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Andrew McM supports DORIS and its fight to free Yagoton from opression.
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Used to be the self-proclaimed king of adding 'Re' in the form of a humerous comment, until all these upstarts got the better of me.

Proud to say I am the person who came-up with the vote-tallying system (with some help, but the original idea is mine) I am currently working on adding a tally to the botom of every previous days suggestions page.

This is now almost defunct due to the new voting systems.

A proud, noble, and suicidal member of The Mongolian Horde and MalTel

My main, originally enough, called Andrew McM

My zombie alt, Z man

Wiki suggestions records

Peer Reviewed

NecroNet Systems Upgrade Part 1
Made it to peer reviewed with 21 Keeps, 1 Kill.

NecroNet Systems Upgrade Part 2
Made it to peer reveiwed with a full 25/25 Keeps.

Lookout Posts
Made it to peer reviewed with a full 15/15 keep votes.

Access Items as a Zombie
Made it to peer reviewed with 14/16 keep votes.

Radio Airtime
Made it to peer reviewed with 12/18 keep votes.

Starting Equipment 1.1
Made it to peer reviewed with 27/30 keep votes. Thanks goes to Funt Solo for doing most of the 'paperwork'.


Small Surgery Change
Currently being re-worked.

Small Fort appearance change
Undecided. Voting closed. 3 Keeps, 4 Kills.

Peer Rejected

Got shot the hell down 10 kill votes out of 11. Now here

New Host
Died bringing 9 Kill votes down with it. Now here

In progress

Currently reached:

===Small Surgery Change (3)=== Currently rewriting it.

Timestamp: Andrew McM W! 14:07, 2 November 2006 (UTC)
Type: Surgery Xp improvement.
Scope: Anyone who has the surgery skill inside a hospital.
Description: This is a rewrite of a old suggestion I submitted ages ago: Small Surgery Change. The premise behind that was that you should get a small amount of compensation for buying a skill that essentially impedes your XP gain- when healing inside a powered hospital with the Surgery skill I thought it should be changed that you gain 10XP. Most people thought this was fair, but the main problem was that you would gain 10 Xp no matter what- even if you only healed 2HP. The small Change I am suggesting to rectify it is that when using surgery inside a powered hospital you gain 10XP, but only if you have healed above 10HP. This also has the added bonus of giving a bit more of an incentive for progressing up the First Aid skill tree- they get extra XP eventually, rewarding them for buying a skill mainly for helping others.

Keep Votes

  1. Author Keep- Doctors do need an incentive above helping others. -- Andrew McM W! 14:07, 2 November 2006 (UTC)

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