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There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, then are dreampt of in your philosophy.

- Hamlet, Act 1 Scene 5

The rumors spread through the scientific community about a mysterious quarantine, in a city called Malton, containing an equally unknown epidemic. Details were scarce, but the name NecroTech came through as a company seeking lab assistants. The news found Marie Driscoll, a doctor just out of residency, on a leave of absence to complete independent research in a specialized field of medicine on genetic disease.

It was cancer Marie lost her mother to, shortly before graduation from med school. But her mother would likely not have been proud even had she lived to see it, holding onto the strict, deeply rooted religious conservatism that had always dictated the small family's philosophy. She herself had long since deviated from that, ever since her father - a charismatic minister balancing on fanaticism - abandoned them when Marie was still young, leaving her to support and care for her mother and herself.

Thirty-some years since that childhood, Marie Driscoll applied for and accepted what was presented as a few-month-long research project with NecroTech. She was transported privately to Malton on a snowy New Year's Eve, 2006, and left to her own - a few months, she quickly realized, to be indefinite. The city started out as her subject, as she fulfilled her job studying the behavior and genetics of the living dead. The loneliness and distance, then, guided her to renounce NecroTech and return to the career she had left - a doctor, helping survivors, and a reviver - treating the undead as patients rather than subjects. She joined the Malton Forensics Unit under a handle she's used ever since: Idril, taken from a book she read as a child.

That same day, she adopted a symbol sewn onto the sleeve of her coat - that of a phoenix intertwined with a strand of DNA. With it are the words: NOVA VITA AB CINERIBUS - NEW LIFE FROM THE ASHES. She wears also a medallion of St. Anthony, patron saint of graveyards, and a silver griffin pendant.

Idril now calls the suburb of Richmond Hills home, working with the NW-5 crew and assisting in the care of the Giffard Arms and the Splain Arms public houses, alongside their tender and her lover, Stefin Grifflik. Together with him, and with her close friend BriAnna Blackmoor, she devotes herself to the parenting of their adopted child - christened Alma Marie Grifflik.



Idril joined the DEM as a MFU member on February 20, 2007. She graduated from the FMB Campus on March 13, and was assigned to Havercroft in the NW-5 district as a Lab Technician. On May 20, she was promoted to Toxicologist of Richmond Hills, and became the first person to ever hold a DEM title in that suburb. On July 21 she became Coroner of Richmond Hills. She accepted a transfer to NW-3 on October 2, for the purpose of establishing a stronger MFU presence there. On October 23, she was promoted to Head Coroner of the district. March 7, 2008, she became Chief of Forensics until her retirement on July 31st.


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Bri, Griff, and Idril
Alma Marie Grifflik
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