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Clock.png Historical Group
This historical group is no longer active. However, its wiki page is preserved to reflect the group's significance in Urban Dead history.

Randallbank Coalition
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Abbreviation: RC
Group Numbers: 70 (36 active, 34 inactive)
Leadership: Martin Odum, Nightfire
Goals: security of Randallbank
Recruitment Policy: open to all survivors
Contact: forums, website or randallbank@gmail.com

The Randallbank Coalition is a group of human survivors created in the wake of the Ridleybank Resistance Front's attack on the suburb of Randallbank. Their membership is around 75 survivors, and growing via word-of-mouth and forum/in-game recruitment. Their goals include defending Randallbank and undermining zombie horde operations wherever they can.

A Call to Arms

Fellow humans and survivors:

I call to you from amidst the ruins of the suburb of Randallbank.

By now we have all seen that no one man alone can hope to stand against the zombie horde. We have seen the difficulty of fighting enemies who rise minutes after being slain. We have seen the disaster and loss of life in the wake of hordes' rampages through Ridleybank, Randallbank, and Fort Creedy. I myself fell defending Randallbank. I have walked as one of the undead, I have seen their evil.

Our greatest strength lies in our unity. Too often we humans are reduced to huddling in safehouses when night falls, praying the zombies won't sniff us out, rip down our barricades, and kill us all. It is time for that to STOP. It is time to take the fight back to the zombies.

It is time for an organized human resistance: a new kind of resistance, one that will hit the zombies again and again and again. We will knock them down. When they get up, we will knock them down again. We will take back Randallbank to start, and then move on to other suburbs. Join me in the fight to reclaim our homes.


Martin Odum, survivor.

Operational Procedures

The Randallbank Coalition is a new kind of human war group. After the disasters at Fort Creedy and the malls the humans have failed to hold, a new kind of warfare is needed. The RC will concentrate on the following major areas of operation:

  • Scouting: The RC scouts will find locations of lone zombies, hordes, and safehouses and communicate them to the RC strike teams. The RC will also be able to track horde movements and warn non-members of potential targets. The new Randallbank Status Tracker assists with this goal.
  • Guerilla Warfare: The RC believes trying to hold ground against an organized zombie horde is suicide. The RC will never stay in one place for long and will always move after fighting. The Coalition's strike force will strike, kill zombies, and vanish.
  • Defending Randallbank: The RC will attempt to scout and secure the locations of ammo deposits, health depositis, and safehouses for Randallbank, including resource buildings and malls in surronding suburbs. The Coalition will also run multiple revivify points inside the suburb for humans who have fallen to the undead menace and constantly update the Status Tracker to reflect the suburb's status.
  • Education: Starting recently, the Coalition is running a training camp for low-level survivors. They provide a secure location for newbies to hunt zombies while the higher-ups take care of the grunt work of scouting and barricading. This Academy is led by Coalition members MrBuppers and spambank. The Coalition also publishes training guides for survivors.
  • Leadership: The Coalition is led by survivor Martin Odum and his second-in-command Nightfire. Directly below them is a group of advisors. The current advisor is NRJoe, but more will be raised as they show valor and merit.
  • Media: The Coalition coordinates its actions through chat, forums, emails, and an IRC channel. The Randallbank Status Tracker (see below) provides all members with detailed scouting reports on the suburb. The wiki page is also regulary updated with important announcements.

Randallbank Status and Status Tracker

Zombie numbers and strength are at the lowest they have been in quite some time. With recent, and drastic growth, the RC has a better grip on the suburb than it ever has before. Have you considered a holiday in Randallbank? We offer many discount packages for the living and undead alike. Contact your local travel agent today.

The Randallbank Coalition now runs a Randallbank Status Tracker. The RST is an interactive intelligence tool recording barricade strength, generator status, and zombie numbers at every square in Randallbank. Reports can be made by all Coalition members, and intelligence is availible on request. This tool can not be opened to the general public for security reasons.

Randallbank Barricading Plan

The Coalition asks that all survivor forces operating in the area respect this barricade plan.

Operational History

First Battle of Gillet: In early November, the Randallbank Coalition took control of Tynte Mall in Pimbank. After about a week, they abandoned the mall to return to Randallbank and liberate the Gillet Place Police Department, which had been in zombie hands ever since the Ridleybank Resistance Front's original attack on Randallbank.

Operation: Lazarus: In late Novemeber, the Coalition abandoned Gillet Place PD and returned to Tynte Mall. At Tynte, they participated in The New Maltonian Dynasty's Operation: Lazarus, which revived over 500 zombies in one day. The Coalition was responsible for seventy of these revives themselves.

Second Battle of Gillet: In the aftermath of Operation: Lazarus, the RDC found themselves under attack at Gillet Place PD by an increasing number of zombies, who were later indentified as the horde The Gray. Gillet was broken into and there were numerous causalties. The main force returned to Randallbank to find the PD already lost. A few days later, the Coalition and allied group Rhodenbank Civil Defense Corps took back Gillet PD, Martin General Hospital, and other nearby buildings. The Gray withdrew for another target over the next few days.


The Randallbank Coalition is allied with the human groups The Rotten Tomatoes, The Rhodenbank Civil Defense Corps, The 4-H, ROACH Klips, the Creedy Defense Force, Malton Emergency Defense, the Majestic 12, and the Tynte Mall Union.

The Coalition is also a member of the human organization The New Maltonian Dynasty.


We are open to all survivors in the Randallbank area, and all who are willing to travel down to meet with us. All are welcome. If you are interested in taking the fight back to the zombies, email Martin Odum at randallbank@gmail.com, or visit the forums.

And the Randallbank Coalition now has an online home! Check out our website

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