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Malton College of Medicine
Malton College of Medicine
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Faculty and Staff

Dean: stelar
Director of Charms: Truthfairy
Director of Music Education: stelar
Director of College Security: Graduate Assistant Salakatika
Master Brewmaster: SatanZed
Director of IT: Graduate Assistant Doublepong
Maintenance: HellFreeze

Currently Enrolled Students

Grad School and Undergraduates

Kenny Nathan
Lalia Lyell
Madaline Lewis
Matilda IV
Penny Driver
Toro Tanaka

Alumni Foundation

Dean Emeritus of the College: Violet Begonia
Dean Emeritus of the College: QBee
Emeritus President of the College: greylyn
Assistant Dean: HellFreeze
Director of Administrative Services: Sonja Red
Chair, Department of Revivificationology: Mere Bystander
Systems Consultant/Janitor: Cheese Knight
Maintenance/Editor of MCM Quarterly Review: FuzzyWuzzie
Entertainment: KeiraBambini
Troubadour: Pibbit
Tree: mighty oak
Professor of Revivificationology: SiR Pluton
Professor of Zombology: Doctor Daz
Professor of Geriatric Medicine: Feisty Old Granny
Professor of Field Technology: a large stuffed cow
Professor of Philosophy: Graduate Assistant Jenoma
Director of Zombie Neurobiology: Graduate Assistant Skathi
Professor of Turkish Languages: Graduate Assistant ucantosbaa
Professor of Finnish Languages: Graduate Assistant Finn Olum
Head of FAK Distribution: Graduate Assistant Patrasche
Director of Beverage Services: Graduate Assistant White Mocha
Head of IT: Skip O'Fooer
Assistant in-training to the Director of Buildings and Grounds: a woman with no name
NecroNet Administrator: Valere Lenoir
Dean's Secretary: sherry stringfield
Captain of Security Force: Trey Richards
Lieutenant, Security Force: EmmyJay
Security Sergeant: Joe Clementine
Security Officer: Mr Hatchet
Security Officer: coreyd
Security Officer: Austin Hunt
Security Officer: Tori G Morris
Security Officer: Samuel Heart
Security Officer: ArcDemon
Security Officer: Lor Delpus
Graduate Student: IBitYou
Graduate Student: jpmontoya
Graduate Student: Hippowolf
Graduate Student: Penny Arkheart
Graduate Student: Raquel Hernandez
Graduate Student: Thorbear
Undergraduate: Yarrrr Graaaaa
Undergraduate: Lavender Gooms
Undergraduate: mjrocks
Undergraduate: izzydizzy
Undergraduate: Old Major
Undergraduate: Barak Steele
Undergraduate: Smart Bomb
Undergraduate: Dr Killinger
Undergraduate: revieme
Undergraduate: Pyro46664
Undergraduate: HellRaiser785a
Undergraduate: Killermon 12
Undergraduate: Swisher Sweet
Undergraduate: Ophelia Pain
Undergraduate: die Assistentin
Undergraduate: Jerryn Larnier
Undergraduate: k4Anarky
Undergraduate: Lt Uribe


The following individuals are not affiliated with Malton College of Medicine:

Violet Begonas Balls

Mr Gouger

Historical Roster from 2010-2011

Go here to view the archived copy of the MCM roster from 2010-2011:


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