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The photo with the huge glasses

comes from France ^_^
--GoLookAndKill THCCFT 10:03, 16 December 2008 (UTC)

You don't say... Malton must be importing only the finest beer mugs then. ;) --Mobius 18:07, 16 December 2008 (UTC)

Zombies Claim Beer "Hall"

Biertag in Judgewood has officially been wrecked by the Extinction horde. Now leave Judgewood and never come back, this is a Extinction zone. Go away with your mobile HQ policies, Extinction HQ is your HQ. -- User:Xerxez

Ah well, it seems that one of Saint Arnold's churches has fallen and much beer has been spilt. I wonder though how the other churches will fair? I have faith in the BAR that they will honor Saint Arnold this day and drink much beer in his church. --Mobius187 July 8 2007, 6:43 PM (EST)

Rolt Heights Biertag Log

I'm going to cut and paste everything that was said at the Rolt Heights party. I hope somebody has the little toast I gave, because I forgot to save it --SexyRexyGrossman July 9th 2007, 19:11 (BST)

NOTE: The entire transcript provided by Sexy Rexy Grossman has been moved to here in its entirety along with serious edits to improve its "UD feel" (by me). It was removed from here only to cut back on the redundancy of listing the information twice. Enjoy! --Mobius187

Glad i left before the guests were roped into clearing up. Cheers to whoever took the screen shot i lost all of mine. --The'Joker The Watchmen|RHA 10:36, 12 July 2007 (BST)

Oh that's no screenshot, it's a Wiki-created facsimile based on a transcript provided by Sexy Rexy Grossman (extra thanks go to him for providing it). It took about 4-5 hours to create it and then a bit more to edit the mistakes so it looked more like a real in-game screenshot. Pity I couldn't find links to every character profile though. Ah well. I'll be using this in the Biertag '07 wikipage I'm creating, so they may be removed depending on redundancy. --Mobius187 July 12 2007, 7:53 AM (EST)
You, good sir, spent WAY too much time on that. And you rock. --Sexy Rexy Grossman 03:42, 13 July 2007 (BST)


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