Assault on Stupid Survivors

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Clock.png Historical Group
This historical group is no longer active. However, its wiki page is preserved to reflect the group's significance in Urban Dead history.

Assault on Stupid Survivors
Abbreviation: ASS
Group Numbers: 12
Leadership: Xoid
Goals: Rain down ruinous pain on whomever we choose (but it's all in TEH FUN!)
Recruitment Policy: Closed
Contact: Talk page

NPOV Section

Assault on Stupid Survivors was created in early April of 2006. Its stated objective is to Player-Kill survivors that ASS's founders and members believe to be stupid. After deliberating extensively, ASS's founders selected the Crossman Defense Force and Amazing as its initial targets, although a ceasefire is now in place between these groups.

Some users -- such as ASS's members, allies, and various supporters -- delight in ASS's methods in game and out of game, while other users -- such as those ASS attacks, as well as their allies and supporters -- take issue with them.

Specifically, it should be noted that (as is the case with most groups) many quotes and facts assembled on this page, while correct, may be taken out of context to create exaggerated or humorous effect.

About ASS

Balance scale.jpg Coalition for Fair Tactics Group
This group has ratified the Coalition for Fair Tactics Group Pledge.

Assault on Stupid Survivors (ASS) is a small PKer group started by two high-level humans (Bob Hammero and Jimbo Bob - "The Bobs") who one day grew tired of being pleasant and helpful, and decided that it would be more enjoyable to maim and kill other survivors. The rest is history. Awesome, awesome history.

Latest news

  • August 15, 2006: Bob Hammero and Jimbo Bob, after founding and leading ASS from the beginning, have hung up their hats and handed the Benevolent Dictator stick to Xoid. Their reasons for retiring are many, and they do so with no small amount of regret. Persons desiring more information should contact Bob Hammero or Jimbo Bob directly. Long live The Bobs.
  • June 28, 2006: ASS has proof positive of an attempted infiltration of its ranks. The traitor will be granted a place on ASS's enemy list for his efforts.
  • June 24, 2006: ASS and CDF have created a mutual ceasefire, and as such, all hostilities between ASS and the CDF should cease immediately.
  • January 3, 2006: It's been coming to this for a while, but the ASSault is over. It's been a blast, but we are no longer. Farewall, Urban Dead.

Old news and other old information can be found in the archive.

Current ASSault

The brave soldiers of ASS, after their wildly successful ASSault against Amazing and the Crossman Defense Force, have embarked on a new ASSault: the Summer of Dyin', 2006. ASS is touring Malton, executing only the dimmest and most hated of Malton's idiot population. Who ASS has next on their target list is a mystery; their exact plans are cloaked in confusion; and their tactics are obscured with doubt and uncertainty. But hear this, bumbling, drooling, and pathetic dregs: ASS is here. Or are they?

Show your support

If you would like to show your support for ASS, feel free to use this template:

ASS-logo-draft-1.png ASSault Supporter
This user or group supports ASS's current ASSault.

by typing {{ASSaultSupporter}} where you want the template to appear. You can also use this template:

ASS-logo-draft-1.png ASSault Supporter
This user or group supports ASS's current ASSault.

by typing {{ASSaultSupporterSmall}} instead.

The Republic: The Philosophy and Guidelines of ASS

The worst thing about being a survivor is other survivors – because so many of them are stupid. ASS is thus driven by two overarching goals. First, to cull the human herd of its unproductive idiots, resulting in a more enjoyable play experience for zombies and humans alike. Second, to use the word ASS as often as is humanly possible. Think of it as a form of community service.

Survivors who take issue with ASS's actions or methods should leave a comment on the discussion page. Please include your user name, profile link, and current location to make your subsequent ASSing easier.

The Ranks

  • Anton Howard, General of Electronic Warfare, blood thirsty killer. Was responsible for the ASSault's 450th kill. (55 Kills)
  • A1C Jerry, The slayer of fat penguins, jesters (who double as Norse gods), alts that end in "ze", like Schultze, and members of "The Abandoned". Has an odd fascination with his "boomstick" (and no, it isn't his shotgun). (13 Kills)
  • Axe Hack, the ex-gangmember who is back to his gangster business. (1 Kills)
  • Brendoshi, Likes soup. (30 Kills)
  • Deedra X, the only ASSassin who used to be on the Enemy List. Believes grapes are fun. (14 Kills)
  • FlaggerBoy, a killer with a crush on generators. Recipient of the ASS 475th kill award (35 Kills)
  • GPLeChuck, enlists stupid survivors in the army of the undead. (18 Kills)
  • hashissiin, Was a mean zombie-killing machine until Creedy Defense Force killed him nonstop without a reason and made him a bitter stupid survivor-killing machine. Recipient of the ASS 400th kill award. (69 Kills)
  • Naota172, Hates stupid survivors. (0 Kills)
  • Paradox319, Wishes all the stupid survivors would kill themselves. (11 Kills)
  • Rotticus, who's the oldest member of ASS... He's also too lazy to update his kill count. Also, he's really lazy when it comes to killing people. Sometimes. (25 Kills)
  • Squidward, who joined just to have an excuse for screaming ASS! Recipient of the ASS 500th kill award. (14 Kills)

The Old Guard - Former Leaders
  • Bob Hammero, Founder, General of Warfare and Minister of Propaganda and Public Relations. (50 Kills)
  • Jimbo Bob, AKA "Captain Sarcasm", Founder, General of Asskicking and Minister of Awesomeness. First to 50 kills, and perpetrator of ASS's 250th kill. (72 Kills)
Former or Inactive Members
  • Gideon Mac (20 Kills)
  • Grarghal Bob, Lieutenant Commander of Lethal Weaponry. Also known as the Pockmarked Assassin. (15 Kills)
  • Jacob Cohen, who gets no respect. (4 Kills)
  • Canderous Ordo (2 Kills)
  • Wooldoor Foxbat (9 Kills)
  • N0 0ne, Killin' Machine, recipient of the ASS 200th kill award. (46 Kills)
  • cwissball NTL screwed him so his IP hits are always full. But still killing the odd fucktard in the street. (11 Kills)
  • LCpl Khalil Rabid killing machine. Fresh out of retirement and back on the job. And so happy to be back too. (7 Kills)
Former members with a boot imprint on their ASS
  • holdonloosely, aka Gage, recipient of the ASS Award for Divulging Confidential Information. (Stripped of kill-count)
  • Mr Sheriff, aka CaptainM, recipient of the ASS Award for Being a Dirty, Dirty Zerger. (Stripped of kill-count)

If you want to show your support for ASS, feel free to list your name here.


Membership in ASS is semi-open. ASS operates effectively in large part due to its extremely well-coordinated ASSaults and unquestionably trustworthy members. Our strength comes not from great numbers, but swift and exact action. This necessitates keeping the size of our working group (or groups, should the need arise) small.

We are, however, open to requests for membership. If you are interested in joining ASS, leave a note on our discussion page. We will respond to you there with our decision. All decisions are final. Survivors caught impersonating ASS members will be punished as the ASSault sees fit. Criteria for membership are decided by Xoid, and may include any tests of his choosing. Higher-level players are preferred.

New: ASS is actively recruiting! See Recruitment for more information.

Requests for ASSing

Requests for the ASSing of another character should be made by leaving a comment on our discussion page. Sufficient documentation of the character's idiocy must be provided. The criteria for sufficiency are at the discretion of the ASSault - a quick tip is, it doesn't have to be formal, but it does have to be convincing. Enough. Furthermore, those survivors making the request should keep in mind that all requests are merely suggestions. ASS reserves the right to accept, ignore, or pass suggestions along to someone else.

Contacting ASS

The most efficient way to contact ASS is to leave a comment on the discussion page. Should you need to contact Xoid directly, he can be reached by email at

The Bobs

Contrary to what one might think, ASS was not run by a zerger. Jimbo Bob and Bob Hammero are coincidentally named (although their awesomeness is in no way coincidental). ASS does not condone zerging, and any characters who accuse ASS of zerging will be ASSed.

Awards and accomplishments

  • May 17, 2006: The thankful citizens of Malton unveiled a statue depicting the brave soldiers of ASS, along with their heroic leaders, to celebrate ASS reaching 2 kills per day.
  • April 2, 2006: ASS was officially founded by Bob Hammero and Jimbo Bob, who were promptly awarded the Congressional Medal of Awesome for their efforts above and beyond the call of duty in cleansing Malton of its rash of stupid citizens.

Trophy list

  1. April 2, 2006: ASS scored its first kill, on Amazing cohort Roybot. Booyah!
  2. April 3, 2006: ASS scored its second kill, on Amazing cohort Mark Livengood. MY HOUSE! ...Whatever that means.
  3. April 3, 2006: Bob Hammero publicly executed Amazing in a heroic display of strength and courage.
  4. April 4, 2006: Jimbo Bob fatally pimp-slapped emmeleff. Payback's a bitch, ain't it?
  5. April 6, 2006: Jimbo Bob killed Amazing cohort Ballbreaker.
  6. April 6, 2006: Bob Hammero killed Amazing cohort Gleidus.
  7. April 7, 2006: Jimbo Bob offed Amazing lackey ELite Raynor.
  8. April 8, 2006: Bob Hammero put Amazing cohort monkphin into an early grave.
  9. April 10, 2006: Jimbo Bob successfully re-executed Amazing cohort Mark Livengood. Spontaneous cheering on the part of onlookers is reported to have ensued.
  10. April 10, 2006: Bob Hammero slaughtered the extremely annoying foshonkeys, due to the brave absence of the high and mighty CDF in their very own Crossman Grove PD. Fans were on hand to cheer Bob on, to the amusement of one and all.
  11. April 11, 2006: Bob Hammero taught Amazing lackey ELite Raynor what happens when you get shot repeatedly until you die.
  12. April 11, 2006: Bob Hammero annihilated Amazing cohort monkphin. Rumor has it that the gleeful onlookers whispered about the "fall of the CDF," but reports of that group's demise have yet to be confirmed.
  13. April 12, 2006: Jimbo Bob destroyed Amazing lieutenant and suspected zerger Exo2000 through sheer manliness.
  14. April 13, 2006: Jimbo Bob eliminated Amazing cohort Gleidus with extreme prejudice.
  15. April 13, 2006: Bob Hammero killed Amazing lackey ELite Raynor with total ease, showing once again that flak jackets can at least make it marginally more difficult to kill someone.
  16. April 13, 2006: Bob Hammero rubbed out Amazing henchman Roscoe Underbough.
  17. April 14, 2006: Jimbo Bob put Amazing lieutenant and suspected zerger Exo2000 on ice.
  18. April 15, 2006: Bob Hammero dispatched Amazing servant Pain from DS.
  19. April 16, 2006: Bob Hammero neutralized Amazing henchman Roybot, who was bravely hiding in a non-CDF location.
  20. April 16, 2006: Jimbo Bob cut down anti-ASSer and idiot extraordinaire SirKill.
  21. April 17, 2006: Jimbo Bob heroically defended Malton by taking out ASS's arch-villain Amazing. While Superman was unavailable for comment, pundits theorized extreme envy.
  22. April 19, 2006: Bob Hammero blew away Amazing henchman Gleidus.
  23. April 20, 2006: Rotticus destroyed an angsty teenager called Toast Boy.
  24. April 20, 2006: Bob Hammero put Amazing wannabe Lord Brittish out of his misery.
  25. April 20, 2006: Jimbo Bob taught sad little man CodenameDirtbag that revenge is a dish best served with blazing hot lead.
  26. April 21, 2006: Rotticus annihilated CDF groupie and fanboy Rashombie. Take this as a lesson kids, being a CDF groupie *DOESN'T* pay.
  27. April 21, 2006: Rotticus whacked another CDF fly. Asher johnson bites the dust.
  28. April 21, 2006: Jimbo Bob liquidated another Amazing flunky. Cloaked Wraith is no more.
  29. April 21, 2006: Bob Hammero shot down Amazing worshipper LokiJester.
  30. April 22, 2006: Jimbo Bob blew away local vigilante Medic RP.
  31. April 23, 2006: Jimbo Bob obliterated Amazing lieutenant LokiJester.
  32. April 23, 2006: Jacob Cohen blasts Amazing groupie cyberbob240, completely forgetting in the process to get his profile.
  33. April 23, 2006: Bob Hammero disposed of Toast Boy with the help of some hot lead. Rotticus nods in thankfulness for revenge exacted on Toast Boy 'cause of his lame act of PKing someone who's been stocking up at Caiger for 4 days.
  34. April 24, 2006: Jimbo Bob neutralized CodenameDirtbag. Revengified!
  35. April 25, 2006: Jimbo Bob whacked local punching bag LokiJester yet again.
  36. April 26, 2006: Rotticus nailed Yelpish for dabbling in forbidden arts of being a multi-class character.
  37. April 26, 2006: Bob Hammero pushed Yelpish off the mortal coil.
  38. April 26, 2006: Bob Hammero shot and disposed of punching bag wannabe Toast Boy.
  39. April 26, 2006: **** kills his first CDF member by shooting Amazing's lap dog Lord Brittish in the face.
  40. April 27, 2006: Rotticus touched Ballbreaker with his rotten finger of death.
  41. April 27, 2006: Jimbo Bob bitch-slapped Amazing minion and suspected zerger DaJiboo3.
  42. April 28, 2006: Bob Hammero smashed Amazing underling ELite Raynor.
  43. April 28, 2006: **** kills Yelpish by stabbing him in the face with a kitchen knife.
  44. April 28, 2006: ****, feeling good about his first CDF kill of the day goes on to slay Atari Techno with the same knife before Yelpish's blood is even dry on it.
  45. April 28, 2006: **** kills Dynamoo for attacking him after killing 2 CDF members.
  46. April 28, 2006: Jimbo Bob showed Heintze that crime doesn't pay. For him, anyway.
  47. April 29, 2006: Jimbo Bob incorporated Asher johnson into an extremely violent performance piece, receiving rave reviews.
  48. April 30, 2006: N0 0ne wakes up to find a dirty CDF'er Roscoe Underbough stinking up his safe house. So he cleaned up with extreme prejudice.
  49. April 30, 2006: Jimbo Bob made Yelpish live up to his name. Funny how a crowbar to the groin can make your voice go all high like that.
  50. May 1, 2006: Jacob Cohen puts three distinct varieties of hurtin' on Cold Fuzion. Rumors of smack-talk and white slavery remain unconfirmed, but saucy.
  51. May 1, 2006: N0 0ne ASSaults another CDF lackey Mark Livengood Pretty Pictures Here.
  52. May 1, 2006: Jimbo Bob exacted sweet sweet vengeance on bIuecheese. Mm, yeah.
  53. May 2, 2006: N0 0ne extracts vengence for the death of an ASS member by Killing ASS enemy SirKill.
  54. May 3, 2006: Rotticus whacked a CDF fly under the name of Cloaked Wraith.
  55. May 3, 2006: Bob Hammero struck down CDF peon Yelpish.
  56. May 4, 2006: N0 0ne just ensured that Medic RP really needs a Medic.
  57. May 4, 2006: Jimbo Bob brutalized CDF triumvir An Obese Penguin.
  58. May 6, 2006: Bob Hammero threw CDF punching bag LokiJester into the street.
  59. May 6, 2006: Jimbo Bob destroyed CDF pawn and local paranoiac Delta Flyer.
  60. May 6, 2006: N0 0ne ASSaulted Amazing Fanboy Kronic X.
  61. May 7, 2006: Bob Hammero pistol-whipped CDF grunt Roybot.
  62. May 7, 2006: Bob Hammero butchered CDF zealot NIghtHawk Z.
  63. May 7, 2006: N0 0ne got disgusted with Cage midwell's foul mouth and cleaned it with extreme force.
  64. May 7, 2006: Jimbo Bob helped Taceo666 gain a more personal understanding of ballistics.
  65. May 7, 2006: Jimbo Bob, in an act of supreme heroism, cut arch-villain Amazing down to size.
  66. May 8, 2006: Jimbo Bob gave glutton for punishment An Obese Penguin (lol punz) more of what he wanted.
  67. May 10, 2006: N0 0ne removes another Cloaked Wraith member from the land of the living.
  68. May 11, 2006: Bob Hammero sentenced Yelpish to death by public firing.
  69. May 11, 2006: **** kills failsafe for killing his alt at a revive point TWICE, oh yeah and failsafe just happens to be a CDF member what a coincidence. Fucking ass holes.
  70. May 11, 2006: Jimbo Bob butchered suspected zerger Heintze, after finding him weeping in terror. ASS's reputation precedes it.
  71. May 11, 2006: Gideon Mac decided that Ballbreaker looks better full of holes.
  72. May 11, 2006: A1C Jerry took a fire axe to An Obese Penguin. Repeatedly.
  73. May 12, 2006: Gideon Mac ran out of clay pigeons so he decided to use Yelpish for target practice instead.
  74. May 12, 2006: Bob Hammero beat Delta flyer to death with the butt of a shotgun.
  75. May 13, 2006: Gideon Mac shot down LokiJester.
  76. May 13, 2006: Jimbo Bob left Delta flyer face down in his own filth.
  77. May 14, 2006: Gideon Mac executed Heintze.
  78. May 14, 2006: Bob Hammero terminated Amazing to the sound of reverent rejoicing.
  79. May 14, 2006: Jimbo Bob killed An Obese Penguin gangland-style.
  80. May 15, 2006: N0 0ne terminated Zod Rhombus.
  81. May 15, 2006: Gideon Mac exterminated NIghtHawk Z.
  82. May 15, 2006: Bob Hammero taught Yelpish about gun safety.
  83. May 15, 2006: Grarghal Bob ran into Amazing at the bank and deposited his ammunition in Amazing's face.
  84. May 16, 2006: Grarghal Bob thought Amazing looked much better as a corpse.
  85. May 16, 2006: Grarghal Bob taught Yelpish a lesson in pain.
  86. May 16, 2006: Grarghal Bob cooked LokiJester a lead sandwich.
  87. May 16, 2006: Jimbo Bob helped Toast Boy fulfill his life-long dream of becoming a ballerina by assisting him in performing a graceful pirouette... through a plate-glass window.
  88. May 17, 2006: Gideon Mac killed Heintze again, and there was much rejoicing.
  89. May 17, 2006: Bob Hammero snuck up behind Zod Rhombus and blew his brains onto a wall.
  90. May 17, 2006: Bob Hammero pointed a shotgun at Cyber D and pulled the trigger.
  91. May 17, 2006: As the heavens opened and the angelic chorus sang out in rapture, Jacob Cohen totally took a gat to Amazing in the Crossman Grove PD.
  92. May 17, 2006: Jimbo Bob awarded Yelpish a Ph.D... in Pain.
  93. May 18, 2006: Gideon Mac killed off Schultze, and there was much rejoicing.
  94. May 18, 2006: Jacob Cohen asks Kamwo Mawar what his name means. With bullets, more like! Oh man, iceburn.
  95. May 18, 2006: Bob Hammero blew Schultze away to remind him why it's a bad idea to screw with ASS.
  96. May 19, 2006: Brendoshi proved to Bodaka that shooting a member of ASS, even a new one means a smoking shotgun barrel beside your head.
  97. May 19, 2006: Grarghal Bob administered a final exam on hiding places. Delta flyer flunked.
  98. May 20, 2006: Gideon Mac shot Cold Fuzion full of holes, and there was much rejoicing.
  99. May 20, 2006: Gideon Mac exacted revenge on Tuco Ramirez, and there was much rejoicing.
  100. May 20, 2006: Bob Hammero helped Lord Brittish get to a hospital with the help of his trusty shotguns.
  101. May 20, 2006: Grarghal Bob chopped up Billy Bubba and threw the pieces to the Zombies. The moral? Mess with ASS and you'll end up as a plate of Zombie hors d'oeuvres.
  102. May 20, 2006: N0 0ne eliminated vicious PKer Schultze.
  103. May 21, 2006: Brendoshi chased after Zod Rhombus after his nasty kill on A1C Jerry. 14 pistol shots, one swing of the axe, and a cleanly aimed punch to the head put him out of his misery.
  104. May 21, 2006: Bob Hammero reminded SirKill that revenge is a dish best not served at all to ASS, unless you enjoy seeing revive points a lot.
  105. May 21, 2006: Jimbo Bob triumphantly returned to Caiger, riddling self-proclaimed idiot Heintze with bullets.
  106. May 22, 2006: Gideon Mac ended the life of Lud Lum, and there was much rejoicing.
  107. May 22, 2006: Bob Hammero slew longtime enemy Toast Boy.
  108. May 22, 2006: Grarghal Bob exacted vengeance upon Pyscho Billy for his murder of A1C Jerry. (Thanks man. --A1C Jerry)
  109. May 22, 2006: Jimbo Bob asked Schultze to say hi to his alts for him.
  110. May 23, 2006: Jimbo Bob found Delta flyer's alt attacking him, and turned the tables by turning him inside out.
  111. May 23, 2006: N0 0ne feeling grumpy after beeing recently killed and revived took it out on seanmc10.
  112. May 23, 2006: Gideon Mac made CodenameDirtbag pay for his idiocy, and there was much rejoicing.
  113. May 24, 2006: Jimbo Bob showed Psycho Billy why "safehouse" is an oxymoron when you mess with ASS.
  114. May 24, 2006: Gideon Mac executed Fritze for his many crimes, and there was much rejoicing.
  115. May 25, 2006: Brendoshi stopped Sirkill with his trusty pistol.
  116. May 25, 2006: Bob Hammero annihilated LokiJester.
  117. May 25, 2006: Jimbo Bob took Toast Boy out for a night of dancing, drinking, and being shot repeatedly in the face.
  118. May 26, 2006: Gideon Mac killed Armathartar for Brendoshi, and there was much rejoicing.
  119. May 26, 2006: N0 0ne Eliminated Known PKer Schultze.
  120. May 26, 2006: After running into DaJiboo3, Grarghal Bob hopes the CDF's benefit package includes a provision for accidental death or dismemberment.
  121. May 26, 2006: LCpl Khalil slaughtered Amazin g and urinated on his corpse.
  122. May 27, 2006: Gideon Mac showed Fritze no mercy.
  123. May 27, 2006: Jimbo Bob exacted a brutal reckoning upon Jim Killazombie2.
  124. May 28, 2006: N0 0ne deals out retribution on Armathartar.
  125. May 28, 2006: A1C Jerry teaches LokiJester how to use a shotgun, using LokiJester as the target.
  126. May 28, 2006: LCpl Khalil found Schultze masturbating to a picture of Hasselhoff in Caiger Mall and killed him.
  127. May 29, 2006: Gideon Mac sent Fritze a love letter from all the guys in ASS... it hurt.
  128. May 29, 2006: Jimbo Bob hurt Mister Quimper real bad.
  129. May 29, 2006: Gideon Mac killed Roscoe Underbough, and a grand time was had by all.
  130. May 30, 2006: Brendoshi Blew LokiJester into little pieces, and left him to rot.
  131. May 30, 2006: Grarghal Bob performed open heart surgery on Billy Bubba. Sadly, the patient didn't survive.
  132. May 30, 2006: N0 0ne introduces Fritze to the business end of his Axe.
  133. May 30, 2006: A1C Jerry ASS's LokiJester, again. That makes him being ASSed twice in one day!
  134. May 31, 2006: N0 0ne ASSaulted Fritze yet AGAIN... Muwahahaha!
  135. May 31, 2006: Jimbo Bob put Heintze into a world of hurt.
  136. May 31, 2006: Gideon Mac took out Mister Quimper.
  137. June 1, 2006: Grarghal Bob showed Privateer how to shoot someone dead without hitting someone else in the process.
  138. June 1, 2006: LCpl Khalil terminated Marty the Party for indecent exposure and having a gay name.
  139. June 1, 2006: Jimbo Bob educated Toast Boy on the finer points of pain.
  140. June 2, 2006: Brendoshi left Toast Boy burnt on one side full of holes.
  141. June 2, 2006: Gideon Mac executed Jim Killazombie2.
  142. June 2, 2006: Grarghal Bob gave a firearms demonstration. Privateer volunteered to be the target.
  143. June 2, 2006: LCpl Khalil killed Quendus.
  144. June 2, 2006: Jimbo Bob shot and killed seanmc10. With bullets.
  145. June 3, 2006: LCpl Khalil needed some target practice. Dirty Bubbles was the perfect target. Need we say more.
  146. June 4, 2006: Gideon Mac killed Heintze.
  147. June 4, 2006: N0 0ne killed Schultze yet again.
  148. June 5, 2006: N0 0ne showed no mercy to NIghtHawk Z.
  149. June 5, 2006: Bob Hammero killed Tuco Ramirez.
  150. June 5, 2006: Bob Hammero killed CodenameDirtbag.
  151. June 6, 2006: Brendoshi wiped out seanmc10. Happy PK day all.
  152. June 6, 2006: N0 0ne removes Dirty Bubbles from his wine.
  153. June 6, 2006: Gideon Mac killed Fritze.
  154. June 8, 2006: Brendoshi killed Toast Boy
  155. June 8, 2006: Straight after this Brendoshi helped Heintze leave this world.
  156. June 8, 2006: N0 0ne makes Jim Killazombie2 a Zombie.
  157. June 9, 2006: N0 0ne kills An Obese Penguin. and finds out if Penguin tastes like chicken!
  158. June 9, 2006: Jimbo Bob defenestrated Heintze.
  159. June 10 2006: Brendoshi blew Fritze away.
  160. June 10, 2006: Grarghal Bob made Roybot self-destruct.
  161. June 10, 2006: Jimbo Bob ventilated Marty the Party.
  162. June 11, 2006: N0 0ne terminated Heintze.
  163. June 11, 2006: Grarghal Bob made Cold Fuzion overheat. Science is fun!
  164. June 12, 2006: Even in his current state of mind Brendoshi took out Toast Boy, and enjoyed every minute of it.
  165. June 12, 2006: Grarghal Bob exorcised Cloaked Wraith with a shotgun of awesomeness.
  166. June 12, 2006: Jimbo Bob rearranged Heintze.
  167. June 12, 2006: cwissball showed Kelvira why she shoulden't piss off a member of ASS.
  168. June 14, 2006: N0 0ne Exterminated a dirtbag named CodenameDirtbag.
  169. June 14, 2006: Grarghal Bob exacted vengeance on wanton murderer Bnort.
  170. June 15, 2006: Brendoshi blew Fritze into tiny annoying pieces.
  171. June 15, 2006: N0 0ne Introduced Kamwo Mawar to the zombie lifestyle.
  172. June 17, 2006: Brendoshi put a bullet through Kamwo Mawar's head.
  173. June 17, 2006: Jimbo Bob bestowed a munificent gift upon the community by killing Amazing.
  174. June 17, 2006: Jimbo Bob then followed up on this by executing another member of the CDF's tribunal, Zod Rhombus.
  175. June 18, 2006: Brendoshi had little action points but was bored to death. He proceeded to kill Schultze.
  176. June 18, 2006: N0 0ne Removes an annoyance named Quendus from Caiger.
  177. June 19, 2006: Brendoshi found Amazing in hiding, and blew him into tiny not-so-Amazing pieces.
  178. June 19, 2006: Jimbo Bob murderized Toast Boy.
  179. June 20, 2006: Bob Hammero used Marty the Party for ballistics practice.
  180. June 20, 2006: Bob Hammero showed Mil Mascaras what death by gunfire looks like.
  181. June 21, 2006: Brendoshi found Marty the Party outside St Issy's and decided to kill him because of his stupid name and his very stupid profile.
  182. June 21, 2006: Bob Hammero caught Ruki hiding in Caiger Mall and shot him on sight.
  183. June 22, 2006: After searching Caiger and finding nobody, Brendoshi looked a little further and found EiNSAM. Much shooting later the stupid survivor got dumped outside.
  184. June 22, 2006: N0 0ne Scores a big kill! It's Zod Rhombus!!
  185. June 23, 2006: holdonloosely killed his first CDF member, Tabitha.
  186. June 24, 2006: holdonloosely strikes again, killing Agent White. As he kills him he wonders how he can look like a warrior/healer.
  187. June 24, 2006: Bob Hammero blasts Annarchy into a wall.
  188. June 24, 2006: holdonloosely deals a killing blow to Marty the Party, racking up his third kill.
  189. June 25, 2006: holdonloosely tracked down and absolutely destroyed El Borbah, an idiot who had tried to kill him earlier!
  190. June 26, 2006: N0 0ne killed a bad cop named Jett Black.
  191. June 26, 2006: Brendoshi hurt CheneyEatPoop bad. With his shotgun.
  192. June 26, 2006: Bob Hammero blasted away at Ruki until he understood that attacking ASS doesn't pay.
  193. June 28, 2006: Anton Howard accidentally lodged a hail of lead into Mister Quimper's sorry hide.
  194. June 29, 2006: holdonloosely tripped over his shotgun and accidentally shot El Borbah 17 times.
  195. June 29, 2006: holdonloosely brutally kills Tuco Ramirez. He ponders to himself what kind of name "Tuco" is anyway.
  196. July 1, 2006: Bob Hammero threw Heintze off the top of a building.
  197. July 1, 2006: holdonloosely found Mister Quimper napping in the NT building just outside of Caiger mall, and promptly shot him in the face.
  198. July 2, 2006: Anton Howard hunted down and executed CodenameDirtbag.
  199. July 2, 2006: holdonloosely caught the infamous Schultze, and smashed his head into the ground until he stopped moving.
  200. July 2, 2006: N0 0ne extracts Revenge on Mister Quimper.
  201. July 2, 2006: Jimbo Bob broke Agent White's control of the Matrix. Yet another triumph for humanity brought to you by ASS!
  202. July 3, 2006: Anton Howard sent bIuecheese on an all expenses paid trip to the morgue.
  203. July 3, 2006: N0 0ne tells Mister Quimper a story with a bad ending. --Technerd 21:53, 3 July 2006 (BST)
  204. July 3, 2006: holdonloosely slits Schultze's throat with one of the broken syringes littering the floor of the building
  205. July 3, 2006: Anton Howard gave Blue Demon a buckshot enema.
  206. July 4, 2006: Jimbo Bob turned EiNSAM into a fireworks display. Happy 4th, everybody!
  207. July 4, 2006: Brendoshi Added to the firework display by blowing Mil Mascaras into tiny little pieces.
  208. July 4, 2006: Bob Hammero tried to teach Big Daddy Fat Sex about shotgun safety, but later learned that Big Daddy Fat Sex wasn't bulletproof.
  209. July 4, 2006: cwissball showed CheneyEatPoop what the other end of a shotgun looks like.
  210. July 4, 2006: N0 0ne liberates Agent White from the bonds of the living.
  211. July 4, 2006: Paradox319 shot Blue Demon to death.
  212. July 5, 2006: Brendoshi wasted Blue Demon
  213. July 5, 2006: Jimbo Bob pushed WildKard84 into traffic.
  214. July 6, 2006: holdonloosely encouraged the stupid Cobalt 60 to play in traffic. He was so dumb that he still died even though there is no traffic in Malton
  215. July 6, 2006: Bob Hammero showed WildKard84 the ropes, then hung him with them.
  216. July 7, 2006: holdonloosely made CheneyEatPoop eat poop. He slowly died from E-coli.
  217. July 7, 2006: Jimbo Bob struck a blow against the Axis by murderizing bettinazzi.
  218. July 7, 2006: Jimbo Bob tore bettinazzi limb from limb.
  219. July 9, 2006: Jimbo Bob made like Dick Cheney and shot Snootchy in the face with his shotgun.
  220. July 10, 2006: Anton Howard gave Lessis Solono a lesson on the effects of a shotgun blast to the head.
  221. July 11, 2006: Paradox319 avenged the death of N0 0ne by throwing Murgel off Calvert Mall.
  222. July 15, 2006: holdonloosely showed Eric Wolton that being stupid doesn't pay.
  223. July 16, 2006: Bob Hammero abandoned Danny252's corpse after filling it with hot lead.
  224. July 16, 2006: holdonloosely tricked Downed Pilot into killing himself.
  225. July 16, 2006: Brendoshi turned nukular into tiny, abandoned pieces.
  226. July 16, 2006: Paradox319 introduced Lucifer The Scorpion to his good friend Mr. Pistol.
  227. July 16, 2006: Jimbo Bob beheaded UDHelp for his presumption in claiming the royal name of Bob.
  228. July 16, 2006: A1C Jerry introduced Will Kurada to the ASS zone. He died shortly there after.
  229. July 16, 2006: N0 0ne ASSaulted McBlackjack in Bale Mall OMG are the BME gonna get mad? Update at 10 O'clock.
  230. July 16, 2006: Wooldoor introduced Lucien Caldwell to his pet boomstick, Bubba.
  231. July 17, 2006: Bob Hammero plugged ErynSMA into a generator, and then she went all quiet and dead for some reason.
  232. July 17, 2006: McBlackjack tried to kill Paradox319 with a knife...unfortunately he should've known not to bring a knife to a gun fight.
  233. July 17, 2006: Jimbo Bob gave UDHelp no reprieve.
  234. July 17, 2006: Anton Howard filled Altair Corbin's skull with 9mm parabellum.
  235. July 17, 2006: Bob Hammero threw Captain Flutergork to a group of hungry zombies.
  236. July 17, 2006: N0 0ne got Angry at B Anger.
  237. July 17, 2006: A1C Jerry got Downed Pilot sleeping in Bale Mall. He quickly showed him the door to the ASS zone. He died, just like Will Kurada.
  238. July 18, 2006: Rotticus has had the unfortunate event to wipe out The Silver Shining.
  239. July 18, 2006: Wooldoor took care of another Abandoned member - yet forgot to take his profile down. Silly Wooldoor.
  240. July 18, 2006: A1C Jerry made his lucky 7th on kill on UDHelp. Hurray for easy kills on The Abandoned!
  241. July 18, 2006: N0 0ne ASSaults yet another Abandoned soul. (Altair Corbin)
  242. July 18, 2006: Jimbo Bob thawed some frozenwaffles with the application of a little (okay, a lot of) hot lead.
  243. July 19, 2006: Anton Howard gave Riser a primer on the effects of hot lead hurtling towards your skull. Riser, fortunately, did not survive the lesson.
  244. July 19, 2006: Anton Howard made a nice mural with Orie Shizuoka's gray cells.
  245. July 19, 2006: Paradox319 got really angry with B Anger., so he threw him out of the building for the zombies to feed on.
  246. July 19, 2006: Brendoshi pied out Captain Flutergork and taunted him accordingly.
  247. July 19, 2006: A1C Jerry decided to practice his aim on Riser. His aim is pretty damn good.
  248. July 19, 2006: Bob Hammero scratched Scratch'nsniff with a bullet to the head.
  249. July 19, 2006: holdonloosely snuffed Francis Snottly III
  250. July 19, 2006: Jimbo Bob renewed his pistol's acquaintance with UDHelp.
  251. July 20, 2006: Anton Howard tested his quickdraw. John the Quicker wasn't up to the challenge.
  252. July 20, 2006: Eric Wolton bit the dust, care of Wooldoor's pimped-out boomstick.
  253. July 21, 2006: Lucien Caldwell has tested Rotticus's mettle and the deck was swabbed with Lucien's head used as a mop.
  254. July 21, 2006: Orie Shizuoka has been taken down a peg or two by Canderous Ordo.
  255. July 21, 2006: Wooldoor taught frozenwaffles the foolishness of staying in the same building as an ASS member for over a day.
  256. July 21, 2006: holdonloosely showed Downed Pilot that knowledge is power. Unfortunately for him, his 'power' was dwarfed by that of holdonloosely.
  257. July 22, 2006: Canderous Ordo helped UDHelp see the other side.
  258. July 22, 2006: N0 0ne removed Riser from the ranks of the living stupid.
  259. July 22, 2006: Wooldoor decided to push The Abandoned member Deras off a cliff, to see whether he would fly. He didn't.
  260. July 23, 2006: Anton Howard put Caligari87 out of his misery, beheading him with his trusty axe.
  261. July 23, 2006: N0 0ne helped UDHelp return to zombiehood.
  262. July 24, 2006: holdonloosely savagely murdered Will Kurada
  263. July 24, 2006: Brendoshi once again took out Captain Flutergork.
  264. July 24, 2006: N0 0ne threw out his frozenwaffles.
  265. July 24, 2006: Bob Hammero helped UDHelp achieve his lifelong dream of skydiving. Unfortunately for UDHelp, Bob didn't give him a parachute.
  266. July 24, 2006: Bob Hammero handed Aristharus a grenade with no pin.
  267. July 25, 2006: McBlackjack got himself another 5-6 holes through which to expel excess waste. Rumors indicate that Rotticus carried out the operation rather successfully. Zombies got another one to bolster their ranks.
  268. July 25, 2006: Wooldoor accidentally killed The Abandoned member Francis Snottly III, instead of healing him. Whoops.
  269. July 25, 2006: Bob Hammero turned Dusty Quad into a dusty corpse.
  270. July 26, 2006: Anton Howard disemboweled iceblue.
  271. July 26, 2006: Brendoshi killed Orie Shizuoka.
  272. July 26, 2006: Wooldoor, on a whim, decided to shove Altair Corbin's head into a TV.
  273. July 27, 2006: holdonloosely showed the ironically named the deadline that there was in fact a deadline, on his life.
  274. July 27, 2006: N0 0ne gets revenge by killing Murgel in a flurry of shotgun blasts.
  275. July 27, 2006: holdonloosely helped UDHelp by showing him the ropes. He showed him how to tie a hangman's noose first.
  276. July 28, 2006: Anton Howard dropped an anvil on Albert Iordache.
  277. July 29, 2006: UDHelp forgot how to tie the hangman's noose, so holdonloosely showed him again.
  278. July 29, 2006: N0 0ne gets pissed at Francis Snottly III's attitude and removes the annoyance.
  279. July 29, 2006: Wooldoor decided to test out the latest model of shotgun on nukular. It worked flawlessly.
  280. July 29, 2006: Anton Howard pushed Lucien Caldwell down a flight of stairs.
  281. July 29, 2006: Brendoshi ASSed Francis Snottly III.
  282. July 30, 2006: Anton Howard gave Orie Shizuoka their final grade in art class. Shizuoka committed suicide in despair.
  283. July 30, 2006: Jimbo Bob ended the loathsome line of Francis Snottly III.
  284. July 30, 2006: Jimbo Bob tricked UDHelp into stupiding himself to death.
  285. July 30, 2006: Brendoshi ended iceblue's life on this planet.
  286. July 30, 2006: Wooldoor put Altair Corbin out of his misery.
  287. July 31, 2006: holdonloosely beheaded iceblue
  288. July 31, 2006: holdonloosely disemboweled The Silver Shining
  289. July 31, 2006: Jimbo Bob stuck Aristharus with a hypodermic full of bleach.
  290. July 31, 2006: Jimbo Bob held Lucien Caldwell's face in a bucket of water.
  291. July 31, 2006: Anton Howard watched in amusement as McBlackjack spontaneously combusted.
  292. July 31, 2006: N0 0ne scratched & Snuffed Abandoned member Scratch'nsniff
  293. August 1, 2006: holdonloosely tricked Orie Shizuoka into shooting himself. Several times.
  294. August 1, 2006: Wooldoor avenged Rotticus' death by murdering Dusty Quad. Gotcha!
  295. August 1, 2006: Jimbo Bob busted McBlackjack.
  296. August 1, 2006: Brendoshi made Captain Flutergork more useful by turning him into a rotting corpse.
  297. August 1, 2006: A1C Jerry made a bet with McBlackjack that A1C couldn't juggle his shotguns. Unfortunately for A1C, he was right; unfortunately for McBlackjack, the shotguns hit the ground, and shot off, killing him.
  298. August 2, 2006: Brendoshi ASSed Will Kurada
  299. August 2, 2006: Anton Howard forcibly ejected Lucien Caldwell from a nightclub.
  300. August 2, 2006: A1C Jerry came across Abandoned member ErynSMA for the first time. He quickly ASS'd them for the first time too! Hurray for ErynSMA!
  301. August 3, 2006: Anton Howard beat McBlackjack to death with a tire iron.
  302. August 3, 2006: N0 0ne "Hacked" TortureMachine to death.
  303. August 3, 2006: Anton Howard euthanised Francis Snottly III.
  304. August 5, 2006: Anton Howard gutted Deras.
  305. August 5, 2006: A1C Jerry used Wileysez as way to check if his pistol was loaded. Turns out, it was. Also: It was Wileysez's first time being ASS'd! Congrats!
  306. August 5, 2006: Anton Howard made Captain Flutergork walk the plank.
  307. August 6, 2006: holdonloosely ripped TotureMachine a new one.
  308. August 6, 2006: Anton Howard gunned down Mood Indigo. Indigo learnt the hard way that you don't fuck with the ASSault.
  309. August 7, 2006: LCpl Khalil came out of retirement and introduced Kriegstein to the science of wound ballistics.
  310. August 7, 2006: Brendoshi killed Setters
  311. August 8, 2006: N0 0ne helped UDHelp die again.
  312. August 9, 2006: N0 0ne Massacred yet another whiney member of The Abandoned, Koryr.
  313. August 9, 2006: holdonloosely scratched Scratch'nsniff off the map, and he smelled like cherries... and... blood of course.
  314. August 9, 2006: holdonloosely gave Deras a healthy fear of his pistol.
  315. August 9, 2006: Anton Howard sent Sabre1 the way of all flesh.
  316. August 10, 2006: Anton Howard taught Mood Indigo not to start something with ASS unless you're prepared to finish it as well.
  317. August 10, 2006: LCpl Khalil took CheneyEatPoop hunting.Do we have to tell you the rest of the story?
  318. August 11, 2006: N0 0ne avenges Bob Hammero by killing bettinazzi
  319. August 11, 2006: TortureMachine was hung, drawn and quartered by Anton Howard.
  320. August 11, 2006: holdonloosely killed Syagrius who has brain rot. Good luck getting a revive, buddy.
  321. August 15, 2006: holdonloosely killed the leader of the CDF, Zod Rhombus
  322. August 15, 2006: holdonloosely killed another important CDF member, 1 4
  323. August 15, 2006: Mr Sheriff left a ridiculous smell of ASS in Caiger Mall when he killed Mykha.
  324. August 15, 2006: A1C Jerry was bored, and decided to let loose some rounds at Zod Rhombus. Once again, A1C Jerry shows that boredom kills.
  325. August 15, 2006: holdonloosely killed Amazing his third kill in a 24 hour period. Truly an "Amazing" feat.
  326. August 17, 2006: Anton Howard emptied his 12 gauge into supreme scumbag Reitz.
  327. August 17, 2006: Mr Sheriff made his second ASS kill by killing Cobalt 60, but was Flummoxed for a Catch Phrase.
  328. August 18, 2006: This Christmas, Jimbo Bob gave the gift of murder. ELite Raynor didn't seem to appreciate it very much, though.
  329. August 18, 2006: Jimbo Bob said goodbye to the group he helped lead to such overwhelming greatness in the only way appropriate - by murdering one last idiotic CDFer.
  330. August 20, 2006: Jimbo Bob just couldn't resist.
  331. August 21, 2006: Mr Sheriff kicked off the ASSing of the DDDS by killing Calthaer!
  332. August 22, 2006: Rotticus mowed the lawn.
  333. August 22, 2006: Mr Sheriff killed Himatok. Come on Guys, I can't ASS the DDDS alone!
  334. August 23, 2006: Anton Howard ASSed a real ASShole known as Lord Lucan.
  335. August 23, 2006: Anton Howard flayed Nung alive.
  336. August 23, 2006: Brendoshi ASSed Enid Blyton. Just look at that description...
  337. August 23, 2006: N0 0ne catches private000 in a private moment and ends it.
  338. August 23, 2006: Mr Sheriff killed Enid Blyton while the bastard was online. Yet he did nothing to stop it, the bastard!
  339. August 23, 2006: Enid Blyton Does not seem to realise that sitting in the same place where killed before after being revived will only end up in death again.
  340. August 24, 2006: private000 was castrated by "Dr." Anton Howard.
  341. August 24, 2006: N0 0ne Dethroned Lord Lucan in a very violent manner.
  342. August 25, 2006: Rotticus turned Stu into a real red man. Drowned in his own blood, the poor sod...
  343. August 25, 2006: Anton Howard spayed Meowdam.
  344. August 25, 2006: Paradox319 introduced private000 to his firing squad.
  345. August 27, 2006: Rotticus showed Meowdam that meowing at the moon doesnt pay as it lures fellow ASSassins to the neighborhood.
  346. August 27, 2006: Anton Howard gave himatok a nice pair of concrete shoes.
  347. August 28, 2006: The honourable Anton Howard sentenced Nung to death by firing squad.
  348. August 29, 2006: Anton Howard put Nung six feet under.
  349. August 30, 2006: A1C Jerry gave private000 a cold, silent, yet oddly humorous death.
  350. August 31, 2006: Rotticus is angry cause he had to use more AP than he wanted to on Nung. Retribution comes soon.
  351. September 1, 2006: Mr Sheriff killed Dr Demento, THATS WHAT YOU GET!
  352. September 1, 2006: Deedra avenged Anton Howard's multiple deaths at the hands of the monstrously hypocritical DeMoN sEEd.
  353. September 1, 2006: Deedra found DDDS homeboy himatok, and just couldn't resist blowing him away.
  354. September 1, 2006: Mr Sheriff killed Stu Redman while trying to figure out where the fuck he parked his car.
  355. September 2, 2006: More revenge for Mr Sheriff.
  356. September 3, 2006: Meowdam was splattered onto the walls by Mr Sheriff
  357. September 4, 2006: Deedra conducted some scientific experiments using Dr Demento as the guinea pig. They were a complete success.
  358. September 6, 2006: Mr Sheriff ASSed Dusty Quad, I'm too tired to think of a funny way to put it.
  359. September 8, 2006: N0 0ne gets his first kill on Havlichek after coming back from vacation.
  360. September 9, 2006: Responding to an anonymous tip from a concerned Malton citizen, Deedra rescued the city from the dangerous criminal mastermind known only by the alias Dusty Quad. Rejoice!
  361. September 13, 2006: Paradox319 ripped off THE BEARD HUNTER's beard, laughed, and proceeded to shoot him multiple times...ending his life.
  362. September 16, 2006: Rotticus murdered Cowboy Up the old gray way. Zombiedom FTW!!!
  363. September 19, 2006: Robert the gamerwas annihilated for conspiring against ASS members.
  364. September 20, 2006: In a deliciously ironic twist, Deedra viciously mutilated Hanover Fist in retaliation for his crimes against humanity.
  365. September 20, 2006: Paradox319 tried out his new shotgun on Vashka
  366. September 21, 2006: FlaggerBoy gets ready for the equinox by covering himself in DJSMITH's blood.
  367. September 21, 2006: Paradox319 got revenge for the deaths of several ASS Members by killing Treacherous Skillz
  368. September 21, 2006: Anton Howard worked DJSMITH over with a 2x4.
  369. September 21, 2006: hashissiin got a new medication and a brand new shotgun from his doctor, and met a very stupid survivor called Cpt Timbob and ripped his tiny private bits off. That operation required a microscope and some surgery skills.
  370. September 22, 2006: Anton Howard pushed DJSMITH into an incinerator.
  371. September 22, 2006: FlaggerBoy missed Maltzan for a tree.
  372. September 22, 2006: Mr Sheriff kills Sgt Smackdown.
  373. September 23, 2006: hashissiin tried to teach Shantzman to read and write but got frustrated and strangled him.
  374. September 23, 2006: FlaggerBoy ASSaulted the CreedyDF bounty hunter Brandon Heat
  375. September 24, 2006: hashissiin flushed brutal killer Cult away.
  376. September 24, 2006: FlaggerBoy saluted the CreedyDF member Liam Kartheiser.
  377. September 25, 2006: hashissiin suffocated Malcon Harp with a plastic bag.
  378. September 25, 2006: FlaggerBoy got DJSMITH again.
  379. September 26, 2006: FlaggerBoy cleansed Shun from the CDF.
  380. September 27, 2006: Paradox319 ASSed Treacherous Skillz in the same spot as last time… stupid survivor.
  381. September 27, 2006: hashissiin pushed Weathervane through the window and stabbed him to death with slivers of glass.
  382. September 28, 2006: Anton Howard strangled CreedyDF leader ryank7.
  383. September 28, 2006: Deedra drowned CDF PKRU homeboy Erados Isoen in an outhouse. Ew.
  384. September 28, 2006: Deedra, in a stunning display of showmanship, managed to beat Cowboy Up to death with his own skull.
  385. September 28, 2006: hashissiin smacked a bitch named Treacherous Skillz up… to his death, ending Skillz' chauvinist acts and murdering of ASS members.
  386. September 28, 2006: FlaggerBoy offered a cup of tea to KnifeInHand.
  387. September 29, 2006: Anton Howard gave Lud Lum a serious case of lead poisoning.
  388. September 29, 2006: Flaggerboy, in a joint strike with with Anton Howard, downed Treacherous Skillz.
  389. September 30, 2006: GPLeChuck tore the soul apart of a spineless maggot called Treacherous Skillz.
  390. October 1, 2006: FlaggerBoy vandalized UDKiller's face with his boomstick.
  391. October 1, 2006: FlaggerBoy stuffed Farmer Bob in a huge jar of manjuice.
  392. October 1, 2006: Rotticus accidentally poured 25 bullets into another pathetic CDF-er,DJSMITH. Also, for Rotticus, its still october the first. Different timezones and all that.
  393. October 1, 2006: Flaggerboy, in a killing spree, redeemed Lud Lum. Damn those PKers!
  394. October 1, 2006: hashissiin challenged ryank7 to a duel.
  395. October 2, 2006: Rotticus gave UDkiller a taste of his own medicine, death. Unfortunately, Rotticus, being in school forgot to shout the regular ASS anthem... Arg.
  396. October 2, 2006: Anton Howard brought war criminal and evil dictator Coyboy Up to justice.
  397. October 2, 2006: hashissiin killed ShepChop by chopping his head off.
  398. October 2, 2006: After being amused by Dusty Quad; FlaggerBoy argued about chemistry with him.
  399. October 2, 2006: Anton Howard shaved the beardo known as Dick Richards.
  400. October 3, 2006: hashissiin strangled Cowboy Up because he refused to share his toys.
  401. October 3, 2006: Anton Howard administered a lethal injection to Ash TheKing Williams.
  402. October 3, 2006: GPLeChuck used face tee for voodoo cannonball practice .
  403. October 3, 2006: Breaking a short kill-drought, Mr Sheriff killed Thunder Wolf. He's coming back!
  404. October 4, 2006: Anton Howard made Polemarch walk the plank.
  405. October 4, 2006: GPLeChuck carved ASS into the brain of Dick Richards after a short warning.
  406. October 4, 2006: FlaggerBoy ASSed Steve Bromfield.
  407. October 4, 2006: hashissiin shot naughty bitch named Lud Lum.
  408. October 5, 2006: Cpt Timbob felt how the end of life feels. Courtesy of Rotticus's devivifying parlor.
  409. October 5, 2006: Shadowstar was introduced to the world of shadows by Rotticus. Two in a row. HAIL TO THE KING BABY!
  410. October 6, 2006: hashissiin pointed out to Liam Kartheiser why he shouldn´t stick revivification syringes in his own veins. Damn junkies!
  411. October 7, 2006: GPLeChuck separated face tee in many small pieces to feed his dog. .
  412. October 7, 2006: Anton Howard saved the monarchy from disgrace by dethroning a royally pained by ASS Ash TheKing Williams.
  413. October 7, 2006: Anton Howard made a zombie out of white rapper wannabe "wigger".
  414. October 7, 2006: hashissiin terminated probably the most vicious CDF member Edgrant.
  415. October 7, 2006: hashissiin suffocated probably the most foolish CDF member Olympus with a plastic bag. Very economic way to get rid of trash.
  416. October 8, 2006: Anton Howard exterminated a pest by the name of Bromfield.
  417. October 8, 2006: Deedra X dusted Gringoone.
  418. October 8, 2006: Deedra X euthanised a poor old lonely guy, who must be rueing the day he first abused his mod powers.
  419. October 8, 2006: Michael Powell was pummeled to death by Rotticus.
  420. October 8, 2006: Squidward showed Priest Apostate why he shouldn't bother getting a revive. Again.
  421. October 9, 2006: Creedy Drama Force member Angulo del Castillo was judged Judge-Dredd-style by GPLeChuck. Unfortunately, he judged the PC as well, causing a complete crash and loss of proof.
  422. October 9, 2006: FlaggerBoy ASSed Shadowstar.
  423. October 9, 2006: FlaggerBoy ASSed Kai Antilles.
  424. October 9, 2006: FlaggerBoy ASSed Ag3ntS.
  425. October 9, 2006: Squidward tells Lud Lum what he thinks of her "fuckme boots".
  426. October 10, 2006: Rotticus killed Hunk 420 for being too stupid to get a flak jacket...
  427. October 10, 2006: GPLeChuck killed Hunk 420...he's not too popular nowadays.
  428. October 10, 2006: FlaggerBoy pummeled Maltzan.
  429. October 11, 2006: hashissiin killed stupid survivor named blurredbrain2.
  430. October 11, 2006: hashissiin slaughtered another idiot with very creative name, UDkiller.
  431. October 11, 2006: hashissiin broke Rocky Minoma´s neck.
  432. October 11, 2006: Squidward sent a message to Kai Antilles. Unfortunately, it was written on a bullet.
  433. October 12, 2006: FlaggerBoy stuffed Cowboy Up
  434. October 12, 2006: hashissiin tore idiotic crybaby Treacherous Skillz a new ASShole.
  435. October 13, 2006: Because it´s Friday the 13th, hashissiin wears an old hockey mask on his face to honour Jason Voorhees and executed the same retarded street bum he saw yesterday.
  436. October 13, 2006: Deedra X laid the smackdown on serial 'tard blurredbrain2.
  437. October 13, 2006: FlaggerBoy talked to Ash TheKing Williams.
  438. October 14, 2006: hashissiin despised pitiful liar Anthony Jackson to death.
  439. October 14, 2006: Squidward played "catch the bullet" with blurredbrain2.
  440. October 15, 2006: While DJSMITH was playing on a hidden rave in a factory, GPLeChuck moved in and took over the DJ's position.
  441. October 15, 2006: Deedra X disintegrated Niels Istovick.
  442. October 15, 2006: Deedra X snuck up on an unsuspecting CDFer and broke his neck.
  443. October 15, 2006: Anton Howard disemboweled Lucire with a rusty spoon.
  444. October 15, 2006: Squidward checks to see if Hunk420 has a flak jacket yet. He doesn't.
  445. October 15, 2006: hashissiin ASSassinated the most promising leader for CDF, Sumiyoshi, because this "member of mineral kingdom" was planning to steal his zombie hunting technology.
  446. October 15, 2006: GPLeChuck enlisted CDF member Shantzman in the army of the undead.
  447. October 15, 2006: FlaggerBoy killed the dirty zerger Azsrieal.
  448. October 15, 2006: FlaggerBoy executed the damn anti-ASS snitch neoman91661.
  449. October 15, 2006: Paradox319 ASSassinated Cowboy Up
  450. October 16, 2006: "Officer" Anton Howard perpetrated police brutality on an escaped con who asked him to… Bring it On.
  451. October 16, 2006: Anton Howard made like the FBI in Waco and destroyed a Cult.
  452. October 16, 2006: Rotticus whacked blurredbrain2, who was naughty in his sight.
  453. October 16, 2006: DJSMITH was pulverized by Rotticus with a spoon.
  454. October 16, 2006: FlaggerBoy sent Shadowstar, the CDFer to the glue factory.
  455. October 16, 2006: FlaggerBoy redeemed Niels Istovick another CDF posing as a trenchie.
  456. October 17, 2006: CDF member Shantzman has been re-enlisted in the army of the undead by GPLeChuck. Now stay dead!
  457. October 17, 2006: Squidward took care of an old grudge named pete4256.
  458. October 17, 2006: Squidward shows Bring It On what happens when you're an enemy of ASS.
  459. October 18, 2006: neoman91661 proved that he is indeed a boring person to kill. He didnt even scream. Victims not screaming make Rotticus's gray heart very sad.
  460. October 18, 2006: CDF member Roydal was no match for the deadly voodoo skills of GPLeChuck.
  461. October 18, 2006: hashissiin injected lethal dose of morphine to blurredbrain2. Sweet dreams!
  462. October 18, 2006: Ugly bitch called Treacherous Skillz got from hashissiin what he deserved.
  463. October 18, 2006: Squidward gave neoman91661 a taste of what happens to whiny little girlies. You feel wrath of ASS two times in same day, you maybe have bad day, no?
  464. October 19, 2006: Anton Howard took to Armadox with a golf club. He hit a hole in one.
  465. October 19, 2006: Goonerg never knew what hit him. He only knew it came from GPLeChuck.
  466. October 20, 2006: Deedra X put an end to terminal crybaby neoman91661's suffering. I did it for you, neoman!
  467. October 20, 2006: hashissiin gave some remedial instructions to Sl4rt1b4rtf4st, because she was so stupid that she couldn´t tell the difference between numbers and letters. After too many useless attempts, hashissiin became frustrated wasting his time and cut her throat with his old, trusty dagger.
  468. October 20, 2006: FlaggerBoy Flagged Bring It On
  469. October 20, 2006: FlaggerBoy terminated Hunk420
  470. October 21, 2006: hashissiin stabbed moronic Armadox to death with scissors.
  471. October 21, 2006: hashissiin defeated miserable Sumiyoshi with paper.
  472. October 21, 2006: GPLeChuck confirms that Hunk420 doesn't have a flak jacket yet.
  473. October 21, 2006: Anton Howard gunned down serial whiner neoman91661.
  474. October 21, 2006: Squidward showed Priest Apostate why he should just give it up and join the Big Bash.
  475. October 21, 2006: FlaggerBoy reeducated DJSMITH in the fine art of laying the fuck down.
  476. October 22, 2006: hashissiin cut THE BEARD HUNTER´s bald scalp and stole his "bag of beards", only to find out that this sick man was making himself a wig. Ew!
  477. October 22, 2006: FlaggerBoy purificated Gabriel Chase
  478. October 23, 2006: hashissiin made a mistake and slaughtered dribbling and mumbling Shantzman in believe that he was a zombie. No big harm done.
  479. October 23, 2006: Anton Howard branded "ASSed" onto PHophito. PHophito died from the pain.
  480. October 24, 2006: Anton Howard sewed neoman91661's ugly mouth shut.
  481. October 24, 2006: Anton Howard exercised his itchy trigger finger on Armadox
  482. October 24, 2006: GPLeChuck was offended by Christa McDougal's indecent proposal.
  483. October 24, 2006: hashissiin ASSassinated stupid survivor called mrnavyblue.
  484. October 24, 2006: hashissiin chopped Stuart Borthwick in pieces and fed him to some hungry zombies. Oh wait, zombies eat brains so they just have to be hungry...
  485. October 24, 2006: FlaggerBoy destroyed Maltzan for no reason.
  486. October 24, 2006: Jimbo Bob had blurredbrain2 drawn and quartered by his trained zombies.
  487. October 24, 2006: Jimbo Bob put neoman91661 on the short bus to the morgue.
  488. October 24, 2006: Jack Penagos just got killed by Anton Howard. A PH member with brainrot. Good luck getting a revive, pal!
  489. October 25, 2006: FlaggerBoy downed jossu ternera, a PH zerg.
  490. October 25, 2006: FlaggerBoy fucked PHerez, the leader of the PH.
  491. October 25, 2006: Squidward went Chuck Norris on Shantzman.
  492. October 25, 2006: In an amazing display of skill, against overwhelming odds, etc... Squidward had a chat with Polemarch. The chat involved various Norse Gods and several loaded firearms.
  493. October 25, 2006: FlaggerBoy controled the pH pn PH member sargento tejero
  494. October 26, 2006: hashissiin executed another idiot from CDF, Evaw.
  495. October 26, 2006: Jimbo Bob blindfolded The Streak and let him run in front of traffic.
  496. October 27, 2006: Anton Howard slew the gibbering idiot known as Dave Clark.
  497. October 27, 2006: Anton Howard sent zerging PH scumbag Policaco on a trip down the river styx.
  498. October 27, 2006: Squidward went Mr. T on some wanker called Mylittlepanties. He feels no need to explain why. Fool.
  499. October 27, 2006: Squidward was still shaking his head and mumbling about "Mylittlepanties" when he stumbled upon a CDFer, Gringoone.
  500. October 27, 2006: Squidward used up the last of his anger on PHophito. Is that the 500th kill? I think so, bitches! Where's my award, xoid?
  501. October 28, 2006: FlaggerBoy embalmed Bring it On.
  502. October 30, 2006: FlaggerBoy served justice (to the old chinese PTT style) by executing the evil zerger Dusty Quad.
  503. October 30, 2006: hashissiin was fishing at a very secret "lake" in Malton, when he saw a real coward called face tee crawling behind the trees and drowned it, feeding the red piranhas at the same time. When you take something from the nature, you have to give something back, right?
  504. October 30, 2006: Jimbo Bob broke Treacherous Skillz's head open... only to find it empty.
  505. October 31, 2006: hashissiin wandered through a thick fog and shot every creature approaching him, luckily the only one he found to be a hostile was stupid CDF member Edward Thatch.
  506. November 1, 2006: hashissiin collected some dirty money from stinking biatch who calls itself Treacherous Skillz.
  507. November 3, 2006: hashissiin pistol whipped jealous zerger called THE BEARD HUNTER to death.
  508. November 4, 2006: Jimbo Bob expunged Vaccinator from existence.
  509. November 5, 2006: Deedra X aborted Treacherous Skillz.
  510. November 5, 2006: hashissiin added major bubbles to this list.
  511. November 5, 2006: hashissiin amortized a stupid trenchcoater called Stefanic
  512. November 5, 2006: GPLeChuck remembered the 5th of November and killed CDF-member Shwantz in the process.
  513. November 5, 2006: Jimbo Bob settled accounts with Vaccinator.
  514. November 5, 2006: Jimbo Bob made it personal for Abelcain.
  515. November 6, 2006: hashissiin challenged Sgt Smackdown to a boxing contest.
  516. November 6, 2006: hashissiin ASSassinated Kai Antilles.
  517. November 6, 2006: GPLeChuck verified that PH-member Anglaechel's umbrella was no match for his deadly rain of bullets.
  518. November 7, 2006: hashissiin dressed Shwantz in a zombie costume and shouted "ZOMBIE!" in Giddings Mall.
  519. November 8, 2006: GPLeChuck eliminated Blaine Raenir during a zerg patrol.
  520. November 9, 2006: hashissiin killed Kai Antilles.
  521. November 9, 2006: hashissiin forced grim444 to kiss his own axe.
  522. November 12, 2006: hashissiin tried to fight a good fight with josh121234, but sadly it was impossible mission.
  523. November 12, 2006: GPLeChuck doesn't like fish and certainly no ECCU tankedfish.
  524. November 13, 2006: Rotticus accidentaly impaled Angulo del Castillo on his gun which promptly blew up in his mehico face.
  525. November 13, 2006: hashissiin shot at blisters on someones face and all kind of loathsome ooze outbursted all around the room. Worst mission ever.
  526. November 14, 2006; FlaggerBoy executed The vile PKer Moyes
  527. November 15, 2006; FlaggerBoy nailed KB Daniels to the ground. Unluckily, he bled to death.
  528. November 15, 2006: hashissiin punished Metalfusion for pretending to be a GCM member.
  529. November 16, 2006: hashissiin disabled all functions of Dark Fury.
  530. November 17, 2006: hashissiin got fed up with FedCom member Anomanus.
  531. November 18, 2006: hashissiin shot another FedCom member Cody Stanton4 with a honest intention to kill him.
  532. November 22, 2066: GPLeChuck delivers yet another blow to the CDF by eliminating blisters.
  533. November 22, 2006: hashissiin stabbed snitching cunt omgyouredead
  534. November 25, 2006: hashissiin gave a lesson about "what happens if you kill one of us" to Weathervane.
  535. November 28, 2006: hashissiin sprinkled gun powder all over soppage´s body and light it up.
  536. November 30, 2006: Axe Hack chopped vandal 3page's staleman3 in two.
  537. December 1, 2006: hashissiin made Ix Hill´s travels even more lightier by chopping his damn long legs off.
  538. December 2, 2006: hashissiin found a CDF member Aco lost far from their territory and let the lead lead his way back.
  539. December 4, 2006: hashissiin destroyed poopshipper´s vessel so no more filth would come around.
  540. December 4, 2006: hashissiin fired some light to MakeMyDay´s night.
  541. December 5, 2006: hashissiin ASSaulted josh121234.
  542. December 6, 2006: hashissiin ASSaulted blisters.
  543. December 9, 2006: FlaggerBoy ASSaulted Lucifer The Scorpion.
  544. December 9, 2006: hashissiin ASSaulted Aco.
  545. December 11, 2006: hashissiin ASSaulted chillboi88.
  546. December 11, 2006: hashissiin ASSaulted Micro Miner.
  547. December 12, 2006: hashissiin ASSaulted Swiftfoot.
  548. December 13, 2006: hashissiin ASSaulted Lucifer The Scorpion.
  549. December 14, 2006: hashissiin ASSaulted HydraShock.
  550. December 15, 2006: hashissiin ASSaulted Ix Hill.
  551. December 22, 2006: hashissiin ASSaulted Anomanus.
  552. December 22, 2006: hashissiin ASSaulted Cody Stanton4.
  553. December 23, 2006: hashissiin ASSaulted chillboi88.
  554. December 27, 2006: hashissiin ASSaulted rzar.
  555. December 27, 2006: hashissiin ASSaulted Anomanus.
  556. December 29, 2006: hashissiin ASSaulted Anomanus.

Enemy list

Piss us off and you go here, as suggested by our good friend and mentor, Richard Nixon (dreamy sigh).

  • emmeleff, for the thoroughly unprovoked killing of Jimbo Bob. Yes, we know. The irony is sickening. (Vengeance-kills: 1/2)
  • Heintze, for attacking BobHammero and Jimbo Bob, killing cwissball, and for being one of the most pathetic idiots ever to blight God's green earth. (Vengeance-kills: 10/12)
  • Fritze, for killing Jimbo Bob, Brendoshi (x3), Gideon Mac, BobHammero, and attempting to kill cwissball several times. Extra point for being incapable of spelling. (Vengeance-kills: 8/17)
  • Mike Blade, for killing Jimbo Bob. (Vengeance-kills: 0/2)
  • Jett Black, for daring to lay hands upon the sacred personage of Jacob Cohen, and killing BobHammero (x2). Bonus kill for having a profile more retarded than actual retardation, and another for calling Bob Hammero a "bad guy". Another two points for calling cwissball stupid and then killing him. (Vengeance-kills: 0/13)
  • Marty the Party, for attacking Jimbo Bob and for being the alt of hypocritical zerger Delta flyer. No mercy. (Vengeance-kills: 6/infinite)
  • CodenameDirtbag for murdering Jimbo Bob (x3), Gideon Mac, Brendoshi, N0 0ne, A1C Jerry (x2), holdonloosely, Anton Howard (7x), Paradox319, Rotticus, cwissball, Mr Sheriff (x3), Flaggerboy (x4), Squidward (x2) and GPLeChuck (x2). Bonus points for getting back onto the list and bonus points because I feel like it. I shall find you and break my shotgun off in your, ahhhhh, ASS. (Vengeance-kills: 6/66)
  • Bnort, for killing Bob Hammero, and killing cwissball (x2). (Vengeance-kills: 1/6)
  • Mil Mascaras, for killing Bob Hammero and holdonloosely. Bonus points added for being an obvious alt of Toast Boy. (Vengeance-kills: 2/6)
  • Snootchy, for being a bad cop and killing teh good guy N0 0ne. (Vengeance-kills: 1/2)
  • Reitz, for killing Brendoshi, then turning on cwissball and killing him the next day, another two points for killing Anton Howard and a bonus point for the sexual innuendo. (Vengeance-kills: 1/8)
  • EiNSAM, for killing cwissball twice, Bob Hammero twice, and holdonloosely. (Vengeance-kills: 2/10)
  • William Spurlock, for killing cwissball. (Vengeance-kills: 0/2)
  • A Fascist, for being a traitor. (Vengeance-kills: 0/infinite)
  • Thresh, for brutally murdering N0 0ne while he was sleeping. (Vengeance-kills: 0/2)
  • Cobalt 60, for insulting N0 0ne by calling him a PKer then murdering him. (Vengeance-kills: 2/3)
  • Mykha, for killing BobHammero. (Vengeance-kills: 1/2)
  • Soph, for vandalizing the ASS page. (Vengeance-kills: 0/5)
  • Treacherous Skillz, for attacking holdonloosely once, and killing him later, killing Anton Howard, N0 0ne, Paradox 319, Deedra X (x2), hashissiin (x2), Squidward (x2)and a bonus point for the retarded profile. (Vengeance-kills: 10/23)
  • Kartharsis, for killing holdonloosely. (Vengeance-kills: 0/2)
  • Dusty Quad, for killing Rotticus without provocation. Run little piggy, run, 'cause when I getcha I'll skewer you alive. A couple extra points for killing holdonloosely, a few for getting put back on the list, and another two for the murder of Anton Howard. More extras for terminating GPLeChuck (x3). Another point for having a stupid profile, another one for trying to kill FlaggerBoy and phailing and another one for the idiotic speech. Another two points for killing Deedra X. (Vengeance-kills: 6/19)
  • harold harold, for the thoroughly unprovoked killing of Anton Howard. The irony is still sickening. (Vengeance-kills: 0/2)
  • BubbaBuoy, for killing Anton Howard. (Vengeance-kills: 0/2)
  • Dr Demento, for killing Mr Sheriff and A1C Jerry, bonus points for murdering Rotticus and taunting him. (Vengeance-Kills: 2/8)
  • DeMoN sEEd, for killing Anton Howard (x2). Bonus point for having the gall to do the DDDS' dirty work for them. (Vengeance Kills: 1/5)
  • Hunter90, for killing Mr Sheriff. (Vengeance-Kills: 0/2)
  • bubyax, for killing Mr Sheriff, extra point for being like the fifth bastard this week. (Vengeance-Kills: 0/3)
  • Johnny Valoure, for killing Paradox319. (Vengeance-Kills: 0/2)
  • quannah, belated add for killing Mr Sheriff (Vengeance-Kills: 1/2)
  • The Head Hunter, for killing Mr Sheriff (Vengeance-Kills: 0/2)
  • THE BEARD HUNTER, for killing Paradox319, FlaggerBoy, Anton Howard and Squidward. Bonus points for the masterfully inane commentary, his idiocy on the wiki and because he's a cock. More bonus points because I'm in a bad mood. (Vengeance-Kills: 3/15)
  • Jeffminator, for the murder of Brendoshi. (Vengeance Kills 0/2)
  • MRPReSiDeNT, for the unprovoked killing of Mr Sheriff. (Vengeance-Kills: 0/2)
  • Robert the gamer, for thinking himself a lumberjack and taking an axe to Anton Howard. (Vengeance-Kills 0/1)
  • Malcon Harp, for killing Anton Howard. (Vengeance Kills 1/2)
  • The Streak, for killing Deedra X. (Vengeance Kills 1/2)
  • Immortal Methos, for attacking Mr Sheriff. Totally unprovoked. I swear, I didn't do anything! (Vengeance Kills: 0/1)
  • pasteryviolence, for killing Mr Sheriff. Another one thrown on for falsely accusing him of GKing. (Vengeance Kills: 0/3)
  • Logan McMann, for killing Mr Sheriff. Another one for being a redundant asshole, and another two for killing Deedra X. (Vengeance Kills: 0/5)
  • KnifeInHand, for attacking hashissiin. Bonus point for daring to interrupt the ASSASSination of Treacherous Skillz. (Vengeance Kills 1/2)
  • harrisklebold, for killing Mr Sheriff. (Vengeance Kills: 0/2)
  • Farmer Bob, for killing hashissiin. (Vengeance Kills 1/2)
  • UrbanRambo, for attacking hashissiin at a revive point. (Vengeance Kills 0/1)
  • Dick Richards, for killing Rotticus, GPLeChuck (x2) and Squidward. Extras for the beardo taunting. Quickly on his way to "infinite vengeance kills". Beards will roll and skulls will be crushed! Go hunting somewhere else boy! (Vengeance Kills 2/12)
  • Anthony Jackson, for killing Deedra X. Added point because I am in a bad mood, and his hypocrisy (check the profile) doesn't appeal very much. (Vengeance Kills 1/3)
  • Lucire, for killing Deedra X on a revive point. Extra point for thinking she's pretty damn cool. (Vengeance Kills 1/3)
  • zbyszkoo, for bragging about killing zeds at an official RP. Extra point for the retarded "fairy hair" profile. (Vengeance Kills 0/2)
  • Ash TheKing Williams, for killing hashissiin. (Vengeance Kills 1/2)
  • Eddie Cordite, for killing GPLeChuck. (Vengeance Kills 0/2)
  • Sl4rt1b4rtf4st, for killing hashissiin. Extra point for interrupting current ASSault. (Vengeance Kills 1/3)
  • chompnchew, for killing hashissiin. (Vengeance Kills 0/2)
  • Gabriel Chase, for killing FlaggerBoy. (Vengeance Kills 1/2)
  • Steve Bromfield, for killing Deedra X again. Extra 4 points for being stupid enough to get back on the list. (Vengeance Kills 2/6)
  • Mary May, for killing hashissiin. Three extra moron-points because hashissiin was helping to get Dowdney Mall running again. (Vengeance Kills 0/5)
  • DrChillpants for attacking GPLeChuck at an official RP. (Vengeance Kills 0/1)
  • strem for attacking GPLeChuck at an official RP. (Vengeance Kills 0/1)
  • Stefanic for killing GPLeChuck at an official RP. Extra point for being a high level player who should know better. (Vengeance Kills 1/3)
  • Abelcain, for killing Jimbo Bob. (Vengeance Kills 1/2)
  • Moran02, for attacking hashissiin at an official RP. Bonus point for being so stupid that he doesn´t know that military class can buy their skills for 75xp, instead of 100xp. (Vengeance Kills 0/2)
  • deadanna for attacking GPLeChuck at an official RP. Extra point for being a high level player who should know better. (Vengeance Kills 0/2)
  • Emanuel Faoga for killing GPLeChuck at an official RP. Extra point for being a high level player who should know better. (Vengeance Kills 0/3)
  • NCrich, for attacking hashissiin. (Vengeance Kills 0/1)
  • Shwantz, for killing hashissiin. (Vengeance Kills 0/2)
  • Psycho Billy, for killing Axe Hack. (Vengeance Kills 1/2)
  • soppage, for killing hashissiin. (Vengeance Kills 0/2)
  • Beerhunter, for attacking hashissiin. (Vengeance Kills 0/1)
  • poopman9, for Killing Axe Hack. Extra point for being a noob. (Vengence Kills 0/3)
  • Whipfats, for attacking hashissiin. (Vengeance Kills 0/1)
  • SlayerMacZ, for killing GPLeChuck. (Vengeance Kills 0/2)
  • Samuel Clemens, for attacking GPLeChuck. (Vengeance Kills 0/1)
  • conno30001, for killing GPLeChuck. (Vengeance Kills 0/2)

Enemy watch list

Just because you're not on our enemy list anymore doesn't mean that we're not watching you. Better not piss us off again. Note that getting killed over your quota doesn't mean we can't count; our UDTool list isn't updated hourly after all. If you're killed over your quota and your quota isn't updated to reflect that, it's a fair bet that you've gotten yourself onto our permanent targets list.

  • Medic RP, for unsuccessfully attempting to kill ASS co-leader BobHammero. (Vengeance-kills: 2/1)
  • Bodaka, this person is no CDF member but was another person to shoot Brendoshi. Taken down later by the very person he shot. (Vengeance-kills: 1/1)
  • Pyscho Billy, for killing A1C Jerry because of his awesome, and utterly truthful profile. (Vengence-kills: 2/2)
  • Armathartar, For attempting to swing an axe into Brendoshi's head while he slept, causing damage but not death. (Vengeance-kills: 2/1)
  • Billy Bubba, for killing Rotticus. Run little swine, run. (Vengeance-kills: 2/2)
  • Jim Killazombie2, for attempted murder of the well known Hero N0 0ne. (Vengeance-kills: 3/2)
  • Privateer, for trying to kill Grarghal Bob. Bonus kill point for accidentally hitting someone else in the process. (Vengeance-kills: 2/2)
  • Kelvira, who got cwissball down to 2 health and was killed by him about 5 hours later. (Vengeance-kills: 1/1)
  • Annarchy, for attacking BobHammero (Vengeance-kills: 1/1)
  • El Borbah, for attacking holdonloosely unprovoked (Vengeance-kills: 2/1)
  • Ruki, for killing LCpl Khalil. (Vengeance-kills: 2/2)
  • Tuco Ramirez, for the murder of LCpl Khalil. Bonus points for being a vulture and killing LCpl Khalil while he was weakened. (Vengeance-kills: 3/3)
  • Agent White, for killing BobHammero. (Vengeance-kills: 3/2)
  • bIuecheese, for killing BobHammero. Also note bIuecheese's inability to spell (hint: it's spelled "blue" with an "l," not "bIue" with an "I.") (Vengeance-kills: 2/2)
  • Mister Quimper, for stupidly killing Gideon Mac to avenge the death of an enemy of the assault, and killing cwissball (Vengeance-kills: 6/6)
  • Big Daddy Fat Sex, for attacking Jimbo Bob. (Vengeance-kills: 1/1)
  • Blue Demon, for killing BobHammero. (Vengeance-kills: 2/2)
  • WildKard84, for killing BobHammero. (Vengeance-kills: 2/2)
  • bettinazzi, for killing BobHammero. (Vengeance-kills: 2/2)
  • Murgel, for killing N0 0ne. (Vengeance-kills: 2/2)
  • Lessis Solono, for killing LCpl Khalil unprovoked. Only moved here early due to special circumstances. Don't piss us off again. (Vengeance-kills: 1/2)
  • Kriegstein, for being an inconsiderate idiot, trying to gain experience by healing Tuco Ramirez while A1C Jerry was trying to ASS him. (Vengeance-kills: 1/1)
  • Mood Indigo, for killing Jimbo Bob. (Vengeance-kills: 2/2)
  • CheneyEatPoop, for attacking Jimbo Bob, N0 0ne, and holdonloosely (Vengeance-kills: 3/3)
  • Lud Lum, for killing BobHammero. Extra kill point for having a really stupid profile. (Vengeance-kills: 5/3)
  • face tee, for killing hashissiin at a revive point. (Vengeance Kills 3/2)
  • wigger, for attacking GPLeChuck when waiting for revival (Vengance Kills: 1/1)
  • Bring it On, for killing Deedra X. (Vengeance Kills 3/2)
  • Armadox, for killing squidward. (Vengeance Kills 3/2)
  • Shantzman, for killing Deedra X. (Vengeance Kills: 2/2)
  • Vaccinator, for killing A1C Jerry (Vengeance-Kills: 2/2)
  • Weathervane, for killing holdonloosely. (Vengeance-kills: 2/2)
  • Lucifer The Scorpion, for assaulting N0 0ne unprovoked. (Vengeance-kills: 2/2)

Shutdown list

  1. April 22, 2006: Bob Hammero destroyed the generator in the CDF-controlled Herman Building.
  2. April 26, 2006: Bob Hammero once again turned the lights out by destroying the CDF generator in the Herman Building.
  3. April 27, 2006: Rotticus accidentally pushed the self destruct button on the generator in Wheelhouse Auto Repair.
  4. May 6, 2006: Bob Hammero removed the Halse Crescent Police Department generator from service.
  5. June 17, 2006: Jimbo Bob broke the generator in Crossman PD. No powered searches for you!
  6. June 29, 2006: holdonloosely destroys the generator in the NE quadrant of Ackland Mall... no more powered searches/cellphone reception for the whole suburb.
  7. September 16, 2006: Anton Howard pulled the plug on Mazzie Towers, a little less radio spam is a good thing.
  8. September 16, 2006: Anton Howard informed the folks of Boutcher Alley PD that they forgot to pay their bill.
  9. September 16, 2006: Anton Howard turned off the lights in Giddings Mall.
  10. September 28, 2005: FlaggerBoy destroyed the generator of the NT supporting the CreedyDF.
  11. October 2, 2006: Anton Howard broke the antenna off of a radio in Giddings Mall because they didn't have a broadcasting licence.
  12. December 26, 2006: Axe Hack saw all the lights in Ackland Mall off except for the SW quadrant and realized they must be saving energy, so to help them out, he destroyed the last generator.

Frequently asked questions

  • Why do you want to grief other players? We're only targeting stupid characters and characters who piss us off, so you don't have anything to worry about, right? We're raising the bar for all of Malton. Just think of us as a minimum IQ enforcement squad.
  • Why did yuo kill me!1?! i didtn do nothign too yuo!!! Gee. I wonder why.
  • Can I be as awesome as you? Sorry, but that's impossible.