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Army of Dave are no longer active. Its group page is preserved for archival purposes. Please do not edit this page. This group was reported inactive on 12:23, 30 December 2008 (UTC) Not Inactive?

This group has currently disbanded.

Army of Dave

Since the dawn of our people, science has walked hand-in-hand with the development of civilization. It is the source, in equal measure, of our highest aspirations of dream, and our lowest incarnations of nightmare. One such nightmare was created in the city of Malton...a monstrous terror known as the Zombie Horde.

Born from the flesh of the fallen, the Zombies swept over Malton like a plague, slaughtering millions, while millions more struggled to flee. So clear was the Zombie threat, that the military entered Malton in full measure. Tragically, even they could not stop this insurmountable foe, and were forced to retreat while evacuating as many survivors as they could in the process. They established an ironclad quarrantine zone, abandoning the thousands that still remained in Malton to fend for themselves...including several military units who could not leave in time.

One military unit, reduced to a mere handful of soldiers, refused to accept their morbid fate. Under the command of Lieutenant Colonel David Hopkins, these soldiers established a safehouse in the Vinetown district, where they began gathering supplies and bringing other survivors into their fold. As their numbers grow and their supplies remain stable, they have become a force to be reckoned with. Even now, they continue to stand in strong defiance of what seems an inevitable doom.

While they still hold on to the hope that their brethren outside of Malton will give them rescue or aid...for now, they are an army unto themselves...

The Army of Dave.

Join the official Army of Dave forum to learn more. (Currently down - following the link only leads to a placeholder page).

Army of Dave
Abbreviation: AoD
Group Numbers: 10
Leadership: Troy Harker
Goals: Survive!
Recruitment Policy: Any Jack forumite or reader can join us
Contact: AoD Forums

Who The Fuck Is Dave?

David Hopkins is the artist and writer behind the webcomic JACK and the older comic Rework The Dead. To read more about him, simply go to the profile page on the JACK main page.

=3 We love you, Dave!


Troy Harker - The acting leader of the Army of Dave who makes all the major decisions.

Psycho Limey - The original founder of the Army of Dave and one of the driving forces in the militant aspects and attitudes of the group.

Daniel Kilbane - The mouthpiece of the group who runs the wikipage, helps Troy discuss stuff with other groups, and is writing this at this very moment.


Disgruntled Heroes - After some slight mistrust and territorial bickering, the Disgruntled Heroes are now officially allies of the AoD.

The M.A.I.M. Society - We are currently allied with M.A.I.M. due to their affiliation due to their recent defense of the cathedral and their active part in insuring the safety of Vinetown.

Necrotech Alliance (aka Vinetown Revivification Unit) - After some talks, we are allied with this new addition to the Vinetown area and are glad to have access to such services. Hopefully we can help them in promoting a safer Vinetown for all.

MDK - After some minor differences, we consider our neighbors to the north to be allies in the interests of keep Vinetown under control.


DARIS (aka Council of Leaders and any of its affiliates such as Squad Cthulhu, and the Sons of DARIS) - It's hard to determine weither these groups are seperate entities or a single one, but regardless, it has been transmitted through reliable channels that they are hostile towards not only regular surivivors but especially furries like us. They also performed an assassination of several DH leaders in Bubcar Towers recently. They should be considered armed and dangerous and any activity within our territory by these groups should be reported immediately!

Philosophe Knights - This group is to be considered hostile due to the murder of two members of M.A.I.M. due to questionable reasoning. Considering M.A.I.M. is our ally, they are automatically to be considered our enemy.

PH - This group appears to be a zerging group run by one player and a rather nasty PK outfit. Kill them with no questions asked.

Malton Anti-Bestiality League (MA-BL) - This group has professed to be hostile to the Army of Dave on the basis of making Malton free of "diaperfur corruption", "yiff", and "fursuiter[s]". Must be considered dangerous and are not to be revived.

Note: Putting Zombie groups in here has been deemed to be pointless as we are a survivor group and unless the zombies want to be our buddies, they're automatically an enemy group simply because of game mechanics. We have no personal beef with the MotA, CotR, or Shining Ones other than they try to wipe us out whenever they're in town, but that's just what they do.

Caunt Street PD Memoboard

  • 11/19/07 - With membership all but non-existent, I have no choice but to declare the AoD disbanded. Perhaps someday, someone else will take up the mantle of those that march under the blue and white banner. I will not forget, and perhaps I will return to this post one day when there are willing individuals to aid me. Until that day comes, I'll be waiting. --Daniel Kilbane 04:38, 20 November 2007 (UTC)
  • 5/19/07 - I'm still around, but damn bored of the game. With two max level characters with both zombie and survivor skills, well, there isn't really anything to do but kill things, and that gets boring fast. --LazerZero 20:36, 19 May 2007 (BST)
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  • 12/08/06 - I'm still around, mostly healing and reviving anyone *bzzt* -eeds it. Just got *bzzt* -d over by one of the MA-BL boys. Juding from the "Yiff in hell, furfags!" battlecry, it must be one of the lesser intelligent /b/tards of 4chan. Probably was one of those Myspace/Habbo raiders, *bzzt* -g wastes of time. Well, I could rant on but would anybody volunteer to get communications back up so we can make an orchestrated fight back against these ignoramii? Over. ~Proumdulcis
  • 12/05/06 - For anyone still out there, there is a message going over the airwaves from the "Malton Anti-Bestiality League" who says they're coming for us. It reads: "A bulletin from the Malton Anti-Bestiality League follows. There is a vile group of skunk... *static* ...ers in Vinetown. They call themselves the army of dave. They make their smelly nest in the Caunt St. PD All upstanding citizens of Malton are invited to join in the righteous crusade against this diaperfur corruption. For a yiffless, fursuiter-free Malton!" Right, aparently by playing Urban Dead, we're diaperfurs, we yiff and wear fursuits. --LazerZero 20:54, 5 December 2006 (UTC)
  • 11.11.06 - A pale finger lightly brushed against the worn and torn door of the police station, as inside the carnage of the dead reveals six sleeping swaying zombies, the bodies of the unsuspecting strung about, as the place lays in rubble,what once was a safehouse is currently nothing more than a garbage strewn charrel house, a boot the bloody stump of some sleeping victim still within its confines, the young man quietly turns and exits knowing the situation is only temporary and things will be rebuilt.-- Kunae 06:06, 11 November 2006 (UTC)
  • 11.08.06 - Graaah mrh mrh mraah? Harmanz gangbang mah. --FengShoe 16:45, 8 November 2006 (UTC)
  • 11.02.06 - Man, does anyone in the group still play besides me? Or is the group gone for good? Also, the forums are completely gone, replaced simply by a blank white page. Is that intentional, or did it die from lack of use or something? According to the group ranking page on UD, our numbers have also dwindled down from a strong 30+ to a mere 10. --LazerZero 23:03, 2 November 2006 (UTC)
  • 10.12.06 - I'm back online. Sorry I was gone for so long. ~Johnny
  • 10.04.06 - Is there anybody out there? ~Dan
  • 8.14.06 - Holding the fort. Please bring ammunition and cigarettes. Perhaps someone else to shoot some, too. ~Feng
  • 8.11.06 - It appears I was wrong the first time. We just got blasted by the TSO. Everyone regroup according to the previous plan. You guys know what to do! Damn! Where are all these zeds coming from?! ~Dan
  • 8.10.06 - It appears things are cooling down. We've lasted the entire day without a break in and the barricades are back up in the general area and holding. Members of the AoD should be pleased to know that they can return home at this time. ~Dan
  • 8.03.06 - Caunt Street keeps on getting cracked open, but Hartland Bank appears to be holding, it seems that we're slowly but surely cleaning them out! Keep up the good works and if you have to gnaw on some ankles to help out, that's fine too. Revives are available at Bhore again.
  • 8.01.06 - I'm back home, but it seems we've got a minor zed infestation. I took out a couple but we still have a couple more that I need help to deal with. If anyone can spare the time and the ammo, come up here and help us get our PD back! ~Dan
  • 7.28.06 - Okay, I don't know what the rest of you guys are doing but it's time to get our heads out of our asses and do something. Vinetown is in shambles along with 3/4ths of Malton, so we need to gather our forces together and get a handle on this. This is our town and we can't let the zeds have it. So if anyone out there is listening, I'll be in the southern firebase. There's a zed here with me but he's pretty hurt and you guys are welcome to have at him if you like... I'm just too tired right now. So get your asses down here and let's clean fucking house! ~Dan
  • 7.15.06 - Jacked! Hey AoD, this is DarkShines/Anticitizen of the DH. I'd like to post here that we are on our way back to kick some ass. Keep some beer lying around Caunt for our return, okay? -Anticitizen
  • 6.26.06 - Due to the stress of the whole organization of matters with the MDK and the DH and the subsequent zombie and survivor flood into Vinetown, I've been a bit inactive. But I can assure you that I am back and that there are changes afoot. Bubcar Towers and Hartland Bank are now our territory and our responsibility. I expect you guys to keep the phone mast up and running and the radios working, I had to replace the generator and the radio transmitter in Caunt Street today, so if anyone has a fuel canister or something, please start the generator back up. Now that the DH are gone, we are the sole group responsible for southern Vinetown, with the MDK and M.A.I.M. in the north. Unfortunately I have no idea how many people are ours and what exactly is going on at the moment with our group. No one tells me anything and I have to assume everyone's listening to what I have to say. Anyway, you have your orders and I'll draw up a new chart for territory soon. Thank you and good night. ~Dan
  • 6.19.06 - Update: Okay, nevermind, shoot O'Brien on the fucking spot. ~Dan
  • 6.19.06 - Tonight, was particularily fucked in quite a few ways. Now we didn't get hit by anything really, there was one zed standing outside, probably brain-clouded, so I'm not particularily worried about that. But certain tensions, between the MDK of north western Vinetown and the DH and ourselves have just been building for a while. I honestly don't know what happened tonight, but things boiled down pretty well and SantaCruzer from the MDK came down to Caunt Street and I personally expected a confrontation. Instead there was a little idle chit chat and... now he's spending the night. Also, Bam O'Brien from last night returned and I was there and shot him in the leg with my shotgun and gave him a whack or two from my axe as a warning, but unfortunatly I passed out so now he's injured and I don't know. Tonight was just very anticlimactic with everything that was building up. So if you see SantaCruzer, or Bam O'Brien in the PD, don't worry about them for now. I need a few days to sort all this shit out. ~Dan
  • 6.18.06 - I don't know what some people think, but I don't particularily care for their tactics. I don't care if you're bounty hunting, I don't care if it's your thing or what not. Nobody PKs people inside the PD. You don't do it. Do it and you go on the shitlist and that means you're not welcome in the PD anymore. That's all there is to it. Also, whoever's barricading the place up to EH, stop it. You're making it hard for new civvies to come inside when things get rough. ~Dan
  • 6.15.06 - Things seem pretty normal, there's the occassional break in but that's usually put down pretty fast. The population here at Caunt Street is pretty high and I can tell this is one of the prime safe houses in the area. I'm actually pretty proud of our boys, they've done a good job to get us this far. Let's keep things going like they are, no reason to dick with a decent formula. Keep up the good work, everyone. ~Dan
  • 6.06.06 - Seems things started off a bit hairy today. A zombie got in and Geeked the generator earlier, but he either left or was dispatched (I couldn't quite tell) and I ran to the mall and retrieved another generator. It's set up but I didn't have any fuel on me at the time and no where near enough AP to make it anywhere else. I might go back to the mall later to see if I can't get some fuel for tonight's transmission if it isn't fueled already by then. ~Dan
  • 6.05.06 - Another break in today, but it was quelled without too much of a problem, although I got infected I was treated pretty quickly for it so I'm alright. We lost three of the people in the station though, so I wasn't too happy about that. Bubcar Towers got nailed pretty hard, from what I hear. The DH lost their transmitter too. These zombie attacks are bugging me, I'm getting bits and peices but these hit and runs seem to be coordinated somehow and they're not just happening here. What's stranger is that these are all rather low level ferals pulling this off... something just doesn't smell right. ~Dan
  • 6.04.06 - A rash of strange break-ins occurred all over Malton today.. I wonder exactly who's behind it. Regardless it was dealt with rather quickly and there doesn't seem to be any significant zombie presance in the suburb at this time. It's just weird that they all seemed to occur at once.. Anyway, I got the radio working and I'm broadcasting regularily and everything seems to be pretty good right now. I'm in talks with the MDK, and I'll see where that goes. ~Dan
  • 6.01.06 - Well I got the radio transmitter turned on and working, although I haven't quite figured out how the damn thing works just yet... I'm keeping it at 27.32 for the time being and I know the mall is at 27.19... The whole thing is kind of confusing but I'm sure it'll be incredibly useful if we can make heads or tails of it. ~Dan

All memos older than a month go into the Caunt Street PD Archives for filing. ~Daniel Kilbane

There appear to be two clipboards here as well... one is the Army of Dave Sign-In Sheet and the other is rather doubiously labeled "Dan's Shitlist".

Dan's Shitlist

This is for those of us in the Army of Dave in Vinetown who have been ZKed outside of HQ or at a Revive point as well as PKs inside our territory that have gone unavenged. So the next time you're waiting around innocently for a revive at HQ or at a revive point and some motherfucker comes by and headshots your ass, this is where his name goes.

These targets are to be considered marked, profile links are forthcoming, I just have to carry them over from the forums. ~ Dan


(Generator Killers - to be Killed On Sight)

  • Chickenpox
  • Zedley Lamarr


(Player Killers - to be K.O.S. proportionate to the number of strikes)

RevPoint Killers

(Revive Point Killers - Notified for first strike, killed for each subsequent)


(Zombie Spies - to be K.O.S.)

  • b1uejeanz
  • Chickenpox
  • Zedley Lamarr


  • 11.19.07 - AoD officially disbands
  • 07.28.06 - Efforts to secure and retake territory begin
  • 07.26.06 - Army of Dave Territory completely overrun; Forces retreat to Blesley Mall in Gulsonside
  • 07.18.06 - Apocolypse Horde Invasion Begins; 3rd Massacre at Caunt St. (About time, it's been a while)
  • 06.20.06 - Alliance formed (or generally accepted) with Murder Death Kill
  • 06.01.06 - CSPD Radio Established
  • 05.05.06 - Caunt Street Recovered and Secured
  • 04.30.06 - Michem Mall falls under The Shining Ones
  • 04.27.06 - The Shining Ones Invasion Begins; 2nd Massacre at Caunt St.
  • 04.25.06 - Alliance formed with the Necrotech Alliance (aka Vinetown Revivification Unit)
  • 04.22.06 - Alliance formed with the M.A.I.M. Society
  • 03.18.06 - Caunt St. Recovered from Combined MotA and CotR Forces
  • 03.17.06 - St. Patrick's Day Invasion; 1st Massacre at Caunt St.
  • 03.08.06 - Alliance formed with the Disgruntled Heroes
  • 02.17.06 - Troy Harker is appointed as Acting Leader
  • 02.12.06 - Army of Dave moves to Vinetown
  • 02.09.06 - Army of Dave is formed by Psycho Limey