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The Cleansing Fire of Saint Charles
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Out Of Kempsterbank

After resettling themselves in Kempsterbank, the Knights Templar looked beyond the borders of their refuge and saw survivors crying out in need, from one corner of Malton to the other. While the Order of the Archangel Michael worked to keep the Templar stronghold a place of sanctuary and safety for the residents nearby, it was decided that a force of knights should be established to address the needs of survivors outside the Templars' homeland. Some of the order's most experienced members heard the call and banded together, each for their own reasons: some for the sake of their wanderlust, some out of a desire to see friends they'd left behind upon joining the order, some to put aside painful memories of the struggle for Kempsterbank they'd just as soon have forgotten. Together they took up the banner of Saint Charles the Good and became the Templars' mobile strike team, the Cleansing Fire of Saint Charles.

Current CFSC Operation

Jan 30

Currently on a walking tour of Malton with the CEF.

Past Operations

  • The War for Styles Bank, Jan 2009 - The long-waged campaign against the President of Iran for a little freerun island.
  • Stanbury Village Rehab, Feb 2009 - Cleaning up on aisle three, Mall Tour 2009 outbound!
  • Retaking of Pole Mall, Mar 2009
  • Crusade to Fort Perryn, Apr-May 2009
  • Malls Across Malton, Oct-Nov 2009

Current Members

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