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The Burchell Arms Regulars

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Jesus Sante's Patented Drinks & Cocktail Menu

Burchell Arms Specials

Over the course of several months, BAR Co-Owner Rockefella Plaza (Rocky) perfected this drink. Curiously, his mental and physical health declined steadily throughout the creation process.

It is with mixed feelings that we present this drink special. On a positive note, it is delicious and it brought us the Rockefella Plaza that we know today. On the negative side, it brought us the Rockefella Plaza that we know today.

Before (artist rendition):




Rocky's Road to Ruin
Drink of the Gods.JPG

Served in a lowball glass, neat:

2 parts gin
1 part copier toner (yellow or red acceptable)
1 part clam juice
dash of ketchup
onion zest
garnish with warfarin pellets (or hazelnuts, as you prefer)

Mix into shaker with ice
Rocky insists on singing "It's raining men" while he shakes the drink;
we think it's optional (the shaking, that is).
Pour. Drink. Wince.

WARNING: This drink ruins lives.