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Clock.png Inactive Group
Cybele's Children/Slayers are no longer active. Its group page is preserved for archival purposes. Please do not edit this page. This group was reported inactive on 21:56, 9 January 2009 (UTC) Not Inactive?

Cybele's Children
Cybele's Slayers | Cybele's Sisters | Cybele's Shamblers
Cybele's Slayers
Abbreviation: CS or The Slayers
Group Numbers: 10
Leadership: Torec Shadecrow
Goals: To advance the presence of women in Urban Dead, and to have fun how we see fit
Recruitment Policy: Be a PKer, and be a female
Contact: here

Cybele's Children is offically disbanded. Please see this thread for details.
Are you tired of walking through Malton, only to see throngs of men wherever you go? Whatever happened to the near even ratio of men to women in the rest of the world? It's time to bring more women into Malton, and have fun doing it.

Who are Cybele's Slayers?

Cybele's Children are a group of women PKers who are loosely organized and have no real grudges or goals, besides boosting the presence of women in Malton, possibly by leaving a few hundred bodies in our wake to do so. Our Sisters are more apt to help the masses, and our Shamblers are more apt to munch on your bra!nz, but don't get us confused with them. We absolutely do not support any form of cheating, such as cross-character information leaking or zerging.
Please note that we are not out to kill only men, and we don't particularly have any sort of grudge against males. We're just a group of women who like to kill.

Who is Cybele?

Cybele is known to be the original "mother of the Earth," as seen in early Pagan religions. This does not, however, imply that we are a religious group. In fact, the leader of Cybele's Children, Torec, is an Atheist. The name is simply a tribute to the power that women once held in the public eye.

So What do I Need to do to Join?

Drop by our forums and read the instructions for applying. We need proof of your crimes, or have one of our members vouch for you. You must also be a female.

Do I (The Player) Need to be a Woman to Join?

Not at all. However, your CHARACTER must be female.

How can I show my support for (or membership in) Cybele's Slayers?

Lucky you, we've made this nifty template you can include on your group's (or your individual) wiki page.

SlayersGoddess.jpg Cold Hearted Killers
This user or group supports the icy women of Cybele's Slayers and their devious ways. Are you feeling lucky?

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To show a more generalized support, we have a template for Cybele's Children.

Cybelesdaughters.jpg Where Are The Women?
This user or group supports Cybele's Children and agrees that there should be more female characters in Malton.

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{{Cybele's Children}}


Total Body Count: 762

Random Kills

Seeing as Cybele's Slayers is primarily a loose group of players, most of the time we're killing random innocents...
Kills: 474

Painting the Town Red... Literally

In an effort to bring the word of Cybele to the people of Malton, The Slayers undertook a grand pilgrimage, ensuring that every suburb in Malton had heard from us. Needless to say, by the time the last body fell in Judgewood, the city of Malton was one hue further towards red.
Kills: 100

Gettin' Stoned

As a trial for a new board setup on the PKer Hub, The Slayers decided it would be fun to kill members of the Friends of the Featherstone Library. By the end of the event, The Slayers had run out of snacks, and dispersed for fresh meat.
Kills: 34


April 4th-10th marks a festival to honour our namesake, Cybele. With the help of the rest of the PKA, The Slayers held a week long slaughter in Rolt Heights to celebrate Megalesia. Due to mitigating circumstances, such as a last-minute relocation (Edgecombe had just succumbed to zombies), turnout wasn't as high as expected, but the attending members put fear into the locals. By the 10th, only a fraction of the populace remained alive.
Kills: 16
Kills after the 10th: 12

Kill By Letters

On the side, The Slayers have started playing killing games. Unfortunate victims whose names start with a particular letter should watch out - we're hunting you down!
March Kills: 21
Total kills in March public game: 20

St. Valentine's Massacre

When Red Rum invited The Slayers to participate in a massive attack on Bale Mall (Caiger Mall was originally the target, but it got over-run before strike time), Cybele's Slayers were more than eager to help out. In a night, a wave of killers under the group name St. Valentine's Cherubs descended on Bale, reducing it to an almost completely empty shell.
Kills: 7

Getting Giddy at Giddings

When The Slayers were invited to say goodbye to Shacknews during their last strike (against Giddings Mall), they gladly accepted. In the short time spent there, The Slayers were able to take away on average a body a Slayer a day. We wish all members of Shacknews luck and thank them for the fun they've brought to the game!
Kills: 33

Torec's Cross-Malton Promotion Trek

The founder of Cybele's Children, Torec Shadecrow, has taken it upon herself to take a tour of the malls of Malton to promote the Slayers, and also have some fun along the way...
Kills: 13

Stickling Mall Murders

In the first of many organized events, The Slayers gathered around Stickling Mall and began to slaughter innocents, fighting the clock before Shacknews spoiled the fun. The Slayers left just as Shacknews took the local Necrotech building. All in all, The Slayers' 4 active killers throughout the event took on average a body a day each.
Kills: 53


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This User or Group came first in their category for a Maltie, as announced to the good citizens of Ackland!

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