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This User or Group supports the concept and ideals of Anarchism, and will fight against all kind of oppression and groups that want to establish the old capitalistic order.

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Ergotoxin (main character)

You see a dark-haired man clothed in black. There is a circled A symbol on his baseball cap. He greets you with a raised fist.


Before the outbreak

Before the plague, Ergotoxin was an anarchist radical from Lockettside, occasionally doing gigs as a freetekno/drum'n'bass DJ. When the plague begin, he woke up in a police cell. Luckily for him, it was open.

2008 - 2009: Tompson Mall and Fort Perryn

Ergotoxin spent most of his post-plague life in Lockettside, hunting zombies and helping the survivors. He survived the Mall Tour 2009 Tompson Mall siege. After the siege, he moved to Fort Perryn, where he helped to defend against the March siege. Unfortunately, he didn't survive this time.

2012: Anarchist Collective Group

Years later, Ergotoxin woke up from the zombie slumber thanks to survivor help. After hearing an ACG message on radio, he moved to Kempsterbank and joined the group. While on a scout mission in the nearby Pole Mall, he witnessed a murder commited by Tactically Innovative Territorial Zombies, and he subsequently revenged the victim - only to be hunted down as well. After some time, he decided to peacefully leave ACG for ideological reasons. Now, he is roaming the streets of Malton again, looking for a commune to settle with....

2012: Back to Fort Perryn

After weeks of moving across the town, Ergotoxin settled again in the vicinity of Fort Perryn in May 2012, only to witness it fall to a siege again.

Radio stations

These are the radio frequencies Ergotoxin listens or broadcasts. Please let him know if any of these are wrong.

25.96 MHz External Military Report radio

26.11 MHz Lockettside radio

26.20 MHz Fort Perryn radio

27.18 MHz Malton revolution radio

27.20 MHz Tompson Mall radio

28.54 MHz Malton Anarchist Federation radio

Nurse Camilla (alt character)

Dual nature.JPG Dual Nature
This user supports the
Dual Nature Policy.


You see a pale brown-haired nurse. She has a pistol attached to her thigh. Little is known of her. She looks on the dead bodies with a spark of fascination in her eyes.

Little is known of Camilla's history before the outbreak. According to herself, she is psychically connected with the realm of the dead. According to a shrink, she is a mentally unstable schizofreniac obsessed with the dead.


2012: Lost in a ghost town

Camilla volunteered into the army as a medic for only one reason - to get into Malton, the quaranteened town where people are rumoured to be turning into zombies. Camilla's obsession was simply too strong to resist.

In 2012, Nurse Camilla has ventured into Malton through Pescodside. Camilla was waiting for the rest of her team in St. Bartholomew's Hospital, but appearantely, they have never made it. Next few days she has spent hiding in fear in nearby buildings, only occasionally going out to slap nearby zombies with a baseball bat. Camilla was both horrified and fascinated - the undead were real, but her own life was at stake. Even though she had lived a solitairy life, she has never felt so lost and lone before.

After weeks of hiding, Camilla has moved to West Boundwood. Her new weapon choice became a trustworthy fire axe. It is there where she first became infected by the virus. Will her mind ever awake from the dreamlike state of undead consciousness?

Cacodaemon (alt character)


As zombie: You see a bloated cacodaemon. It levitates over the ground and drools with hunger.

As survivor: You see a bloated cacodaemon. It levites over the ground and seems to be quite docile; perhaps it has been drugged.

Cacodaemon is a feral daemon roaming the streets of Malton. As a zombie, it will attempt to devour any survivor it will meet; and if it is really hungry, a zombie will do as well.

If injected with NecroTech syringe, the cacodaemon will become docile and drugged. While it may cause harm to itself by accident, it will not attack survivors or zombies. It can neither speak, nor use advanced technology.

Also, it eats trenchcoaters for breakfast.


Nurse Camilla and Cacodaemon are my alt characters. No zerging is intended; my characters are usually miles away from each other (Ergotoxin is usually in southern parts of Malton, while Nurse Camilla explores the north). Cacodaemon I only play with if my other characters are "tired".

My UD profile [1].

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This user or group hates fascists and will do everything in their power to feed them to the zombies.
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