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Operation: Vitamin C


Oranges.jpg Oranges.jpg

Deadly Definition

On January 30th, 2009, the following tasks were outlined in the opulent conference room of the South West Alliance, as part of a new ultra-secret elite undercover mission -

  • Seizing the Mitchener Necrotech at [1,95] in W New Arkham.
  • Draw the Scurvy Scroungers into an indefinite siege of that building.
  • Repair surrounding buildings.
  • Rally and organise local survivors.

This bold and crazy-sexy-rambunctious scheme was codenamed Operation: Vitamin C, in honor of the vitamin by the same name. Vitamin C is an important ingredient of a balanced daily diet - essential to promoting blood flow and preventing scurvy. If you would like to learn more about Vitamin C try eating some oranges.

Motivational Moments

Rampant Ruin

In late 2008/early 2009, New Arkham had become a haven for the undead. Many buildings there were in shambles and exceeded the 50AP repair-cost-threshold. The neighborhood's NT buildings were in ruins, and the Mitchener was being inhabited by the zombie group Scurvy Scroungers, who identified it as their headquarters. In the past year, the Scroungers had launched successful attacks into neighboring Foulkes Village, and had generally harassed the two-person survivor group The Bartenders of New Arkham.

Zombie Zerging

In addition to the prevailing ruin and decay, it came to light that New Arkham's resident zombie group, the Scurvy Scroungers/Urban Paladins had been engaging in some rather blatant zerging. For example, the following characters and members of that group were all created on the very same date, 2009-01-03

For a complete listing of the Scrounger Zerg accounts at their height, refer to screenshot 1 and screenshot 2

When confronted with the evidence on their talk page, the Scroungers declined to comment. However, the evidence was clear, and many members of the South West Alliance had already witnessed the suspicious behavior

EDIT: Feb 21, 2009 Ebineezer Shifton of the Scurvy Scroungers has responded to the accusations of zerging since this article was written. In summary, it existed, but it was not a group policy, and it has been expunged. To view the complete discussion refer to their talk page. --Giles Sednik CAPDSWA 22:12, 21 February 2009 (UTC)

Brotherly Bonding

Before Operation: Vitamin C, the SWA had become somewhat dormant, with posts on their forums crawling to a virtual hault. However, the old-alliances still held strong. Tikhon Medical, TMS, Legion of the Octopope and CAPD remained steadfast allies and a handful of their respective members were registered on multiple group forums. Though the SWA had gone quiet, its backbone remained strong and their will remained sharp. Or something.
It was resolved that a group operation would serve to reunite the SWA into action and provide an opportunity for it's member groups to strengthen and reaffirm the bonds which had brought them together in the first place. Feel the love.

Also at the time there was nothing else to do.

Righteous Results

Rampant Rebuilding

Within 1 day of the commencement of operations, all resource buildings had been powered and caded, and the suburb status was updated to green. Within 2 weeks all darkened, ruined buildings had been reclaimed by survivors and the entire suburb was barricaded and patrolled. As of the writing of this article, Feb 20th, 2009, the suburb remains green and safe.

Scurvy Submission

Within a week of the commencement of operations, The Scurvy Scoungers, self-avowed enemies of the SWA, ammended their group wiki with the following comments:

  • They formerly maintained a base of opperations,(sic) in western New Arkham, generally in The Mitchener Building,
  • Following the massive assault on their organization, the Scroungers have been left tattered and destroyed, and have been forced to relocate.
  • Recent acttacks from the South West alliance have destroyed the Scroungers, crippling their ability to remain active in New Arkham.

The Scurvy listing on the stat page abruptly dropped from 31 to 12, corresponding to their observed membership numbers before any alleged zerging caught the attention of the SWA.

Whether these wiki comments and the sudden drop-off in group-affiliation were an act of sincere contrition or a merely ruse, remains unknown. However the SWA continues to maintain a presence in the area to detect any future zerg-like spikes among zombie or survivor numbers.

Alliance Activity

Activity on the SWA forums picked up sharply following Operation: Vitamin C, with a number of new users joining in this time, including survivors from outside the SWA such as ROAR and the Brotherhood of Steel. During Operation: Vitamin C, people from all around the south west united to plan strategies and even implement a real-time attack, such as the coordinated strike on the Tilke Bank and planned group attacks on the Care Bank, and Pritchard Grove Railway Station, seen guarded by Scroungers here

Nifty Neighbors

The history of Operation: Vitamin C would not be complete or nearly as positive without mention of the many loyal pro-survivors who were already dedicated to the liberation of New Arkham prior to the SWA's involvement in the suburb. In addition to unaffiliated survivors, and resident groups like The Bartenders of New Arkham, Necronauts, and the Free Tebbet crowd many others contributed while directly communicating with the SWA on their forums, notably among them ROAR and the Brotherhood of Steel.

If anyone would like to share their story of the New Arkham liberation, please do so below.

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Operation: Vitamin C was a success. The South West Alliance was reinvigorated, the Scurvy Scroungers were driven from the neighborhood, and survivor dominance was established in this extreme southwestern suburb. The accomplished results were far greater than the modest criteria initially laid out in the opulent conference room. A touchdown and a two-point conversion.

Users and groups who participated in the fun earned the right to display the following template as a show of their valor:

Oranges.jpg Operation: Vitamin C
This user or group participated in Operation: Vitamin C.

Furthermore, a new SWA template was created so that users and groups could track their involvement in future SWA operations:

SWAVet.JPG South West Alliance Veteran
{{{User}}} is an SWA operations veteran. {{{Pronoun}}} participated in {{{Number}}} combined efforts.