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As a Project Welcome member

I am the creator and main contributor to the {{Welcomenewbie}} template, that is currently extensively used to welcome new members of the community. Since the creation of the template around 200 newbies have seen it inserted on their talk pages, making their first edits some more intelligent ones and resulting in less trolling for them and more happiness for us.

In the Suggestions page

I created 4 suggestions that you can see here, of wich one reached PR, and another was half implemented =P. Additionally, I have helped on the Suggestions page intermitently, mostly by correcting newbies mistakes as incorrectly using the suggestion's template or modifying a suggestion after voting has started. You can often see me on the Suggestions page itself voting and giving my advice sometimes.

In the Suburb pages

I have made an objective to keep Yagoton generally and Bale Mall specifically up to date whenever I have the necessary info. Most of the time I let people more qualified do the reports, but when they fail to do it in due time, you'll always see that I do not.

Aditionally, I fixed a lot of suburb pages before most of them were standarized, fixing the date format, recent news and archive of the whole top row of suburbs and some others as well. The new standarized format follows more or less the same format that the one I added in that opportunity, so more or less I lessened the work of whoever made that change =).

In the Administration pages

You can always see me there. I'll split this in several sections:

  • Guidelines: The current Guidelines have been written by BobHammero, Xoid and me, with other smaller inputs from other users. We brainstormed like this: Bob and me were the main writters, while Xoid told us to add a lot of changes that were (again) written by Bob and me, then Xoid told us to add a lot of changes that were (yet again) written by Bob and me... and the process repeated almost ad infinitum. Of course, Bob and me added our changes too, but we written them ourselves. My most important contribution to the Guidelines is that I wrote the whole Warnings and Bannings section, between others.
  • Policy Discussion: I have voted in almost every policy up to date, and added my input on their discussions page every time I felt it was needed. I have written my own policies too.
  • Deletions and Speedy Deletions: When moving pages was allowed, I made extensive use of those pages in order to get rid of the unused redirects that were left after I moved SD Criterion 9 to their correspondent user pages, something that should be done more frequently nowadays. I was one of the first,, if not the first, to make extensive use of the Speedy Deletion Criterion 12 in order to delete what was mostly 2 days attempts to make a group as you can see here and here). I have not taken part of the current SD Criterion 12 craze, and I have written a policy in order to change the current situation.
  • Vandal Banning: Altough not my favorite area, even the less some months past while it was dominated by a sensacionalist aura, I have contributed to this page decently. Started by reporting some obvious vandals and reverting, and after that I included defending newbies and good faith in general to my agenda there.
  • Misconduct: Sadly, I have found myself forced to file a couple (I really don't remember how many) of cases there, and none of them I was ruled as totally wrong, if not plainly right (yet I think none of them -or only one- was ruled as Misconduct).
  • Arbitration: Recently I have added myself as an arbitrator and ruled upon a case concerning 2 Sysops. You can see the case here.