The Christmas Rising

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Christmas Rising 02.png

The Christmas UpRising
Christmas Rising 02.png
Abbreviation: TCR
Group Numbers: Alot
Leadership: Mr.Shadows
Goals: To free Shackelville and create a independent state
Recruitment Policy: Just turn up and Fight,heal,revive or simply spray propaganda for the uprising
Contact: Malton Crime Syndicate Forum,PKA Forum or simply show up at Cummings.

The Cause

The Christmas Uprising took place as of a squabble with the local DEM with Club Cummings. Being a well known and populated PKer/neutral Club the local MFD Fire Marshal at the time grew worried that the high level of PKers in Shackleville would cause a trouble in the suburb. From this thought he ordered the destruction of the Club, with all current and future barricades to be torn down and to only make the place habitable for the undead.

Unknowingly, the Don of the Malton Mob, Mr Shadows asked a local MFD Firefighter in a neighboring building for assistance, seeing as he had no recent Troubles with the local DEM. Mr Shadows explained how the barricades were breached every night with Zombies piling in each time. Unknowing to whom Mr Shadows was the Firefighter explained that he and the other MFD in the area were ordered to take down the barricades and keep it empty as of the high level of PKers in the area being attracted to the Club which was claimed Neutral Zone (which at the time and still is true). Mr Shadows thanked him for the information and to keep up the good work. When returning to Cummings he told the high number of residents of the MFD plot.

The Beginning

A raid of a warehouse nearing Club Cummings

Not long after, the MDF began to raid the Club. Rather than targeting the barricades they targeted any whom slept within the building. In turn a high number of neutral players were killed, with no current or past bounty's and not being members of a PKer group. In desperation as of the will of the residents the Fire Marshal out of desperation ordered his men to zombify themselves to attack the Club as Zeds. This caused some controversy with in the Brainstock community. So with the MFD PK'ing, decading while breaking they're own cading policy and spreading negative propaganda with no element of truth about certain people The Malton Mob,with the aid of several other groups, a large number of independent PKers and a number of people affected by the events joined together to make a stand.

The Proclamation

In act of the actions of the DEM, The Malton Mob wished to declare Shackelville a free state, with several proclamations.

  • The Department of Emergency Management shall leave Shackelville, only entering for reasons such as sleep or just clearly passing through
  • They will not subject any Bounty Hunters into the suburb and/or strike teams.
  • That they do not inter fear with activities within the suburb unless asked.
  • They shall not have any say in barricading policies and revive zones.

The Mob,backed by CGR, Philosophe Knights, A Dozen Red Rum, many independent PKers(those without groups and those who's groups did not participate) and the people who were affected or wished to take apart stated they will wipe out an entire building each night until the proclamation went through. It was said that "Sometimes innocent people have to die for a cause they have noting to do with."

The War

The DEM in retaliation increased raids into Shackleville, Cummings was raided many times along with adjacent buildings. A high number of MPD Marshals were called in and plans to call in a MCDU Unit as well as the former MCDU Special Ops M.A.C.H/SRU. As well as the DEM being involved, many independent Bounty Hunters and BH groups joined in the assault as well as the CDF's PKer Hunting squad, whom also caused some controversy over the usage of "The Fortress" group tags to cover their identity.

Image of one of the defending rebels

After two weeks of battles and constant raids Club Cummings the HQ of the revolution fell. The majority of people moved to near by buildings and targeted the Counter Forces. Much of Shackleville was destroyed with many people being killed in the process. The local NeroTech and hospitals were targeted by the Rebels. Destroying them temporarily causing much damage to the Counter Forces, with a high rez point Que and no local access to FAKS and Syringes.

The Result

At the beginning of the Uprising Mr Shadows stated that he wished to end the uprising shortly after the New Year. As of the weakening of both sides he agreed to end the violence and the uprising officially ended on the 4th of January 2007. The DEM agreed to neutrality unofficially to Club Cummings, while taking a peaceful stance with the Mob if in return they would not randomly PK in the suburb. While openly the uprising seemingly was unsuccessful the DEM were on the verge of giving up, with logs of the event released it showed how close the DEM were to giving up, and if the uprising continued another few days then it would probably have been successfully. As well as this, during the uprising The Rebels gained full control of the North, North West and parts of the central of the suburb. Red Rum under leadership of Sirens at the time had promised a full backing of the uprising but were delayed with the extensions of other group events. This is excluding the dozen that joined in the fight.

Two CGR members in Potter Park.

The Support and Protests

With many people supporting the uprising but not wishing to gain a bounty, they fell into a non-violent category.

Many as such gathered a large amount of syringes and FAKs and wandered through Shackleville healing the Rebels and aiding the former PKRU in rebel revives in Potter Park.

As well as this, many people spraypainted messages in support of the uprising across the suburb.

But with support comes criticism.

As well as people aiding the Rebels some aided the Counter Response forces in similar ways, such as healing, revives as well as anti-uprising messages and some people turning into vigilantes.


There were 2 controversies during the uprising.

  • The MFD zombie attack in which many people found unethical, especially since they saw this as the Marshal trying to bend the rules.
  • The CDF using "The Fortress" Group tags. The Fortress who were and still are allies of the Mob granted permission to the CDF to use these tags, but were unknown to the fact that they planned to use this to attack us. Admitting they were told it was to hunt a PKer group, they only specified that it would be in the South.



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