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Paul Ames

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Redcrosssmall.jpg Doctor
This character is a Doctor and is probably off healing someone.
Physical Description: Alive

Desperation is setting in, the light in his eyes is slowly fading. Seems almost as corpse-like as some of the zombies. Only seems to brighten up when there is someone he is able to help nearby.

Physical Description: Undead

Formerly a medical professional, he now violates his Hippocratic Oath in the most gruesome of manners, finding sustenance from the flesh of those he tried to save...

Brainrot.gif Zombie Dementia
This user is genetically predisposed to Zombie Dementia
The Hickey Building

Wray Heights [62, 73]

the Setter Building Lewyes Auto Repair a carpark
Hudson Place Police Department The Hickey Building Diaper Auto Repair
Hocknell Way School the Counter Motel Standlick Walk

Basic Info:


  • Basic Firearms Training
    • Pistol Training
  • Free Running


  • NecroTech Employment
  • Diagnosis


  • Construction


  • Vigour Mortis
    • Neck Lurch
    • Death Grip
    • Rend Flesh
    • Tangling Grasp
  • Memories of Life
  • Lurching Gait
    • Ankle Grab
HippocraticOathPolicy.jpg Hippocratic Oath
This character supports the Hippocratic Oath Policy & believes that all characters in need of medical attention should be treated, regardless of the injured character's past actions within the city of Malton.

Base of Operations

This character will most likely stay within 10 blocks of the Hickey Building (62, 73).

That is, unless zedded.


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