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Announcements: Thanks for coming, guys. Big Bash 3 has now ended. To those of you that attended at one point, a hearty BARHAH to you! To those of you that missed it, better luck next time. To those we ate, thanks for the BRA!NZ. To those we missed, maybe you'll dance with us next time. To everyone else, you don't have to go home, but you can't stay here. Oh, and check out a list of groups you might consider now that the party is over. Have fun, and we'll see you at Big Bash 4! 03:56, 6 October 2010 (BST)
Big Bash 3 would like to thank a few people and groups that contributed to making this event so memorable for everyone involved. Without them, it wouldn't have been as much fun for the rest of us.

And so, without further ado...


We'd like to thank the following groups for throwing their considerable support and weight behind the Bash, making it as big as can be:


We would also like to thank the following individuals for their various contributions:

  • Aichon — For being Grand Marshall of the Wiki stuff or something
  • Amber — For her excellent artwork which adorns the wiki pages
  • bisfan — For being the chief partygoer
  • Skoll — For leading the most kick-ass strike team so far
  • ZombieDalkorian — Fed the ferals better than anyone else by posting targets often

Before we sign off...

The Bash isn't going to last forever. It's an event. A coming together of likeminded zombies. Not a group in the truest sense. We're going out with a bang one of these days (not today), not a quiet whimper, but we don't want to leave you sad and alone after we're gone. So, we decided that it'd probably be a good idea to put together some references for you guys to look into.

First off, check out the groups listed at the top of this page. They're all pretty cool, they were with the Bash, they know what we're all about, and they're probably willing to pick up eager Bashers that want to continue on with them.

If you really liked the horde lifestyle of partying with dozens of your friends, then we'd definitely recommend a few groups that really define what a horde is in this game. The Ridleybank Resistance Front (RRF), the Militant Order of Barhah (MOB), and the Undeadites are the big ones. Suburbs tremble at news that they are approaching. Much as with the Bash, they move in and crack a suburb so that everyone can party with them. Some of them are more organized than the others, so you may want to look into them a bit.

If you want something homier, where everyone knows your name and you get together to do stuff, the Minions of the Apocalypse (MotA) have been around for ages doing great work, and the Red Death are a newer group that was with the Bash.

If you enjoyed the feral lifestyle of going wherever the groans were coming from, not giving a damn about which suburb the map says you're supposed to be in (pffft, who cares what it says?), and just grabbing a bite to eat whenever you feel like it, then any set of recommendations has to start with the Feral Undead (FU), which is the biggest "group" of feral zombies you'll find. As you might expect, quite a few of their members have been with the Bash, but quite a few haven't been. They're feral. They do what they want. There's no accounting for taste. If that appeals to you, maybe you should look 'em up.

If you just got tired of having to move around constantly and would prefer to settle in, put down roots, and really get to know the locals in an area of the city, there's also St. Ferreol's Hospital Noise Abatement Society (SFHNAS). As you might guess, they like to keep St. Ferreol's Hospital in Kempsterbank as quiet as much as possible, but they do get around a bit, and they even came along with us to party a bit.

Check out their wiki pages if you get the chance. We zombies have got some good things going on, even when the Bash isn't around.