  7. Wander Aimlessly
    1. If in a cemetary, rest. NOTE: do not continue moving after entering a cemetary.
    2. otherwise, move in a randomly selected direction. Be Angry. Graaaagh!

See the logistic flowchart for a summary: ZDlogicflowchart.gif

These clearly defined behaviors summarize the code by which all ZD individuals inexplicably adhere. The rules form a logic flow chart that inevitably causes the zombie to come to rest at a cemetary after an undefined period of relentless attacking. As a result, the zombies more closely resemble those of fictional films (for whatever reason). The level of danger posed by these zombies depends on your proximity to them at the moment of reanimation. For members of a group fighting off a zombie invasion, the difference is crucial. Under normal circumstances when a member falls the group suffers the loss of a fighter until that survivor can reach a revive point. If a member has ZD on the other hand, the invading zombies gain a number to thier ranks- further tipping the balance toward the undead.

While ZD individuals are generally less dangerous than ordinary zombies because of their limited ability to reason, during a siege ZD individuals can be a serious liability. This leads to discrimination against individuals with ZD. Furthermore, survivors eaten by ZD individuals often seek revenge out of anger; however this anger is unwarranted, as ZD individuals have no more control over their actions than the fish have over the tides.


As we are all aware, those who die in Malton do not stay dead. It has been observed that the undead plague that has infested Malton has striking differences from the predictions of "movie zombies" in several key areas. Most notably, the undead of Malton are free to make choices about targets, and have sophisticated means of communication (see Zombie speech) that seem to indicate higer intelligence than would be sugessted by the movies we were raised on. For whatever reason, the undead of Malton are free to make deciscions, congregate, communicate, lead each other into battle, square dance, and other activities that require "higher functionality" of the undead brain. It was recently discovered by the scientist Liam Degen that not all zombies exhibit such behavior; indeed some zombies obey the above rules unerringly. It also appeared to correlate with zombie level, with lower level zombies or "deadlings" more likely to adhere to the rules. Liam discovered that a chromosomal translocation (t(9;23)(q35;q12)) was responsible for the lower functionality of these zombies. Furthermore it was discovered that after the brain had rotted, the zombie would achieve "normal" zombie functionality. This explained two phenomena

  1. why Brainrotted zombies of higher level appeared to be more intellegent (diregarding the previously held theory of "experience")
  2. why some survivors, when killed, immediately joined the attacking zombies in the dismebering and eating of his/her freinds.


The Zombie Dementia Support Network was created with these principles in mind:

  1. Educate survivors about ZD
    • this serves both to protect non-ZD individuals as well as
    • help ZD individuals identify themselves and seek proper counseling/health advice
  2. Prevent discrimination against those with ZD
    • ZD individuals suffer from a disease and are not responsible for their actions once undead
  3. Provide a forum for ZD individuals to discuss their stories and give each other emotional support
    • add your stories of strength in the face of ZD
  4. Establish a community of ZD individuals
    • see our forum on Malton's Craigslist!
    • meet other singles with ZD
    • write your mayor to demand equality of ZD individuals


Membership is open to anyone who has been affected by ZD. This includes those who have ZD, or those family members, freinds, group members, or associates of a ZD individual who have been impacted by this disease. It is estimated that up tpo 20% of Malton suffers from ZD, so it's likely that if you have have ever been eaten, your life has been touched by ZD

To join, simply place the flagbox of the Zombie Dementia Support Network in your user page or group page.

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Please place your stories of strength or support on the Discussion page with the appropriate timestamp