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Max Floyd - started out in Tapton as a firefighter. For the first few days I helped some random people keep the lights up at St. Piran's Church (those damned zeds made an atheist live in a church, for chrissakes!!! :D). To get experience I travelled a few blocks north where there were usually a few standers by the hospital... About 5 days later, I guess, I found a link to the DEM site and signed up for the academy, which meant having to move to Grigg Heights for training (at RedThresh Campus). I was going to go for AH but at the last moment changed my mind and became a member of the MFD. After graduation I spent a few weeks if not months helping out the SW-1 crews.

At some point having decided a change of career is in order, I asked for a transfer to the Malton Marshals, which I received. For the next few months I was on a tour of Malton, visiting the hot-zones, neutralizing PKers left and right. I even hovered round the SSZ for about a month, where at one point I had a serious misunderstanding with the survivor group USSR, whose leader was reported for PKing (you can find more info in the DEM archives (btw. the link took me forever to find, so take the time to read what's there ;) It's a good case study on conflict resolution :D)... After a long series of debates on the restructurization of the Marshals, I decided that it was time to move on again (for various reasons). Upon leaving the Marshals I was given the rank of Sergeant, as I now chose to join the ranks of the MPD. As a new member of the force, I stumbled across Labine's wiki project for Malton's hospitals, called the MHG and I decided I wanted to do something similar for Malton's Police Departments, and that's how the MPDG was created.

I do not remember where I was stationed at the time, because soon afterwards I was appointed Assistant Instructor at FMB Campus in the North West. The campus itself was in a state of chaos, due to the disappearance of the Lead Instructor and sudden LOAs of two (I thing) Assistant Instructors. As soon as we got the campus up and running again, I had to go on a LOA, that proved to be longer than expected (about 8 months vs. the expected 2 months).

When I finally came back, it quickly became apparent to me how much had changed in Malton since I had left (toolboxes, ruins, The Dead, etc.). Having found myself in East Becktown, upon requesting proper placement, I was assigned to the NW-1 district, which was in the middle of doing some really Crazy Eights when it comes to ops in that area. Before I knew it, I was promoted to Chief Inspector of NW-5 district.
I have retired on the 29th May 2008.
- the NW-5 thread
- the general "retired DEM personnel" thread

A big Thank you to all my Urbandead friends ;)

Mpd.png Report PKers!
Don't let them get away with murder! Register them on the Rogues Gallery.

Police Helmet1.jpg Malton Police Departments Group
This user or group supports the MPDG in their attempt at restoring law and order in Malton.

RPbeer.gif The Malton Waterhole
I drink in the Waterhole

DEM Blood Drive '08
This user supports, and/or has given blood to the
DEM Blood Drive '08.

DEM Blood Drive '07
This user supports, and/or has given blood to the
DEM Blood Drive '07.


Thinkingmonkey.jpg Friend Of The Zoo
The Thinking Monkey brings luck to friends of the Malton City Zoo!

SSZlogo2.jpg Survivor Security Zone
Max Floyd helps to protect the Survivor Security Zone.

My contribution to the cause

  • Clearing "The Zone" of PKers (27/04/2007 - 05/05/2007)

  • Clearing "Caiger" of PKers (07/05/2007 - 30/05/2007)

Redcrosssmall.jpg Malton Hospitals Group
This user or group supports MHG in their attempt to restore health care in Malton.

Mall defence1.PNG Defender of the Malls
This user is not on a sightseeing mission. He is touring Malton on business. Mall Tour business.

Visited Nichols Mall
This user has visited Nichols Mall.
Visited Ackland Mall
This user has visited Ackland Mall.
Visited Marven Mall
This user has visited Marven Mall.
Visited Blesley Mall
This user has visited Blesley Mall.
Visited Mitchem Mall
This user has visited Mitchem Mall.
Visited Caiger Mall
This user has visited Caiger Mall.
Cmslogo1.jpg Caiger Mall Survivor
This user or group assisted in defending Caiger Mall on one or more occasions.
TUMBLEWEED-aikido-river'n-stuff.gif Supporter of No Tactics
I have no clue what I'm doing.

Nogod.jpg Atheist
This user is an atheist.

Past occupations within the DEM

FireFighterBadge.gif Malton Fire Department
Max Floyd is a member of the MFD.
Ex Malton Fire Department member;
Marshals.png Malton Marshals
Max Floyd is a member of the MM.
Ex Malton Marshals member - bounties collected: 37;

Ex Assistant Instructor at FMB campus;

Mpd.png Malton Police Department
Max Floyd is a member of the MPD.

Ex MPD Chief Inspector of the NW-5 district.

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